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Julian21/11/2020 17:44:46
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usa credo.jpg

This caught my eye for the quote, then the error cancel. then the Stamp!

This is typical if you visit an American Stamp Forum and talk about FDC collecting and the what I find peculiar view upon Stamp collecting which I was drawn into discussion. I have talked about this before so will not bore you to tears with it.

I could easily collect these covers for the quotations alone, I have a few Religious ones I use myself!!!

The error cancel I assume happened two covers going over or under at the same time as the line of blank is dead straight and should read "First Day Of Issue" you could easily say "Cover" as the cut is straight down the O making it look like a C.

The 4c Stamp also has a Quotation on it as well. I know I will slap my face but I do not know what credo means? It has to be one of these American differences which always makes me laugh so much. This takes me back to my visit there in 2010 and in Canada I had to phone the Police about driving Laws, oh and how we laughed. I believe this cover was a Fleetwood but I could well be wrong?

I also dearly love the style of writing again there is a very long story I could share but I have told it in a post in here before this but geez knows where and far to long to repeat.

This again is why my Diana collecting got out of control as well, I seem not to be able to collect one thing at a time. I would spend $ thousands out there, and a example of this was "Buffalo" coins and Silver Dollars, how I steered around that was a God send!!


Julian28/11/2020 15:46:39
785 forum posts
364 photos

I got these this morning, another bundle of joy.usa c1.jpgI just had to get a set of these and I do not know if its colour fade, as online some sets of these seem brighter?

The gum on the back of these seem really thick, more like wallpaper paste and you cannot really count these as old. But this is what I like about the States yes the FDC makers do anything to make a fast $ but there is no Theme left unturned or up for print. This I feel makes a difference because from a FDC, it inspired me to get a set of these simply because I like them. I don't know if they use other quotes on their printed FDC's using these Stamps along side? Again the American Eagle alone make it a buy if cancelled with it or displayed in the Stamp. I understand why American enthusiasts in collecting see these as minor Stamps to collect but I enjoy them. Canada also have some cool Stamp sets I started with a set and stopped because the higher values commanded a premium price which I would never pay for them even though like them, far to rich for me.

Julian14/12/2020 06:17:24
785 forum posts
364 photos

Here are a few more Pics and will follow up with more later on. The Cashe I have found to be of 6 founder Fathers of the States but uniquely there are different Cancels. There are a few makers of the FDC's with different Cashe designs I prefer this type.

credo 1.jpg

credo 2.jpg

I have not dome any research on these for the moment as I am probably sure with the various Cancel marks which make a collection Unique. So I think these are safe to collect in respect of Cashe and Stamp as you cannot mix them around? And it maybe my next venture to look into the different Cancels and it appears they are based on different States or even the State Fathers.

I have noticed there is a lot of FDC's which use 3 Cent Stamps and I have been looking at Aircraft covers as well. I am sure this is coincidence of era though. I have seen some great War Cover material which appealed to me. I am just glad I do not live in the States because I am not sure I could stick to one Cashe or Theme as like Canada there is so much subject material to choose from and everything that goes with it.

I will be satisfied with the 6 Stamp on covers at the moment though. If there any American collectors on this site I would be grateful for any information regarding the cancel marks? I think that is the only way FDC makers could make money from this series if there is different State marks which would make up the variable to extend the amount of covers produced?

There is a more sinister reason I have learned about these Founding Fathers which makes a lot of sense and which I may very well take up but I can already see how collecting these could span out and from my current bidding findings, I could be right!

Another reason I like these, as I said with Geoff's Collecting of cancel marks, does in fact seal that there is indeed a value to them in regard to collections rather than Royal Mail Cancels through daily use but no doubt people may still collect as I did with Princess Diana.

Julian14/12/2020 06:46:05
785 forum posts
364 photos

Forgive me if I have already used this cover in another post but this is the British equivalent style of FDC,

stamp ex fdc.jpg

Again the style bares 2 x 3d Stamps? So does one say one style influenced the other in Country or indeed FDC maker? I will not bore you because I am already sure I have posted this cover already. Just felt this maybe a good comparison Vs England to USA or vice versa. There is no doubt that older stamps have in: VERDICT, Commemorative Worth, Quality of Design & Wow Factor, I think my name should be Victor from One Foot in the Grave lol lol.

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