Royal Mail has been given permission to charge as much as it likes for 1st class stamps.

The regulator, Ofcom, removed the price controls on March 27. 

The price of a 1st class stamp will rise to 60p on April 30, from 46p. 2nd class stamps will rise to 50p. Price controls remain on 2nd class stamps which can go up as high as 55p, but this top figure may rise with inflation over the next seven years.

Three new Machins to meet new rates will be issued on April 23. An 87p meets the Europe 20g and World 10g rate, up from 68p and 76p respectively. The new World 20g is a £1.28 value and the World 40g rate is £1.90. These stamps will be printed in sheets of 25. Country stamps will be issued for the 87p and £1.28 values.

The Post and Go Collectors strip will now be £6.42, from £5.40.