A full calendar of dates for special stamp issues planned in 2012 has been confirmed.

It is dominated by the London 2012 Olympic Games and the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, each of which is to be marked with both commemoratives and definitives.

There are concluding parts to both the Kings & Queens series (which started in 2008) and the UK A-Z series (which started in October), while the Classic Locomotives series of miniature sheets continues.

Literature, comics, fashion, dinosaurs and space are among the other themes to be covered.



Jan 5 London 2012 Olympics definitives

Jan 10 Roald Dahl

Jan 20 Year of the Dragon Smilers

Feb 2 Kings & Queens: House of Windsor 

Feb 6 Diamond Jubilee definitive

Feb 23 Britons of Distinction

Feb 24 Faststamps: Sheep

Mar 8 Classic Locomotives of Scotland

Mar 20 World of Comics

Apr 10 UK A-Z (part 2)

Apr 24 Faststamps: Pigs

May 15 Great British Fashion

May 24 Faststamps: Union Flag

May 31 The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee

Jun 19 Charles Dickens

Jul 27 London 2012 Olympics: Welcome

Aug 29 London 2012 Paralympics: Welcome

Sep 27 London 2012 Olympics: Memories

Sep 28 Faststamps: Cattle

Oct 16 Space Science

Nov 8 Christmas