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Lighthouse GB album pages

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john crawford 110/11/2020 12:45:59
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In the 70's and 80's I collected QEII GB commemoratives, definitives and regionals. I decided to return to collecting and use Lighthouse GB album pages to house the stamps.

What to buy to fill the pages? Commemoratives seem pretty straight forward once you get your head round the various MS, LS sheets and self adhesive issues.

Definitives and "country" issues are a whole can of worms.. I'm trying to find which stamps are covered by the varios supplements on offer.

I emailed Leuchfurm in Germany but the reply i got bore no relation to the question "what stamps are covered by the various supplements you offer?"

In case there was a language problem I contacted Lighthouse USA again with no success. Their response was

I will not be able to tell you exactly which stamps are covered in these supplements. Sorry I could not be of more help.

The question seems simple. What pages cover what Definitives and "country" issues without duplication.

I would be grateful for any advice on this matter.

Alex11/11/2020 06:02:04
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You could try Dauwalders, a Salisbury based company, and check out their extensive stock of Lighthouse GB pages.

Lighthouse separately prints its GB pages for commemoratives and for regionals and definitive issues, and also by era.

Conversely, you could go down the blank album page route and mount your stamps as per your own particular requirements.


john crawford 111/11/2020 11:59:17
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Alex thank you for your response to my query, Dauwalders provided me with the coding system to the Lighthouse part numbers which identify the type of supplement but no detailed information about the contents.

Blank album pages are a final resort. I have spent a fair amount on commemorative pages so I'll continue trying to get more specific information about the contents of supplements.


Julian11/11/2020 12:03:13
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Hi John,

Oh how I feel for you and your dilemma and most certainly contacting people who should be able to help you and will not or cannot give you an answer. Alex answer comes back to many of us and I have come to the conclusion he and others in this Forum discuss before (in my view) are good answers. Stamp collecting should be a warm and happy past time and once you try to conform to a certain way, to the World of Stamp Collecting, it will become difficult. Most in here have heard my weary comments upon my collecting Theme of which is a nightmare.

But both Alex and Paul came up with good suggestions and teach you in the end, do not conform to others but enjoy what you collect and for me, buying blank pages and putting together what you want to collect and display them is a good way round your dilemma?

I made a post recently in here which was hard to explain, I to wrote emails to Companies in seeking answers but was met with incorrect replies or just ignorance of knowledge. This view however is only when you apply it to what I myself find correct as a collector? So in fairness to the Companies who made these collections, they had no idea what they were doing or considered as a Set of FDC's. I went a really long route to find my answers to my collections and I today have found my own answer to a question I could not explain properly to get help.

I know even my reply is a long way off, of an answer that will be helpful to you but I do see myself in the same position but in a very different way of collecting. IF I stuck to lets say The Royal Wedding 1981, Stanley Gibbons make a wealth of pages in which to display a collection? However there are times when these pages do not fulfill the Collectors needs, in which case you can buy blank pages and add to your collection that way? It is most certainly the route I would go for.


john crawford 113/11/2020 12:08:29
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Hi Julian

Thank you for your observations and comments, Blank album pages are indeed an option but it is only as a last resort. I will continue to dig for answers. I find it hard to accept that Lighthouse and dealers expect me to pay good money for what is effectively a pig in a poke.


Rob Marshall30/11/2020 16:24:06
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Hi John,

i too share your dilemma. Up until about 15 years ago the Lighthouse annual update pages included a sheet of paper with source information for definitives such as the Machins from PSBs. They stopped this practice and I tried to find out why without success, my own opinion was to save money.

Since then I have employed various detective methods to correctly identify them. Its-time consuming but sometimes satisfying!

john crawford 101/12/2020 18:47:42
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Lo Rob

You mention Lighthouse providing source information with their annual supplements. They say they no longer do this or have relevant information and the older supplements I bought online dont have them. i'm appealing to anyone who has any of them to take pity on a foolish collector who relied on LIGHTHOUSE. Perhaps someone somewhere has the information and would be prepared to pass it on.

John Murdoch15/05/2021 21:44:29
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I am coming to this topic rather late in the day but, as my order form for 2020 GB Supplements has just arrived, I was searching to see if there was any advance information on the stamps to be included in this year's definitive supplement. Like previous contributors I have been left to swim through the unknown depths but, after buying some quite expensive and inappropriate supplements, I have now settled down to an understanding which works for me. I stopped collecting commemorative stamps several years ago for reasons which probably require no explanation, and I decided to continue with my "specialised" definitive and regional collection. Like John Crawford, I could find no advice on the difference between the Definitive pages and the Specialised Definitive pages - Regionals do not get a mention - and, on the basis that it does not seem easy to buy previous years' pages, I purchased both for a few years. I have now concluded that the basic Definitives pack - which includes Regionals - is the level of specialisation which I want to collect and so I now let this annual Definitive set of supplementary pages determine what I do collect. I discover each year that there are some stamps which I have not obtained at the time of issue, but paying a small premium to buy any which have gone out of stock at the Philatelic Bureau by the date of receipt of the supplement pages is not too much of a burden. If I can offer my understanding on what is in the two sets of definitive pages, it is:

The Definitive Supplement Pack includes all definitive and regional issues with new formats (eg self-adhesive, iridescent overprints, etc); different printing methods (gravure, lithography, etc); new designs, colours, values, perforations and phosphor varieties. It does not cover different printers or the different codes & dates of iridescent overprints. The stamps are sourced from counter sheets, miniature sheets, prestige/premium booklets, smiler's sheets and booklets, and also include provision for complete miniature sheets. Miniature sheets usually catch me out because you cannot have a standing order for just definitive miniature sheets with the Philatelic Bureau.

The Specialised Definitive Supplement Pack includes all the variations in source codes and date codes for stamps with iridescent overprints.

I hope that this might help the decision on what to collect and which definitive supplement pack or packs to buy to support that decision. I would also be happy for other contributors to correct my descriptions of the two supplement packs if have got anything wrong. In conclusion, I believe that for many of us, it is easier to opt for one or both the annual supplements and to let these supplements determine what we collect, rather than creating a bespoke collection on blank pages.

Gillian Hutchinson21/05/2021 16:42:26
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Is it possible to buy GB albums/pages which are not specific to certain years? My son had one in his philately days, but it has disappeared. He passed his general album, a ringbinder with extra pages, on to me, which is all I have to put my GB stamps into and there are not many blank pages left.


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