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How times have changed !

collecting G.B. stamps .

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Gillian Hutchinson14/01/2020 10:00:57
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Posted by Fred Sellars on 20/12/2019 10:37:41:

Good morning Gillian,

I see you was burning the midnight (almost) oil last night, it's nice to know we are both singing from the same hymn sheet with regards to self adhesive stamps, who knows! Perhaps in the near future to stop the stamps from curling rather than made of paper they may be made of plastic similar to the Monopoly money we have today.

Talking of Monopoly money reminds me of the Christmas bonus awarded to pensioners back in 1972 for £10, then (due to inflation) it was worth £135 in spending power, sadly, today you can't buy a packet of cigarettes with it.

Times are a'changin but not always for the better,TTFN, Fred

Ha ha Fred! I might have known someone would notice the time at which I was writing!

I read or heard somewhere that there was a problem with that 'Monopoly' money - I've forgotten exactly what. It reminds me how the new pound coins were supposed to be theft-proof but aren't actually.

So the £10 Christmas bonus goes back to 1972? Maybe further? That's incredible. You'd think we'd be due way more than that by now.

As far as the self-adhesives go, I think I might opt for trimming around close to the edge of the stamp after soaking doesn't remove the stamp easily. I doubt those that produce the stamps have no thought for the poor philately enthusiasts trying to remove them from envelopes.


Fred Sellars14/01/2020 13:22:07
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Good afternoon Gillian,

I can assure you that the £10 Christmas bonus was originally passed by legislation in 1972 and first implemented prior to Christmas of that year.

With regards to the £1 coin being theft proof, I think you meant to say forgery proof due to the two different metals used and the inscription below the queen's head being hard to copy.

I think your decision to cut round self adhesive stamps rather than remove them is the best idea, due to the fact that they do not get damaged in any way unlike previous attempts that you may have made.

Have a nice day, Fred.

Neil Barrett 316/01/2020 11:36:54
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Fred sed:

"Space Invaders


Mario brothers


Missile command/defend the cities

Lords of midnight"

I gather the issue is to commemorate British game authors and developers - so that takes these out. Mind you - many previous issues have been only tenuously linked to British input so you could be right. Having started out with Sinclair I'd nominate Manic Miner or Jet Set Willy...

Fred Sellars16/01/2020 14:07:42
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Hi there Neil,

I see I'm not the only one with a little nostalgia for some of those golden oldies !

I'm sure that the Royal Mail could find plenty more to fit the bill if they so desired .

Another contender would be Jeff Minter "Yak" born in Reading of " Mutant Camel 🐫 " fame + various others .

I realise this is not a video game but how about " Hitchhiker's guide guide to the galaxy " , a text adventure by the late Douglas Adams that was very popular with the owners of the Commodore " PET " in days of yore .

No doubt many of the viewers could also think of appropriate alternatives that could be used .

Bye for now, Fred.

Fred Sellars03/03/2020 12:01:23
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Talking of nostalgia, it was during the 1950s up to about the mid 1960s when collectors of British stamps still looked forward to a new commemorative issue coming out, between 1953 and 1960 inclusive (8 years), only 6 different sets of commemorative was actually issued and from 1960 up to 1965 issues started to become more frequent, especially their popularity partly due to the introduction of the automatic sorting system and the production of the phosphor tagged commemoratives of 1962, these versions became very popular with British stamp collectors with the added bonus of being a potential investment, as initially one could purchase a set for a few pence and within the space of a short time they could be worth a few pounds (it was better than money in the Bank) .

During the period between 1960 and 1965 (5 years) a total of 23 sets was issued excluding the phosphor varieties when comparing a total of 6 sets between 1953 to 1960 inclusive (8 years), it was obvious that the total number of commemorative sets was increasing but nothing in comparison to todays issues when you take into account that very few letters are being posted due to the advent of the email. How many more of these unwanted and unneeded commemoratives are going to be issued just for the sake of using stamp collectors as a "cash cow" by the Royal Mail to satisfy their shareholders .


Neil Barrett 304/03/2020 10:13:17
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All the things we said last year are still going on though - just take a look at the upcoming James Bond issue - 3x1st and 3x£1.60 with a miniature sheet of 2x1st and 2x£1.55 then there's the collectors sheet with 5x1st and 5x£1.60 and the retail booklet and ... and...

Why couldn't this have been a 6x1st issue for 6 actors? Or 10x1st for 6 Bonds and 4 "M"s?

Gillian Hutchinson08/03/2020 14:29:30
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Hi Fred, I'm surprised there hasn't been an outcry before now about the lack of increase in our so called bonus. It would barely pay for stamps for Christmas cards.

Yes, forgery proof is what I was thinking of.

As regards stamps that don't come away easily from their envelopes, I usually don't discover which stamps these are until they have been through the soaking process, but I guess I could give up doing this successfully if other stamps come off easily. I know certain countries use self-adhesive stamps exclusively, but I don't always think to check that.


Fred Sellars08/03/2020 19:55:46
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Thanks Gillian for your latest info on a previous discussion made .

In relation to Neil's comments over the unwanted additional amounts of high values, only time will tell, I recently visited a stamp fair and one dealer was selling u/m blocks of British stamps giving a 20% discount off face value, how long will it be before large discounts are given on the current issues .

The problem is Neil there are too many special issues coming out on a continuous basis in what appears to be an ever decreasing market, it's not just the unwanted higher values that poses the problem, but a glut of issues overall.

Neil Barrett 309/03/2020 10:01:39
39 forum posts

Fred said:

and one dealer was selling u/m blocks of British stamps giving a 20% discount off face value, how long will it be before large discounts are given on the current issues .

If you dig around on eBay you see a lot of recent issues way over face - but how many of them actually sell? It is possible to pick up some issues from the last couple of years well under face and I so this to use them for postage. this weekend - I have paid £6.32 for 2 sheets of 20 first class - that's less than 16p per stamp - or 77% below face! That's a very lucky deal - but 8 or 9 pounds for a sheet of 20 is common so 35% or more below face.

Fred Sellars12/04/2020 11:52:11
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It would appear that not only emails and the price of postage along with the issue of duplicating values with regards to commemoratives and strike threats by Royal mail employees, now they are faced with the coronavirus COVID-19 .

The problem is that it is a worldwide epidemic and not just the Postal services of this country have been affected. I have just been reading an interesting article on how this has affected Postal services, not only in this country but throughout the globe, the item can be found on the following site :-

Let's hope for everyone's sake that a remedy is found soon, so to all the doctors/nurses and carers in today's society who are subjecting themselves to this epidemic.

A BIG THANK YOU and CHEERS to all concerned 🍺. Fred.

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