Royal Mail has bowed to collector pressure and reduced the number of issues in 2012 and 2013.

The Dinosaurs issue, due on October 16, will be postponed until 2013, and the Space Science issue, scheduled for October 30, has been moved forward to October 16.

The number of issues in 2013 has been dropped from 14 to 12.

Royal Mail said: ‘By producing fewer stamp issues, Royal Mail is focussed on keeping this wonderful hobby both enjoyable and affordable in future years.'

It will also use 2nd class stamps in a non-Christmas special issue for the first time in six years. They will be reintroduced with the Charles Dickens issue on June 19.

The move comes after years of increased issues and rising costs. It also follows a massive price rise which takes effect on April 30. The rise increased the price of the average 10-stamp 1st class issue by £1.40.