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Moderation of this forum- Is There any??

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Collectra01/02/2018 15:31:19
19 forum posts

Earlier this week I reported four posts made under the thread 'Charity Shops'. All from the same scammer, all soliciting business for counterfeit documents, I have previously reported such posts that were offering fake currency. someone has deleted three of them, one post- in another language' still remains. It is showing as 'reported'.

This forum is a valuable resource to some of us collecting GB/Commonwealth material. I want very much to see it continue. It looks to me that it has become the focus of criminals. Your publication could be held complicit in this activity if you just continue to tolerate it.

Whomever is supposed to be screening this stuff needs to step up their game.

Paul Davey 101/02/2018 21:19:52
385 forum posts
26 photos

I think the original plan of Stamp Magazine was to drop this forum. They were persuaded to keep it going but have little incentive to police it. As a mod I can delete individual posts but not the people who post them. I also have a real job!

I agree that it needs addressing though.

Collectra02/02/2018 00:22:01
19 forum posts

I guess I thought this forum was moderated in-house. So apparently SM farms that out to volunteers? I that case I can see the problem. The description of the situation makes this forum a perfect target for the bad guys.

I certainly do hope this forum stays alive. There used to be a couple of active forums for GB collectors, both now are gone. I certainly did not intend to make life difficult for volunteers who donate their time to keep it going. The issue has been drawing discussion on at last one stamp discussion board.

I appreciate the work you do on here. Thanks for explaining.

Alex02/02/2018 08:53:52
563 forum posts
8 photos

One of the magazine staff, Julia Lee, used to run the site quite successfully, but when she left her job for another publishing company she wasn't replace. The site used to be active and fun; daily interactions with other members, daily games like identifying stamps from just a small portion shown, requests to show your collection in the magazine, some fairly in-depth discussions on real philately and general chit-chat. There was a regular core membership, including Adrian, a published philatelic author, but after Julia Lee left the forum just slowly dwindled as forum members left, most recently Carmen and Julian. I just pop in now and again to see what is up, though usually it is just people asking about inherited stamp collection values and where to sell them. We used to put up material and get a real conversation going, now if I put up a stamp or letter nobody replies or asks questions. I no longer bother and visit here less and less.

Edited By Alex on 02/02/2018 08:58:54

Gillian Hutchinson06/02/2018 11:38:28
70 forum posts
2 photos

Oops, I just posted a message in reply to a post from Julian. If he and Carmen have left it doesn't bode well for the forum, which when I joined was very active.


Billy Broadland06/02/2018 14:36:44
138 forum posts
40 photos

Gillian & Other members.

The only way we will keep this forum alive is by everybody contributing something.

I know some people on forums don't think they know enough to join in but I am sure we appreciate every contribution. APART FROM THE SCAMMERS!!

I am just going to post an item about I colour change on a G.B. stamp.


Gillian Hutchinson24/02/2018 12:36:01
70 forum posts
2 photos

I agree Billy. People don't have to know a lot to join in - they can ask questions.


Carmen24/02/2018 13:43:04
563 forum posts
58 photos

Hey guys! HERE I AM! Sorry I haven't been around, I certainly have no intention of leaving but sometimes things get busy and hobbies take a back step, ya know? Looking forward to sharing something interesting I just read on my approvals company's website.


As for scammers, yup, that is a price to pay for lack of moderation or volunteer moderation. Unfortunately, people do have other lives so we can't expect them to be on it 24/day... so thanks for whatever our moderators ARE able to do.

If someone new signs up can we find a way to direct them to a post that would warn them about that and to really buyer beware everything they read? I wouldn't want anyone to miss out on the fantastic information available in this forum because of a few bad apples, ya know?




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Edited By Carmen on 24/02/2018 13:46:59

Billy Broadland24/02/2018 18:49:30
138 forum posts
40 photos

On another stamp forum there is a section called something like " no question is too basic or silly".

If there are people reading this who think their question is too basic please ask it. I am sure we have enough members to try to answer any question for beginners or people who are interested in another aspect of stamp collecting.

Carmen25/02/2018 12:29:11
563 forum posts
58 photos

ABSOLUTELY please ask. I can't stand stamp snobs and fortunately for us, none of 'em have ever joined this forum (and believe me, I've left other fora because of it.

I LOVE this place - no question too basic or "stupid". laughhug

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