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What are the differences between a mattress topper and pad?

Some people might get a little confused with mattress topper and pad, and they might think these are mostly similar and can be interchanged. Actually, these are two different items with different characteristics and purposes of use. On this page, we would like to distinguish how different These are the best memory foam mattress toppers for a better night’s sleep  for users, so they will not be confused or make the wrong purchase.

Let’s go step by step from the first main difference to the last.

1. The purpose of use

As you know, the most comfortable mattress topper is usually designed for adding more comfort to the mattress. Notably, in cases where mattresses are too firm. While the pad is specialized as a mattress protector for protecting the mattress from contaminants or stains, it would not add any extra comfort for sleepers. That is the most important and primary factor for distinguishing the pad and mattress topper.

2. Materials

Because of the primary purpose, the pad is made from some types of fiber such as polyester or cotton for better mattress protection. However, the toppers need to be made of an assortment of materials such as latex, wool, fiber, feathers, or foam to create more comfort for sleepers to get the proper sleep.

3. The thickness

For the pad, because it is only to cover the mattress, its thickness does not vary. Mostly it is thin with only a couple of layers of fabric or material. However, the toppers vary in different thickness. Some toppers are made from foam or latex and come with different thicknesses to suit different sleeper’s requirements. Some others might be a little limited in thickness choices depending on the material they are made from.

4. Mattress protection

The pad generally offers adequate protection for the surface of the mattress from outside factors as its primary duty from mattress pad reviews. The topper is designed for extra comfort, but it still protects the mattress from contamination, even though it is not its primary purpose of use.

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5. Cushioning ability

Most mattress pads are very thin, and will not change the sleeper's comfort level. However, the topper is designed for providing extra cushion for sleepers. Most of the toppers are thick enough to alter the feeling of comfort on the sleep surface.

6. How to use?

Toppers can cover the mattress surface and be tucked beneath the sheets. The mattress pad is tucked beneath the layers under sheets and cannot always cover liberally on the mattress top.

7. How durable are these?

Most of the pads are machine washable, but it is not durable and can wear out over time because of machine washing. However, the topper’s durability depends on the materials of toppers. Usually, the latex and memory foam mattress toppers will have a longer lifetime of use than the fiber, wool, or feather toppers.

8. Cost

The mattress pad has a lower price than the topper; most of the pad models cost $100 dollars or less. The mattress topper pricing is different depending on the type of topper. Some of the best mattress toppers are very expensive, but most of them have a medium to high cost from $100-$400.

To sum up, it is not difficult to identify between the mattress pad and the mattress topper. You need to identify your purpose of use; then you can easily Finding The Best Mattress Toppers and Pads: Buyers Guide  for your bed. Thanks for your time!

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