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French perforation shift of the 50 centime "sower" .

Adding marginal inscription on stamp .

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Fred Sellars02/02/2020 11:46:39
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There are so many different ways within which the hobby of collecting stamps can be attributed, the main one usually being a specific country or group of countries such as Scandinavia or Pacific Islands, it may be a certain period in time such as the reign of Edward VIII etc, thematics are also high on the list of sought-after derivatives of the hobby.

Whatever your choice may be, it's up to the individual that gets pleasure from his or her hobby.

I like spotting the unusual such as the one shown in the scan below, often not listed in catalogues.

WHAT'S YOUR EYE CANDY ?img_20200202_101901.jpg

Fred Sellars24/02/2020 14:12:10
422 forum posts
165 photos

Over the past few weeks I have been sorting through some kiloware purchased some years ago, and an interesting item was discovered, it concerns 2 Indian stamps ½Anna and a 1Anna with an unusual cancellation "EXPERIMENTAL" dated the 23rd of May 1947 just prior to the partition of the Union of India and Dominion of Pakistan on the 15th of August 1947.

Does anyone have any information as to why this type of cancellation was implemented ?img_20200224_134547.jpg

Fred Sellars24/02/2020 18:47:06
422 forum posts
165 photos

Since my earlier posting this afternoon I decided to search the web for any further information over this "EXPERIMENTAL" cancellation on the Indian stamps.

It was not the cancellation that was experimental but the post office itself, it signifies that an experimental post office was opened for a period of around 6 months in an area that appeared to need one, and if successful it would become permanent.

At the base of the cancellation is a code identifier, unfortunately this is partly missing on this piece.

So if you find any Indian stamps with this type of cancellation you will now know as to why it's there .

Fred Sellars25/02/2020 10:34:57
422 forum posts
165 photos

Amongst a plethora of unusual finds that I have obtained is this 1954 20 pfennig stamp of Germany which appears to have an additional overprint as such in the form of a " X• ", it's quite possible that this addition to the stamp was made unofficially or was it ?

Nevertheless, worth noting, have you ever seen this particular overprint before ? Or was it from a John Bull printing set .img_20200222_152015.jpg

Fred Sellars11/03/2020 22:53:18
422 forum posts
165 photos

Over the last few days I have been attempting to add some extra photographs but it appears that a glitch has occurred, every time I try to add another picture I get the message.

"Unable to complete operation due to low memory" in the Stamp Magazines system

So it would seem that no further pictures can be introduced, I have already removed 5 photos,in the hope it would be remedial, but to no avail !

I have recently discovered some 5 ruble stamps of 1984 from the USSR both on different papers and different shades of print,alas I am unable to show you.

TTFN, Fred.

Edited By Fred Sellars on 11/03/2020 22:57:27

Fred Sellars12/03/2020 23:15:50
422 forum posts
165 photos

img_20200309_183909.jpgI have found that the album for the 5 ruble stamps had no pictures in them, as initially they was not accepted, this has now been rectified and I can now show you some of the differences found.

The first picture shows the difference in the shading, the first stamp being dark blue whereby the second stamp is a much lighter shade.

The second picture is of the same stamps as seen under longwave ultraviolet light, the first stamp appears to be on a luminous type paper whereby by the second stamp has little or no fluorescence.

I have also noticed other values in this particular set also having similar peculiarities .img_20200309_182829.jpg


I should have named this thread" Oddities of the world's stamps " rather than " The Sower ".

However, all's well that ends well. Do you have any oddball stamps? Fred.


Edited By Fred Sellars on 12/03/2020 23:25:27

Fred Sellars18/03/2020 00:02:44
422 forum posts
165 photos

One never know what you can find when going through a kiloware mixture, here is my latest discovery .

It would appear that the printers must have had some extra ouzo that day when this stamp was printed .

No counter staff would spot the error due to the fact it was delivered via a stamp dispenser .

It's quite a nice find !img_20200317_234001.jpg

Fred Sellars20/03/2020 15:44:39
422 forum posts
165 photos

Another unusual find !

When the Soviet Union was dissolved in 1991, Latvia started to issue its own stamps again, the new stamps still used the Ruble and Kopecks for the first 2 years of independence before switching back to the Lat and Santim system as previously used.

An interesting find is this strip of used 2k stamps cancelled 30/6/92, but with no overprint, the USSR currency was still legal tender but it appears to have been cancelled with a special Latvian postmark still inscribed CCCP even after independence, can anyone explain as to why ?

I have noticed that a line has been drawn through the CCCP, surely this should have been removed and not just a line drawn through it prior to its use !


Edited By Fred Sellars on 20/03/2020 15:53:41

Fred Sellars21/03/2020 21:30:59
422 forum posts
165 photos

Having made further investigations of the previous Latvian stamps without the overprints I can now give you additional information ..........

It would appear that this is a special cancellation relating to the final day of use in Latvia for Russian stamps without overprints, the stamps were cancelled at one of the main post offices being number 50 located near the railway terminal in the centre of Riga.

The inscriptions on the cancellation are as follows :-in Latvian "PĒDĒJĀ DIENA" and in French "DERNÍER JOUR" both with the same meaning of "last day" for CCCP stamps (the reason for the line crossing out the CCCP)

Therefore it is a last day cancellation with the relevant date.

Quite unique !

Fred Sellars23/03/2020 10:36:20
422 forum posts
165 photos

Although not of any special significance it always amuses me as to how many stamps are sometimes used to send an article through the post.

The cost for delivery on this particular packet must have been 2,380 Drachma, but did it need 14 stamps ?

Well at least they were nicely cancelled unlike some parcels !img_20200323_101433.jpg

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