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House of Windsor miniature sheet

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House of Windsor portraits and miniature sheet themes revealed

House of Windsor portraits and miniature sheet themes revealed

Issue on February 2 kicks off Diamond Jubilee year

Julia Lee23/12/2011 11:04:22
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What do you think of the choices for the miniature sheet?

I don't doubt that WWII was the seminal event of the Windsor era, but it has been commemorated a great deal elsewhere.

Scott gets in because it's an anniversary.

The football? Seriously? THAT was the biggest, most life-changing thing to happen in the 60s and 70s?

And the Chunnel's all very well, and it was a massive engineering achievement, but I don't think it was life-changing.

My 30 seconds of thought came up with votes for women and penicillin (both of which, admittedly have also been marked elsewhere).

So, yes, it appears I have strong opinions on this m/s!

What would you put? (Try to keep it not too political, if you please).

Alex23/12/2011 14:45:44
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I don't think much of these examples.

1) Scott was a failure, his whole team were amateurs when compared to the Norwegians, who truely deserved the prize.

2) The late queen mother famously said, on Buckingham palace receiving some bomb damage, I can now look the East End in the eye. Came back the reply, from a Eastender woman, well its all right for 'er, she has more than one 'ouse.

3) Delicate times, Britain was starting its decline while Germany was enjoying its Wertschaftswunder. But hey, its OK, we still beat Jerry with a stupid soccer game and it'll remind us till the end of time of how utterly great Great Britain is / was / whatever.

4) Closer ties with Europe? Sorry, I must have not understood recent political events here properly. Maybe Cameron could explain it a bit more clearly to me.

My choices of events?

Their Finest Hour, Britain alone against Fascism. The set up of the welfare system after WWI, old age pensions, looking after the less well off. The NHS, the greatest thing Britain did and one that your country should be proudest of. The scaling of Mt. Everest. Bloodless (mostly) handover of the colonies. The Falklands campaign of 1982 (OK, maybe not PC and you're bound to lose the islands soon, but hey, still a good fight). Sinclair and his C5 and Spectrum, Amstrad and his home computer. Lady Thatcher and Princess Diana. 1976 and the rise of Punk and New Wave. The winter of 1947. The storm of 1987. Baden - Powell and the Scout movements. Daly Thompson. The list is almost endless. A lot has gone downhill for Britain, but it still is one of the best countries to live in.

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Edited By Alex on 23/12/2011 14:50:50

Jack29/01/2012 17:44:38
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'Their Finest Hour, Britain alone against Fascism.'

A very annoying belief which parts of the 'Empire' are furious about. Try telling an Australian, that Britain was alone against fascism and you deny their history. All the recent UK stamp statements just denied 'Empire' imvolvement in either a stupid or arrogant way.

Then I contemplate the other ideas; Princess Diana? Why? Spoilt girl. Thatcher? Right wing fascist supporter of military coups. Baden Powell? Do you knowq about his married life? And creator of a silly boy club. Scaling of Mt Everest? Why? Hillary was a New Zealander and Sherping was also not a Brit. Falklands? Why celebrate another war defending oil rights? Daly? Why? Just an athlete...

Alex29/01/2012 18:34:14
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Well it was American industrial and military might, along with Russian blood, that saved you and your empire, but I was referring to those early days of '39 - '40 when Britain stood alone (with Australians, New Zealanders, Kenyans, American volunteers, etc, etc).I wasn't born in Britain nor the Empire, so really don't care whether I annoyed you about this or not.

As to my reasons for my examples?

Princess Diana did much for various noble causes, such as AIDS sufferers. She helped to destroy the sigma of being an AIDs sufferer. She was also FUN, a credit to your royality.

Lady Thatcher helped to bring lasting peace to Europe, along with Reagan. My father was a US soldier, we were based in Germany to safeguard Europe against the Soviets, so I know what Lady Thatcher did and I respect her for it (something I cannot say about any other modern British politician). She also started the route to the 'peaceful' resolution of the NI troubles.

I was a member of the Boy Scouts of America (BSA Troop 133, Raccoon patrol) and we were taught about Baden-Powell (a mountain is named after him in the USA). Far from being a silly boy club, it introduced many kids to the great outdoors and has made many a credit to their societies. The Boy Scouts (and Girl Scouts) continue to build the citizens of tomorrow.

Mt. Everest, same day as the coronation of the queen. It was a symbol for a whole better world for oridinary British people, a hope for a fairer and healthier society. It was to be the start of a golden second Elizabethen age. The colonies had much closer ties to the UK back in those days, a New Zealander was a New Zealander, sure, but he was a British Colonial too.

The Falklands War in 1982 was not for oil (that would come twenty years later). It was for old fashioned values of Democracy, for the right of Falklanders to live freely under a system they wanted, for protecting territory against an aggressor.

Daly was 'just an athlete', but he was an inspiration to many people and especially non-white children. I remember seeing him on TV back in the 1980s and felt inspired to do athletics myself.

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