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Remember Stamp Hinges?

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David Reaney 103/05/2020 08:10:27
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I'm a new-returner to the hobby and although hinges were 'default' back in my day, I do understand that the clear plastic mounts are far more favoured now-a-days.

However, without boring you, my return to the hobby is accompanied with reduced means - plastic mounts are not cheap in the quantities I need for my new collection and the stamps are predominantly modern-ish used, so hinges are the favoured route.

I believe Prinz are the only manufacturer nowadays (various brands) and I bought some of those but am disappointed. Research online suggests this is common with a number of alternatives (other than 1970s Dennison hinges @ US$20/30 a pack) but these posts were 5-7 years ago and product names / internet links change

So, to the main question. Does anybody successfully use hinges in 2020? I'm not sure if forum rules will allow you to mention brands - but that would be really useful.


Don't get me started on Watermarks - as a kid, Morley-Bright 'Rollatector'?  Now it seems, pay a fortune or risk lighter fluid!  In this non-smoking age, I haven't found anywhere to even buy lighter fluid.

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Paul Davey 103/05/2020 09:44:58
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Welcome back to the hobby David!

I still use hinges for used stamps, mint stamps without gum and things already mounted. If they are quality hinges they still come in packets of 500 or 1000 (Stanley Gibbons for example in the UK) so a lot of mounting can be done for a reasonable price! The album pages will cost more so make sure you select acid free paper to preserve them. Sounds like you are US based so I can't suggest brands there I'm afraid.

Watermarks are mentioned on a number of past threads on this forum. Again it depends on the stamps, some are obvious just on a black background, some by holding up to the light at an oblique angle. The various devices out there all have there fans - see what works for you. Many stamp clubs have a Signoscope for example and will lend or rent it to members for a nominal fee. Any collectors locally who would help?

Anyway enjoy it!


David Reaney 103/05/2020 10:45:27
5 forum posts

Thanks for such a prompt response Paul, I noticed you mention Stanley Gibbons hinges - well I am in sunny Wales so may try to get hold of a packet

David Shouksmith04/05/2020 13:42:33
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Well, I was very dubious about using lighter fluid too, even though it was recommended by a stamp dealer. So I tried it on a mint but damaged QEII Castle. It worked a treat with absolutely no damage to the stamp at all. I use it all the time now.

Lighter fluid can be easily obtained from tobacconists and many newsagents in the UK...

ken mulford16/05/2020 21:56:21
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no easy answer to stamp mounts..

they are in my opinion overpriced, and sometimes difficult to find in the right size.

as a regular user of these mounts i find i have a lot of 'off cuts' which can be repurposed.

how to present these as a usefull item for reuse ?

considering that to use them would require a small guillotine at another (overpriced) cost.

would seem to me to be against the collector who has only the wish to enhance his/her collection.

lighter fluid from your local tobacconist ? i think they were made extinct a few years ago.

try the local fag counter at your local supermarket, and yes i use this method with good results, have done so for years.

just be carefull of the fumes from this liquid, use in a well ventilated area only.

like the plastic stamp mounts i find the watermark detectors overpriced , which only leaves the lighter fuel as a realistic answer to detecting watermarks.

stamp mounts unless wet with distilled water would not be my consideration in mounting any stamp , you only have to think of what saliva/tap water may contain to consider long term chemical action on the paper.

Gillian Hutchinson19/06/2020 15:37:34
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I use stamp hinges and have used both Stanley Gibbons and WH Smith ones inn the past. Unfortunately they quickly hardened and it became impossible to separate them. Then someone kindly sent me some hinges, which were neither Stanley Gibbons or WH Smith and which have been brilliant. Unfortunately I threw out the packet once I put them into a tin and I forget the name of them. I notice that they don't seem to have as much gum on them than the others I've used. Keeping them in a tin also helps.


stacey ramiel23/06/2020 21:36:39
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Gillian Hutchinson21/07/2020 11:32:38
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Some text seems to be missing here?


Miklos Prekop19/12/2020 15:52:04
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Stanley Gibbons hinges is very hard to get off. Prisewise Prinz (the German made) are good and fairly cheap.

Ebay seller selling in abundance though prices went up considerably recently. Ebay sellers sometimes sell old stock all curled up and useless. A really good hinges are Lindner also German made but trhey are 3x the price of Prinz.

It is a matter of luck to get a good dealer.

As for watermarks isopropyl alcohol is perfect and cheap. I bought on ebay a 1 liter bottle cheaply, will do me for years. And it has no health hazards except if you drink it Surgical spirit available in pharmacies is making stamps oily do not use it.My experience with all watermark detectors are a waste of money.


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