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Britons of Distinction

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Ten Britons of Distinction on February 23

Ten Britons of Distinction on February 23

Issue brings together famous and worthy Britons with anniversaries in 2012

Julia Lee05/01/2012 14:39:23
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As ever, I want to know what you think.

My initial thoughts: I do think the person/thing interplay works.

I'd never heard of Kathleen Ferrier, but I ran her name past my 60-something dad, and he definitely had. Also not sure I've heard of Joan Fry.

I do think its a shame that Pugin's work, where the beauty is in the detail, isn't in a close-up.

John Howe06/01/2012 09:54:42
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Another uninspiring set from Royal Mail with a mishmash of images and portraits for unrelated anniversaries. Why choose a mixed format of portraits and images of other people's achievements, it looks as if the non-portrait stamps belong to a second class of distinction, the person is not worthy of a distinction of a portrait.

I was looking forward to this set but shall not now buy it.


Edited By Julia Lee on 06/01/2012 09:58:34

Julia Lee06/01/2012 10:00:19
2047 forum posts
1002 photos
230 articles

Hi John,

I've moved your post to the thread we had going on the BoD stamps. (That's all I've done to it).

I wondered if they were forced into the achievements thing by no portraits of Newcomen? I have seen some, now, but they're not photographs.

It's a shame you won't buy it, from Royal Mail's point of view - this is the sort of issue they really hope will appeal to collectors.

Adrian08/01/2012 10:00:03
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I must admit I'm also not too sure about the mix of portrait and non-portrait stamps, though it is a definite improvement on those stamps we had last year(?) which were half portrait, half image. I think it would be ideal if RM followed the American model of having a few long running series on People of Distinction, in a number of categories, such as science, arts, etc. I wouldn't be surprised if the American series, such as the Hollywood famous, the Black Heritage set and similar long running series have proved very popular, but maybe Alex can shed more light on that?

Jack22/01/2012 22:13:54
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I like the idea oif having normal people on stamps. I'm sick to death of royalty (who then divorce, have affairs and be brain dead) being the role models on stamps. I'm pleasd we are going to have Olympic medal winners (10 years after every one else ) but why not Nobel Prze winners? Sport is not the real role model!

For a real change I like the old American president series where the stamps were issued to reflect the president; so Washington 1c as he was the first. Let's do that to get rid of boring machins.

Let's have a new set to replace the machins when the queen dies; Prime Ministers from an agreed 'first PM' (that will cause a problem) First PM being the 1p stamps, 2nd Prime Minister getting the 2 p stamp and so on.

Chance? Nil. British philately is conservative overall.

Carmen22/01/2012 22:45:29
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Hey I think we can have the best of both worlds... I really do believe stamps should be used to promote all those who have helped better our planet in some way, both policitically, athletically, spiritually, charitably, in philosophy, science blah blah blah... oh wait, that's sort of what they do now, although I will agree that not all countries necessarily indulge in that. But that's okay, because there are hundreds of countries on the planet (and they change every so often! smiley) so there is a veritable buffet of collecting choice for all of us out there.

Julia Lee23/01/2012 08:37:49
2047 forum posts
1002 photos
230 articles

I agree wholeheartedly that sport is not the only role model.

But PMs? I can't name half of the early ones, and people like the Marquess of Salisbury are not exactly household names. (Earl Grey is, but not for being PM!). And PMs can be naughty and brain dead, too. George Canning, for example, had an affair with George IV's wife, and wasn't the sharpest tool in the box.

Kindly REFRAIN from nominating modern politicians for 'naughty and brain dead'. Shall we say a cut off of World War II?

Alex23/01/2012 09:18:43
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I think that the best case would be for a brand new definitives set, possible showing British animals and plants, or perhaps the British landscape. I don't think that former British PMs are very relevant to todays age and as history isn't taught in depth in schools anymore, children may welcome animals more than PMs, so more chance of them getting the 'stamp bug' (remember him?).

A dedicated long term series of stamps honoring British people of achievement would be welcome, based on the USPS model perhaps. In the US the various series are very popular, especially the Black Heritage series. My favorite series is the American Artists one. For a small island you have a very large pool of important people to choose from, so, RM, go for it. I'm sure that there will be a huge demand for this and not just from British collectors. $$$$$$$$$$!!

Adrian23/01/2012 10:51:16
1828 forum posts
971 photos
4 articles

Couldn't agree with you more, Alex. The USPS has found a perfect way to highlight America's great, both known and unkwon to the wider world.

Only for me these issues would have to coexist with a proper one-design definitive set such as the Machins (okay, maybe a new design every decade or so), as I'm a bit of a traditionalist and love to see pages and pages of similar stamps.

Jack29/01/2012 17:32:26
124 forum posts

As said, I'm tired to death of Machins. If one must have a definitive set, have a new one each year so people have something to collect not bored by.

Or, what about just keep Machins for non-standard values and have other definitives for everything else? I can cope with definitives of

  • Prime Ministers from WW2 and earlier
  • Every UK citizen who has won a Nobel prize (or the Maths one)
  • Get a set of UK A-Z pretty stamps showing ruins etc.
  • Famous painters/ writers / composers

Okay there are 4 definitive sets of 'worthy' people so people will not ignore the stamped mail which comes through the door and which celbrates people who should be celebrated. Machins just get binned by people as boring. And when it's King Charles and his wife, please let's not have big eared Machins...

No probelm with sports people being on commemorative stamps, not definitives. They are not that important!

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