October issue

The October issue of Stamp Magazine, published on September 14, includes...

Beginners’ guide to German States
No fewer than 17 different states in what we now call Germany issued stamps in the decades before unification in 1871. Who were they, where were they, what did they issue and when?

Papua’s 1931 surcharges
The dying days of the popular Lakatoi series of Papua brought a set of provisionals which added new collectable varieties, and reactivated some old ones

Commonwealth Classics
Would St Lucia’s 1938 definitives be big and beautiful, or cheap and cheerful? Or both?

Early Elizabethans
The International Geographical Congress in 1964 was enlivened by a ground-breaking set of stamps

Strange But True
A famous opera was late for its own premiere, but apparently on time for the commemorative stamp

Devil’s Advocate
Philatelists are the sexiest of all hobby enthusiasts. Or, at least, we think we are

Why commemorative covers are underrated as exhibition pieces

What to expect at Stampex, a propaganda gem from Ukraine, and a stamp made of concrete