The Diamond Jubilee miniature sheet, to be issued on February 6, offers a collection of no fewer than six different iconic effigies of Queen Elizabeth II: two from stamps, two from banknotes and two from coins.

The miniature sheet will be printed in gravure with metallic ink on the coin stamps and iridescent ink on the Machin definitive. The sheet’s background features an iridescent pattern while the title is foil-blocked. 

Besides a gummed version of the new 1st class diamond blue Machin definitive, these include a new Wilding design, comparable to the original 1s and 1s 6d designs of 1953 but redrawn with a diamond-shaped value tablet and the inscription ‘Diamond Jubilee’.

Se-tenant banknote portraits come from the £1 note designed by Robert Austin and issued in 1960, and the £5 note designed by Harry Eccleston and issued in 1971.

The coinage effigies, also in a se-tenant pair, are the pre-decimal portrait by Mary Gillick and the familiar Machin head which was first used in 1968.

All six stamps are 1st class values, and the border is pattern incorporating the heraldic plants of the United Kingdom.

The self-adhesive 1st class diamond blue Machin will be available in sheets, retail books and business sheets from February 6, and bears the words 'Diamond Jubilee' in the security text.