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Gillian Hutchinson23/11/2020 20:12:57
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I've been looking at the new GB stamps which have recently been issued.

I have no interest whatever in Star Trek, apart from looking at it in passing with mild curiosity when hubby (a big fan) is watching it.

I don't particularly enjoy stained glass window art, so am not particularly drawn to the Christmas issues. No doubt I'll save one of each if they come with Christmas cards, but won't be going out of my way to buy them.

I do like the pictures of the 'Brilliant Bugs'. Those stamps look like the sort of thing kids in my generation would have collected and learned from. I wonder if today's generation of kids would be interested?


Julian24/11/2020 14:41:40
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Hi Gillian,

I am not sure I like the extended Star Trek runs, it had its place in my childhood and that was that! As for Stamps I do not see why they cannot be a topic for remembering and indeed following its series still, that is some duration of a TV program unfortunately I do not have a TV and I suppose I could watch a film on You Tube which I actually did after making my comments about the Stamps. The Stamps featuring past Captains and probably new I see nothing wrong with it, I wonder what the % are of people watching TV to people at the Cinema in relation to age?

If Royal Mail were to give these Stamps out instead of trying to entice us into using printed out labels or use stamps with the Queens head on it, I think you'd have a chance of keeping the subject of collecting alive. However did I not see WH Smiths are going to close a number of their stores?

The Internet & shopping habits has indeed seen the demise of Stamps and indeed the competition companies such as Hermes have all helped in killing off the hobby. When you think about what we do online now instead of using the post its not surprising Stamps are in decline.

It is our generation keeping Stamps alive and indeed I remember not so long ago how the David Bowie set were snapped up quick, even with the issued stamps over counter, so it does seem people can be found to buy these sets, I feel Royal Mail are missing a trick here but do they actually want to keep collecting alive?

So I am all for seeing any subject being used, even if they are not appealing in some way.

Alex25/11/2020 14:22:08
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It would be interesting to see just how many stamps are printed by Royal Mail for each issue for them to continue making a profit.

My guess would be that the numbers of stamps printed per set has gone down since the 1990s and that the volumes that are produced are just enough to supply the demand for these sets which, increasingly, look to be geared towards certain target groups of thematic collectors.

The times have changed and I suppose that the new tactics work well enough for Royal Mail now that the volumes of stamped mail has decreased. Stamps for the thematic collectors, labels for the rest of us seems to be the new business model for Royal Mail.

Fred Sellars25/11/2020 18:19:28
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It's not just a matter of quantities sold per set Alex, but with how many stamps per issue and how many issues are flooding the market that's being printed per annum, along with the duplication of the higher values creating additional expense for the collector.

As far as the RM are concerned it's the equivalent of printing money !

All of the above factors are certainly not an encouragement for others to follow towards taking up the hobby, in fact they are quite detrimental. Fred.

Alex26/11/2020 11:43:45
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I think that the days of collecting everything that is produced by Royal Mail are well and truly over. This decline has been going on for the past twenty years and is probably the main reason that Royal Mail had to change its output. While it is true that trying to buy everything to do with an issued set is somewhat of a financial burden, I feel that the items produced are geared to different types of collectors and not necessarily for someone who still collects 'GB' in the traditional manner.

Many of the recent output seems geared to niche collecting areas, serving the thematic collector or even people who don't 'collect' the stamps for what they are but because they have an interest in a particular artist or movie franchise and the stamps thus fit into a wider, non philatelic, collection.

At the same time Royal Mail still caters to genuine collectors with, for example, those Machin booklets, FDCs and similar output.

The cultural climate of the country has changed over the past two or three decades and stamp collecting is no longer part of growing up in modern Britain. It no longer forms part of childrens' lives as they won't see stamps in their everyday lives. When I grew up stamps were on most letters received at home, you could buy cheap packets in the local store and even gas stations gave them away (which, incidentally, is how I started 50 years ago. Dad would give me the little stamp packets that he had been given for every gallon of gas that he bought).

At the same time, growing up in the 1970s, I wasn't interested in the interests of the earlier generation. I didn't collect bird eggs or cigarette cards or play with tinplate clockwork toys, things that seem like quaint ancient history now! Why try and 'force' youngsters into stamp collecting if it has little, or none, relevance to their lives?

Philately certainly isn't dying. While its probably true to say that it has contracted, as to the number of collectors, it still provides enjoyment to many people and it still attracts new blood. Its just that the way folk collect has changed over to new ways of collecting. Hence the popularity of Postal History, as an example.

Is Royal Mail ripping off the punters? Maybe, but only if the punters are stupid enough to collect everything that Royal Mail produce. Times have changed and philately has changed as well.



Edited By Alex on 26/11/2020 11:47:40

Neil Barrett 326/11/2020 12:24:03
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Like Fred says: There are sets now that are clearly aimed as much at the collector of "whatever" as they are at philatelists and Star Trek is the latest (following on from Star Wars, Marvel, Sherlock). As a Trekker, I know there are fans who will pay for the big issues and the framed sets and so on - to add to the Canada Post sets from 2016 and 2017 and Tuvalu from 2016 and USPS from 2016.... Notice that those mentioned were all marking a 50th anniversary. As a Trekker - I haven't bought them. (I might be getting some for Christmas though!) If there are any counter sheets next time I head to my local PO; I will get a dozen for Christmas cards to those who would notice.

I agree with Gillian - "Brilliant Bugs" is a nice looking issue and the sort of thing that might have appealed to children. I do notice that FirstNews (newspaper/magazine aimed at young folk) often offers Presentation Packs as competition prizes so there is still some interest. Cynics may now wonder if this is amongst a certain type/class of children though...

Fred Sellars26/11/2020 12:57:27
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The fact is that there are so many unwanted stamps flooding the market these days that large discounts are being offered for previous issues.

I recently bought some second-class ones for 45p saving 20p for every Christmas card sent and I am sure that Neil could well do the same rather than fork out 75p as against what he has just stated.

How long will it be before these new issues fall into the same category, so why buy them at new issue prices from the RM ? Fred.

Julian28/11/2020 15:02:30
733 forum posts
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Yes indeed Alex, its not just Stamps, kids today want the latest gadgets and there is plenty out there to choose from and that is the race, I saw a brill lil car for 5 - 8 year old's, a car which sticks to most surfaces and has a lights which when spun makes a good show, I have asked my mum for one????

Neil Barrett 307/12/2020 10:42:49
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Posted by Fred Sellars on 26/11/2020 12:57:27:

I recently bought some second-class ones for 45p saving 20p for every Christmas card sent and I am sure that Neil could well do the same rather than fork out 75p as against what he has just stated.

Oh I have Fred.... I bought a sheet of the 2003 Ice Sculptures on eBay for about 2/3 face value. The Trek stamps will only be for people who would appreciate them.

Fred Sellars08/12/2020 16:03:17
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We are long overdue a CHARITY STAMP (or set) instead of the commercial waffle currently being issued, based on the NHS and other factors of recent occurrence.

How's about it RM ?

I am sure that patronage would be seen by ALL the public, not just for a select few which currently seems to be the case as far as collectors are concerned.


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