Royal Mail is issuing a miniature sheet and prestige stamp book on September 9, to mark the UK’s first aerial post service a century ago.

Gustav Hamel’s 15-minute flight from Hendon Aerodrome to Windsor Castle on September 9, 1911 was part of the celebrations for the coronation of King George V.

It was the first of 16 aerial post flights carrying commemorative postage to mark the coronation.

The flights took place until September 26, 1911 and are recognised as the world’s first scheduled airmail service.

The aerial post miniature sheet is issued 100 years on. The four stamps tell the story of the day: Hamel receiving the first mail bag is on the 1st class, sitting in the cockpit of his Blériot XI monoplane at Hendon Aerodrome on 68p, and his arrival in the grounds of Windsor Castle on £1.10. The fourth £1 stamp features Clement Greswell, another pilot on the airmail service.

The border that replicates the design of an original publicity poster for the inaugural flight.

The four-pane prestige stamp book was written by Peter Lister, President of the British Air Mail Society, and includes a pane of four 50p Windsor Castle stamps, re-issued from the 2005 set of high-value definitives stamps  and printed in intaglio.