The Britons of Distinction issue, out on February 23, brings together 10 disparate people with anniversaries this year.
Half of the ten stamps are portraits, while the other five show the results of the subjects’ labours.

The stamps are available in two strips of five and are all 1st class values.

The honoured Britons in one strip are: Sir Basil Spence, who is denoted by his masterwork, the 1962 Coventry Cathedral; Frederick Delius, the composer (born 1862); Mary ‘May’ Morris, the textile artist who was William Morris’ daughter (also born 1862), with an image of her work Orange Tree; Odette Hallowes, the Special Operations Executive agent in occupied France, on her birth centenary and Thomas Newcomen who invented the atmospheric steam engine in 1712. An image of the steam engine taken from Farme Colliery in Glasgow around 1905 has been colourised.

The other strip shows Kathleen Ferrier, the contralto (birth centenary); Augustus Pugin, represented by his interior work at the House of Lords; MR James, the writer of ghost stories celebrating his 150th birth anniversary; Alan Turing, the key Bletchey Park codebreaker and computing pioneer, marked by his Bombe code-breaking machine (birth centenary), and Joan Mary Fry, the Quaker relief worker and social reformer, on the 150th anniversary of her birth.

The gummed stamps are printed in litho by Cartor, and were designed by Purpose.