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How times have changed !

collecting G.B. stamps .

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Neil Barrett 330/10/2019 12:18:23
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The emoji is probably caused by the software auto translating a "1/2" symbol followed immediately by a closing bracket.

Anyway - using the inflation calculator Fred links to and and taking rates from **LINK**

2d in 1960 is 18p today - compared to 61p for 2nd class and 70p for 1st class.

But 2d is a 1oz rate isn't it... Whereas contemporary first class goes up to 100g or 3.5 oz which would have been 6d = 54p

If we decimalise - a 4oz first class letter in Feb 1971 was 3p and the inflation calculator says that's 44p today.

Now what's a 1st class NVI from 1989 worth as a collectable? Face value then was 20p; that's 51p with inflation but 61p if you use it.

Fred Sellars30/10/2019 12:53:58
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I beg to correct you Neil, the1st class NVI that you refer to is not 61p but 70p if you use it today .

Fred Sellars01/11/2019 09:30:37
540 forum posts
218 photos

Back in the 1960s, I was fortunate to know a person that worked at a mail order firm in the returns department and the amount of stamps of all denominations was easy to obtain, but today a prepaid label is used, not a stamp in sight !

Postally used stamps are becoming as scarce as " hens teeth ", it will not be unmounted ones but fine used that command attention from philatelists in the future .

Another aspect in relation to the use of postage stamps has been the rise of metre stamps as it would seem that ever more smaller companies are using them due to the very large discounts given by the Royal Mail .

Below is a letter with a metre stamp, the normal price should be 61p, the price paid 41p, that's a discount of 20p on 61p ( 32•79% ), the postage stamp,as we know it is becoming more and more obsolete as time goes by .img_20191031_120621.jpg

Gillian Hutchinson02/11/2019 23:36:51
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If postage stamps are going to become a thing of the past, does this mean that stamp forums like this one will follow suit? We'd have to think of something else to bond over!


Paul Davey 103/11/2019 08:59:54
492 forum posts
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Hi Gillian

I think it will easily take many lifetimes to collect the stamps already issued. If there are no new ones then there's a limit! After all there have been no new "old masters" for a few centuries but there are still collectors! We will run out of philatelists before we run out of stamps.

The GB QV group on Facebook thrives - nothing newly issued there.


Fred Sellars03/11/2019 10:13:58
540 forum posts
218 photos

Good morning Gillian and Paul,

The humble postage stamp (as we know it ) has seen us in good stead or the last 179 years since it's introduction in1840, but with the advancement of technology it has left companies like the Royal Mail in a bit of a quandary in it's relation for survival, as it derives a large part of its income from the services it provides .

All these so-called commemorative are directed purely at the collector and no one else, even the definitive are forever being changed to encourage the collector to part with their hard-earned money for a prepaid label that will never be used for its original purpose .

As Paul says, there will always be a market for collectors, especially for the classics and oddities that abound, therefore, forums such as this will never become obsolete for the philatelic fraternity of this world . Fred.

Fred Sellars30/11/2019 20:49:21
540 forum posts
218 photos

One of my loathed GB stamps are the self adhesive ones with the ornamental perforations that are already separated in the first place,first issued in 1993 .

The problem is with this type of used stamp is that once removed from the paper (envelope) the back of the stamp is still self adhesive and needs treating with talcum powder or some other type of preventative coating to nullify the sellotape effect, if you don't treat them once removed they will stick to something else or pick up small particles etc which needs to be avoided .

Many collectors keep them as received and just cut round them to prevent all the hassle involved .

As far as I am concerned they are definitely a no no 👎 .

Gillian Hutchinson19/12/2019 23:48:28
119 forum posts
4 photos

Good to know we won't run out of stamps to collect any time soon and hopefully forums like this one will continue to provide a place for friendly discussion about our favourite hobby.

I don't like those self-adhesive stamps either, but it's difficult to distinguish them from non-adhesive stamps. They often tear when I'm trying to remove the part of the envelope they're stuck to, especially when that will peel off but only partly. When it does peel off successfully the stamp often curls up.


Fred Sellars20/12/2019 10:37:41
540 forum posts
218 photos

Good morning Gillian,

I see you was burning the midnight (almost) oil last night, it's nice to know we are both singing from the same hymn sheet with regards to self adhesive stamps, who knows! Perhaps in the near future to stop the stamps from curling rather than made of paper they may be made of plastic similar to the Monopoly money we have today.

Talking of Monopoly money reminds me of the Christmas bonus awarded to pensioners back in 1972 for £10, then (due to inflation) it was worth £135 in spending power, sadly, today you can't buy a packet of cigarettes with it.

Times are a'changin but not always for the better,TTFN, Fred

Fred Sellars13/01/2020 09:18:46
540 forum posts
218 photos

In the early 80s, I remember buying my first computer, I kicked off with a VIC-20 that had a whopping 3½K of RAM (how times have changed) later progressing to a commodore 64 to obtain more memory, if the GPO are commemorating video games being issued on the 21st of January then they have missed out on some of the more popular games such as :-

Space Invaders


Mario brothers


Missile command/defend the cities

Lords of midnight

There are many others that I could mention and no doubt the Royal Mail are saving these for a possible issue 2 and issue 3 for the future in a similar way they have treated the Star wars trilogy.and will be real money spinners for them.


Edited By Fred Sellars on 13/01/2020 09:23:16

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