Royal Mail has now confirmed gold medal winner stamps will be available individually from the 500 post offices which will sell them the next day. 

The stamps will be printed in self-adhesive miniature sheets of six, from six different regional printers.

The base sheet printing, which is by Walsall in litho, comprises the 1st class value, the Queen’s head, the London 2012 logo and ‘Gold Medal Winner’, with an all over phosphor screen. The border of each miniature sheet will also be pre-printed with the emblem of Team GB and the title ‘London 2012 Olympic Games’.

The sheets will be distributed to six regional printers in what Royal Mail describes as ‘secret locations’.

When a gold medal is won by Team GB, photo agency Getty will send a selection of images to Royal Mail’s design team. They will have an hour to review these, choose the best one, edit it and position it within the templated design of the six-stamp miniature sheet. The name of the winning athlete and the event will be added to each stamp, and the name, date and venue to the border of each miniature sheet.

The regional printers will digitally overprint the image and the appropriate inscriptions onto the base sheets. The finished miniature sheets will then be collected by a fleet of 90 Royal Mail vehicles for distribution to 500 Post Office branches by noon the following day, including on Sundays.

The miniature sheets will be priced £3.60, and the stamps will not be available individually. Press sheets of four stamps, at A4, will be sold. The printers will be differentiated by a location noted in the bottom left-hand corner.