Two miniature sheets will mark the opening of the Olympic and Paralympic Games in London.

The first sheet, for the Olympics, will be issued on July 27. It features four stamps, each depicting a sport melded with a London landmark.

A £1.28 stamp features diving and the Tate Modern, while a 1st class shows a fencer lunging towards Tower Bridge. The second 1st class shows track athletes running a bend which merges into the Olympic stadium. The remaining £1.28 value shows the London Eye forming the front wheel of a bike.

The Paralympics sheet will be issued to coincide with the opening ceremony, on August 29.

The four stamps are powerlifting on the £1.28, which blends with St Paul’s and the Millennium Bridge and an amputee athlete leaping over the Olympic stadium on a 1st class stamp. Wheelchair basketball features on the other 1st class, which shows the Houses of Parliament and a cyclist with the London Eye on the other £1.28.

The Olympic sheet is designed by Hat-Trick and the Paralympic sheet by Pearce Marchbank RDI. Both were printed in litho by Cartor. The presentation packs were written by Jim Davies and printed by Walsall.