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What do you collect?

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Constance Cole02/08/2016 15:36:10
15 forum posts

It will be great if you could also post some pictures so we can see and appriciate them

Ragner06/08/2016 13:06:43
5 forum posts



Im Ragner from Estonia,

mainly im interested in MNH collections. Estonia 1918+

However I find classic GB examples very adorable aswell. Recently I started to focus on African examples.

Few examples can be seen on my Estonian .ee domain online gallery:


Kindest regards,

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Steve Fell 108/01/2017 16:25:44
18 forum posts
8 photos

Hi, I'm Steve. I starting collecting (again) about 7-8 years ago, concentrating on mint GB QV stamps. Eventually got a bit bored with expensive and similar looking stamps and progressed to KEVII and KGV. I have bought stamps at local auctions and sell on eBay, using the money to buy stamps for my collection.

Currently I have only been collecting MNH QEII stamps supplementing those from auctions as and when necessary. I'm proud to say that I have almost completed the whole of the QEII collection from Pre-Coronation1952 Wildings to the present day all in UM condition. (I still have a few more Security Machins to acquire)

Amongst the many stamps I have purchased, I have been fortunate to discover a few known errors/variations. More recently I have become more interested in these stamps. There is a certain sense of expectation when delving through a bulk collection of finding "The One"

In the future I will be adding a few photos of possible "finds" to this forum with the hope of enlisting expert help.

The first is yet to come......

Alex08/01/2017 19:13:44
590 forum posts
13 photos

Hello Steve and welcome.

Hope you enjoy the forum, though it has been a tad quiet for some time.

There are few regulars, so if you have any questions just ask.


Paul Doyle11/01/2017 12:16:26
16 forum posts
3 photos

Paul, in Scotland. New to the forum but been collecting for many years. I collect GB from 1840 to 1990, mint and used, and Italian from early states up to about 1980. My main interest at the moment is in QV and EVII.

Julian11/01/2017 20:12:45
647 forum posts
262 photos

Well I collect Princess Diana and here are a few of my 2017 sheets purchased.

guinee 3.jpg

guinee 2.jpg

gren st vincent.jpg

Alistair Garner25/02/2017 15:41:12
30 forum posts
35 photos

Hi, I am a "born again" philatelist after having taken a break of almost 30 years.

Fortunately I secured my GB collection all those years ago and when I dug it out, everything was still in mint condition.. I've decided to go from general GB stamps to three main area's: GB errors, Perfins and Booklets.

I've just been browsing a few of the posts in the Forum and came across one post discussing some of the "dodgy" errors available on eBay. I think I've bought a few of them!

I find the hobby very insular. I don't personally know anyone else that collects stamps and I certainly don't offer to "get them out and show you", that would be almost as bad as someone getting out their holiday snaps! It's fair to say that even my wife has little interest in them and might even be surprised to find out how much I actually spend on them, but hopefully she'll never come on this site,

I'll try to create an album of some of my errors and hopefully meet like minded people on here. I look forward to reading everyone's comments, asking a few questions of my own and hopefully contributing.

Steve Fell 125/02/2017 16:52:17
18 forum posts
8 photos

Hi Alistair, I'm the same actually, I started collecting again about 8 years ago, following on from my stamp collecting days as a boy, many years ago.

I started from scratch and have slowly built up my collection. I personally collect stamps for my own benefit and as a suitable low key hobby to keep me occupied in my retirement. Interestingly while I was working, my colleagues were always amused at my interest and especially amongst the younger ones there was always the question


One day I explained that having spent about £400 for an absolute shed load of stamps at a local auction, they eventually sold for well over £1800 on eBay. Funny they didn't seem mock quite as much after that!! Not only that, going through all of these stamps, cataloguing and selling them, I learnt more about Geography & History than I ever did at school. Not only that it was great fun!

I should expand on my comment about dodgy error stamps on eBay. I do not mean that these stamps are wrong (ie fake) or anything like that. It's just that it seems that if a stamp is not absolutely centred then it's an error or variation and should be valuable, (it's not)

The same applies to so called colour shifts, usually negligible in my opinion. Some shifts, mis-perforations are obvious and although not listed are worth looking out for.

On the other end of the scale, yesterday I bid on a very tasty stamp, the 2d CEPT stamp from 1961.

It was being offered from 99p, with the yellow colour missing. I couldn't believe it, since the catalogue value is listed at £18,500!!!!!

I'm afraid I bottled out at £70 but it was eventually sold for £155. Someone got a very sweet stamp (if it's genuine?)

Anyway I'll keep a look out for your album of errors

Best of luck


Alistair Garner25/02/2017 18:47:09
30 forum posts
35 photos

Hi Steve. Thanks for your reply. I take on board your comments about "errors" that are not really errors, sometimes they can't be seen with the naked eye, I like errors that you can actually see! (I've managed to create an album called "Paper Folds" which will give you some idea of my tastes).

Like yourself I've reached retirement age, but that wasn't the reason for resurrecting the albums: a work colleague inherited a suitcase full of worldwide stamps, and hence the conversation started. I ended up bringing them home to try to guestimate the value. Unfortunately, having no experience of stamps other than GB, I had to hand them back none the wiser, however, it did spark my interest again.

Also, I had a job in the 80's that involved returning to Head Office in London a box of faulty items every week. So every week, I bought two or three of the current Prestige booklets and claimed back the value of all the standard pages, keeping the multi value pane for myself. I'd accumulated several dozen (possibly over 100) of these which recently sold on eBay in order to "re-invest" .

The most I've ever spent on a single stamp is £95 (a birthday present to myself), but I've got my eye on a lovely paper fold with an asking price of £190, too rich for me but I might see if they'll take an offer.

The more I type here, the more questions I find I have but I'll save them for the Forums, looking forward to being on here!

Julian26/02/2017 10:48:40
647 forum posts
262 photos

I think with errors you need to be pretty clear in your mind what your going for. I have just had my eyes opened to error stamps beyond where I thought they lay. As I have learned a lot in my first year in here I think its an area you have to be sure about in collecting.

My first Error collecting started with CLEAR ERROR such as things COMPLETELY missing, miis- spelled.

Personally I feel Phosphor errors are a bit like watermarks, for some reason this does not grab my attention but I have only just been introduced to this through this forum. I was also disillusioned by another certain subject which opened my eyes to actual fake errors by certain countries, one area in particular.

However the thing for me was, having a stamp which will be limited in production but not its worth and I can still honestly say I do not collect stamps for their worth. I like to buy stamps cheap and that is about the best buzz I get from it. I have also said in here EVEN at my late age now, finding a TRUE error stamp gives me that school boy feeling of having something special in my collection, for this then brings us onto another subject about who is going to inherit your collection and will they aspire to our own collecting habits.

I do want to say this as a last piece with error collecting and this is something Steve has said about buying a stamp on purpose with an error. The Cat value was £18.500 it sold for £155 and I love the "(if its genuine)" comment. I think hand on heart colour missing is a total skeptical area simply because of the many known reasons that colours alter anyway, let alone through tampering, however before I make myself sound a bigot, I really do not know enough about how colours can be altered chemically. So some colour missing errors I think you can weigh up as being true or not but for me its pure guess work and even then as has been said you then have to get it verified as "Genuine", I most certainly would not pay anything like £155 on a chance but I would far rather find it in a bunch of stamps and be happy, even if not real?

I suspect this says a lot about me as a collector, for even when I type those words, I hear "Amateur". And trust me I have been made very aware of just how little I know but also just how vast stamp knowledge has to be, even with cheating on the "internet" you still need a good library!!

I am glad I joined this forum because it has given highs and lows, I just wish I had of learned more as a kid to the subject. For what I learn now, goes in memory and then I am struggling to remember what it was in the first place, so not ideal for me!!!

I think our experiences make the hobby and indeed the forum and even if it makes us feel like "Rodney's" its always best to share the information for others to learn by.

Have fun and keep up the posts.

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