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Which engravers / engraved stamps do you most admire?

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Adrian27/07/2015 09:07:24
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Thanks for that, cNA. I really should try and get hold of the stamp, so we can check whether there's any obvious difference in engraving styles of the two portraits!

Anyway, here's my final Portuguese proof, of the 1$50 value engraved by Anthony Ronald Wild.


As you can see, there's no obvious difference with the final stamp.


Adrian29/07/2015 10:36:53
1828 forum posts
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4 articles

While you're continuing your fabulous Dow series, cNA, I'll move on from Heras to Alfredo de Oro Sanz. This is a signed die proof of his King Juan Carlos portrait stamp, issued in 1995.


It was first issued as a commemorative stamp to mark the 20th anniversary of the king's accession, but in 1996, four more values were issued to serve as high value definitives. I presume the same die was used.

Adrian03/08/2015 19:27:29
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4 articles

In 1996, De Oro engraved the 19p value of the World Heritage Sites issue:


Adrian04/08/2015 19:20:55
1828 forum posts
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4 articles

We've recently discussed the Spanish stamp from 2004 which was engraved by both Heras (queen) and De Oro (king). I now can finally show the actual stamp:


Whilst I wouldn't say there's much difference between the two engravings, I did notice that the treatment of the eyes was rather striking. The queen's eye kind of continues the lined engraving


whereas the king's eye is a much more traditional way of drawing an eye.


I must say I find the king's eye much more effective, and the queen's eye almost lifeless. So that's one point to De Oro, but I like the light on the queen's hair much better so I suppose the end conclusion is a draw.

Adrian06/08/2015 19:11:28
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4 articles

In 1997, De Oro engraved the 32p value of the World Heritage Site, depicting the Santa Christina de Lena.


Adrian10/08/2015 19:16:35
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4 articles

cNA, thanks for letting us know.

I personally wouldn't mind if you did expand on Becker's portrait work here, but if you really feel it's out of place, maybe you could email me with anything you see fit so I can showcase it for you on my engravers website where it most certainly would not be out of place. You can 'message member' me or just write me at rerrick at btopenworld dot com.

This here is my list of Becker's stamp work, which would be (almost?) solely based on scans shown in this forum thread. Do you think it is fairly complete or is there more?

Fiji, Definitives, 3d vignette only
Sarawak, Definitives, 6d vignette only
Ascension, Definitives, 0.5d and 2s6d, vignettes only
Malta, Definitives, 1s vignette only
Turks and Caicos Islands, Definitives, 4d and 1s vignettes only
Fiji, Definitives, 10d vignette only
British Honduras, Post office centenary, vignette only
New Zealand, Health, 2d vignette only
New Zealand, Health, 3d vignette only
Antigua, Stamp centenary, vignette (without QV stamp) only
Cayman Islands, Definitives, 1d, 3d, 6d and 1s, vignettes only
Uganda, Discovery of source of Nile, vignette only
Sierra Leone, Freedom from hunger, 1s3d vignette only
Tristan da Cunha, Definitives, 2d, 3d, 6d and 7d, vignettes only
Antigua, Definitives, 0.5c, 5c and 15c, vignettes only

Adrian11/08/2015 09:24:46
1828 forum posts
971 photos
4 articles

cNA, thank you so much for reviving this thread and having taken it to heart! I agree we should keep it alive and buzzing, and we should try and get to the 100,000 views pronto! I think it's time to try and persuade our magazine editor that we desperately need an engravers column in the mag as well! I will have finished writing my current column, on forgotten countries, early next year so I'll give it a go then.

As for Michael Chambers, I too thought he had disappeared completely but it so happened that I saw his name yesterday in the new mag, writing a feature on Art Deco stamp design, so he's apparently still active in philately, if not here on this thread.

Right, back to Spain. After the list of Heras' work was published I got myself some recent Spanish issues and this here is his portrait of Darwin from 2009.


After I had uploaded it on my own site (see HERE) I got an email from someone asking me whether the engraving might be 'computer assisted'. He had blown up the design and was wondering about that. So I blew up the design as well and noticed something completely different but rather strange: it looks as if the engraving was done in two halves which were later put together. If you look just left of the C of Charles there seems to be some sort of faint dividing line running up through the engraving. Here's an enlargement of where it is very clear, I think:


Strange isn't it?



Edited By Adrian on 11/08/2015 09:25:29

Adrian11/08/2015 20:43:05
1828 forum posts
971 photos
4 articles


I see myself more as your humble pupil who tries ever so hard to follow in his master's illustrious footsteps!

I don't think I have any further Heras queries at the moment though I do wonder which Spanish engraver engraved that stamp from the 2014 Belgium Antwerp Market sheet...


som ghatak12/08/2015 15:50:52
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Which SG cat you are referring to?

Posted by Ian Greenwood on 15/07/2015 18:19:44:

I share Adrian's enthusiasm for your list, cNA. Collectors who derive their information from their catalogues will wish to update or amend them in the light of new information, and one area which is often unclear is whether the newest catalogues are equally up to date. I am working from Gibbons Part 10, 5th edition 1999, since when there have been two more which may or may not include details in Anisimova's list.

With apologies, therefore, to those working from Gibbons Part 10 7th edition (2014), here is how I have had to update my 5th edition catalogue:

All of Mayorova's stamps are attributed directly to her in 5th edition, except for the following (I use Anisimova's numbered list for convenience): 1, 11, 28, 29, 40, 44, 45, 56, 57, 58, 59, 61, 62, 75, and 80-87 inclusive.

Additionally, no.53 is Bulgaria SG2387, issued 6 June 1975, and no.77 is Hungary SG3350 issued in 1980.

No.25 is the recess version of the 1r. definitive, SG3569 issued in 1968.

No.29 (SG3484) is listed, possibly erroneously, by SG as 'Photo'. The illustration, for what it is worth, looks recess.

No.45 (SG4143) is listed as 'Litho'. I have this stamp, and it does not look recess printed. Clarification needed here.

Nos.56 and 57 are muddled. SG4468 is listed as 10k. 'Yellow anemone', SG4469 as 12k. 'Snowdrop windflower'. There is more floral confusion with the names of SG4586, 4588 and 4589, but I think we can assume LM engraved them all.

Automatic translation has fun with personal names! Skovoroda (GA42, SG4122) becomes 'Fryer', and Solovyev-Sedoi (GA83, SG5222) becomes Solovyev-Gray. The 'Orel' (GA40, SG4017) is directly translated as 'Eagle'.

I'd be glad if those working with 7th edition could verify that Gibbons has made some of these amendments already. Otherwise, I hope the above is helpful to those working in this rather niche area of collecting!


Adrian13/08/2015 09:03:35
1828 forum posts
971 photos
4 articles

cNA (sorry to interrupt you, Som), hold your horses!

I've just been told that the Darwin line could have been a scanner defect so I checked the actual stamp and indeed, no dividing line to be found. So that mystery has been solved now. Sorry to have got you all excited!


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