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John McCallum17/10/2012 17:47:50
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Not yet. I have still to get to the local WHS. Although it may seem that I get around quite a bit from what I put on the net etc, if I am lucky, I get on average a day off per month from my carer's duties. Will have a read and if I can add anything, I will. Indeed it was the cover page on this site that prompted me to add this item to the album and this page. I have also included some images from 1984/5 showing the Framas in situ at Shirley BO (Southampton) and at London EC (outside).

Nathan Sinclair18/10/2012 08:06:34
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Just recieved my Post & Go Cattle from Tallents House, never had any Post & Go's before and never even seen a machine in my area (Wigan), nice stamps though! Also, really enjoyed the article about the Frama, really informative and another subject I knew nothing about!

John McCallum18/10/2012 15:47:55
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Nearest offices to Wigan are:

305 Lord Street, Oldham (id005424) - 1 kiosk

Spring Gardens, Manchester (id003422) - 3 kiosks

21 Brazennose Street Manchester (id009422) - 2 kiosks

Also 2 at Golden Square Warrington, 1 at Underbank Stockport, 1 in Market Place Hyde.

Hope that you can get to one of these places - probably the two Manchester ones would be easiest as they are relatively near Victoria station/Piccadilly Gardens/ St Peters Square. Not so long ago, I could have given you the best buses but I got rid of the bus timetables when I moved south.


Edited By John McCallum on 18/10/2012 15:49:47

Adrian21/10/2012 15:20:24
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Okay, here's another silly question: do all kiosks have the same stamps, as in the current cows, or is it possible to come across Machin labels or flag labels or who knows what sort of labels too?

And the follow-up question: I presume those overprints such as for Machin and for the Diamond Jubilee, are really only available at dos such as Stampex and not in ordinary kiosks?

John McCallum21/10/2012 16:14:34
409 forum posts
583 photos

No question is silly. Some say it is only the answers. Sometimes the "silly" question clears things up.

The stamps that you get from the Wincors depends on the roll put in by the person filling the machine. During the Autumn Stampex period there was quite a hodge-podge of stamps available from the various offices. At Trafalgar Square, I found pigs on 2 kiosks and sheep on the other 2 on the Wednesday. By Friday, it was sheep and cattle, each in two kiosks. The Machin labels used are the definitives and , therefore should be the most common. It would appear that W-N equipped offices keep a stock of rolls. Sometimes newer stock is used before the older stock which means that on one visit you may find Machins on a kiosk, the next visit flags, the next sheep and so on. It just depends what comes to hand. So it is very possible to find different sets in each kiosk at the same office.

The Jubilee and Machin overprints were specials and only available at the events advertised. Up until now this has been Stampex. However, 18-21 October sees the overprint Perth 2012 on Machins and Flags appear at the Exhibition that has just closed. Only chance of getting a copy of the Perth overprints was to attend the event or via the dealer suggested via the Perth2012 site. Whether he has examples still available, I don't know.

Adrian26/10/2012 09:12:09
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Right, here are the results of the Glaswegian jury:

I visited the St Vincent Street (not Place!) post office in Glasgow on 24 October and got myself some strips of Post & Go stamps from all three kiosks. When I entered the building there were queues for the normal counters but no-one was at the kiosks. There were two side by side immediately to the right when entering the main part of the building, and a third one just a bit further along against a different wall.

I went to that furthest one first, and got this strip from the kiosk:

The receipt told me that this was session 93793 from kiosk no.2, and that the time was 11.34. The printing of the cows is a bit fuzzy, with the lilac colour having moved slightly to the left, it seems. Also, the black ink seemed to be running out of steam.

On to the next kiosk with again no-one else in sight. From that kiosk I got this strip:

Yes, flags! The receipt told me this was session 93214 from kiosk no.1, and that the time was 11.39. Seems about right for it took me a while to have my card accepted for payment. The plastic cover, by the way, was missing from this kiosk, so I had a look and presumed I could start tearing at the strip whilst it would be coming out, but didn't.

In the meantime another customer was busy at what had to be kiosk no. 3 so I did my walk around the hall and had a look at the 'Collectibles' vitrine. When the man had gone, I went to kiosk no. 3 to get a strip of stamps, which turned out to be:

flags again. Session 03304 (is this therefore a very recent addition to the set? am too lazy to find the date on the pmechuk website) with a time of 11.12, so that's obviously not correct. Found a previous receipt still in the machine, which I took home with me and that says session 03302 at 10.51 same day.

So there we have it: some more data to be added to the P&G research!

Next up: Manchester???

PS: while adding the pics to this post, I suddenly noticed that the kiosk no. is also included on the stamps!

Edited By Adrian on 26/10/2012 09:13:53

John McCallum26/10/2012 16:52:51
409 forum posts
583 photos

Been about 12 years since my last visit to Glasgow. Head PO used to be in George Square and had a sorting office in the back. It was closed and moved to St Vincent Place - about 200yds from George Square. Then to its current location.

Manchester City Centre has two offices but there are others in the locale - see reply to Nathan above. Brazennose Street is off of Corporation Street. If you arrive at Victoria Station follow tram out onto Corporation St, turn right and follow the road to St Peter's Square. Brazennose street is a pedestrianised street opposite the City hall. The PO is about half way down that street. For Spring Gardens go back to Boots on Corporation Street. The main entrance to Boots is on Cannon Street. Walk up Cannon St towards Piccadilly Gardens. Third street on the right is Spring Gardens. May be worth while trying to get a PAG label from kiosk1. In 2009, the Manchester error was first found on kiosk 1. Even although it had been reported it hadn't been fixed about 5 months after it was first noticed and reported. There is still a chance!

Faststamp data strings take the form

002832 3-12345-01

002832 is the office id, 3 is the kiosk, 12345 is the session number and 01 is the transaction within the session. PAG data strings have one minor variation in the datastring

002832 3-PAG-12345-02.

For the Stockport office at Underbank take the 192 bus from Picadilly and get off at Stocport Shoppong Centre. Go through the main doors and take the second pathway to the right (jewellers on corner?). The PO is opposite to a £1 shop. (It's been 4 years since I was last there)

Edited By John McCallum on 26/10/2012 16:54:01

Julia Lee30/10/2012 17:23:33
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We've been hearing that some Post & Go office are being supplied with handstamps so that you can post things recorded/signed for etc.

So I went down to Croydon (which I'd been told was one of them) and had a look.

Here's roughly how it works (subject to my lousy memory)

All normal until you get to sizing, after which you're asked if you want to send it recorded. You're then asked if it's worth more than £46, if you want it insured and one other question.

Then you're given a bunch of options (even if you said no to recorded), such as Recorded, Signed For, etc. It explains whether they're tracked or insured, and gives price.

The labels are just left on top of the machine.

Not wishing to spend too much of your hard-earned subscription money, I just went for 'Proof of Posting', which is free.

You then have to type in the postcode (fine) and house number or name. Round about now I regretted posting it to someone (Adrian) who lives in a cottage with a lengthy name, rather than, say, no 4.

It tells you to take your receipt to be validated at the 'fast drop counter'.

Your receipt comes out with spaces on it (perhaps the box is for Recorded/Signed For etc). I tracked down the member of staff (there's always one floating at Croydon - I believe we have 7 P&Gs now). And he stamped it with a little circular handstamp, detailing the date and the office. (Doesn't say which High St, mind...)

And here's a pic:


The receipt's spoken for, I'm afraid.

Adrian31/10/2012 08:37:14
1828 forum posts
971 photos
4 articles

Ooh, so I'm actually getting mail today?!

Will keep you posted.


Julia Lee31/10/2012 11:20:43
2047 forum posts
1002 photos
230 articles

Possibly. I wouldn't get too excited, it's not much.

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