Royal Mail will issue next-day stamps every time the GB team wins a gold medal at the 2012 Olympics in London.

The stamp design includes a photograph of the athlete or team in the middle in the shape of an arrow, with their name and discipline to the right. ‘Gold Medal Winner’ sits just below the arrow.

The stamps will go on sale at 500 selected post offices by lunchtime the day after a GB win.

They will then be distributed three times during the Games to a further 4,500 post offices.

All of the 500 selected Post Office Branches will open on Sundays during the Games.

The stamps will also be on sale at

Royal Mail plans to use pictures from gold medal-winning performances, but where that is not possible, an image from a heat or the medal ceremony will be used.

Australia issued next day stamps at the Sydney Olympics in 2000, while Greece and China issued similar sets for their medallists in 2004 and 2008. This led to an embarrassing situation at the Athens Olympics when Leonidas Sampanis, a bronze medallist in the weighlifting, failed his drug test and was stripped of his medal. The stamps had to be withdrawn four days after issue.

This is the first day Royal Mail has produced ‘next-day’ stamps.