Royal Mail has bowed to public pressure and will issue individual stamps for each GB gold medal Paralympian. 

The move follows a press and Twitter campaign.

The stamps will not be 'next day', but will be available within five days of a win, at the 518 post offices which previously sold gold medal stamps. They will then be distributed to another 5,000 post offices.

The stamps will be pairs, priced at £1.20. The miniature sheet will be half the length of the Olympic gold medal sheets and have a margin to the left of the stamps listing the detail of the athlete’s achievement.

At the Paralympic Games in Beijing, GB athletes won 42 medals. If this is repeated, the total cost will be £50.40.

Previous plans saw Paralympians being honoured with a single sheet at the end of the Games. 

The athletes will also have a popular 'gold postbox' painted to mark their achievement.

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