Royal Mail’s 2014 special stamp programme includes issues commemorating World War I, the Commonwealth Games and British Prime Ministers.

A Great War issue will be released on August 4, the exact 100th anniversary of Britain’s declaration of war on Germany in 1914.

Four weeks earlier, a single issue is planned on July 7 in anticipation of the 20th Commonwealth Games, which are being held in Glasgow from July 23 to August 3. Unlike last year’s Olympics in London, we understand that no stamps will be added to celebrate medal winners.

The first ever set devoted to Prime Ministers will be issued in October, and speculation is sure to centre on whether the controversial Margaret Thatcher, who died earlier this year, will be included. 

The Remarkable Lives issue is expected to follow along the same lines as the Eminent Britons and Great Britons sets of recent years, although the title might suggest that a non-Briton will be among them. Significant birth anniversaries in 2014 include the poet Dylan Thomas and the actor Alec Guinness, who are thought likely to feature.

Royal Mail has not yet released details of what will be featured in any of the 12 scheduled issues. The Europa theme for 2014 is National Musical Instruments, and it is currently unclear how that will treated in the programme.

The theme for 2014’s Post & Go pictorial stamps is Flora, with a seasonal twist. Issues illustrating Spring Blooms on February 20 and Winter Greenery on November 13 will sandwich one entitled Symbolic Flowers on September 18.

2014 Stamp Programme

January 7 Classic Children's TV

February 4 Working Horses

February 20 Classic Locomotive of Wales

March 25 Remarkable Lives

April 21 Buckingham Palace

May 13 Great British Film

June 5 Sustainable Fish

July 7 Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games

August 4 The Great War

September Piers, Proms and Pavilions (Seaside Architecture)

October 14 Prime Minister

November 4 Christmas 2014

Post & Go Stamps: British Flora

February 20 Spring Blooms

September 18 Symbolic Flowers

November 13 Winter Greenery