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RM prices

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Julian12/07/2017 21:25:47
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Hi all, can anyone tell me what the situation is with post an go worldwide labels and what their value is? I see RM have changed their price scale but is now 20 to 60g. I've searched the web to no avail for finding the old price and indeed where if at all, it fits now anyway, as there is no 40g price and I do not wish to assume anything lol lol.

Has anyone got an up to date cat which tells you the value because I reckon its only going to be worth that value of old, or does anyone know that is fits into the 20 - 60g price?

I don't know when they changed this its been a fair while since I used zone 1 & 2 mail.


Julian12/07/2017 21:42:17
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Hmmmmm as an addition to this I have just found the prices but I am still in a mess, they were changed in 2014 but I cannot see RM holding the value of these worldwide issues in their price range today!!!! This sort of applies to Worldwide 20g as well, I thought they would just slot in to the price of what it is now but that would decrease their value from what I see, or maybe this site has wrong prices????

Trevor Bishop 113/07/2017 06:15:15
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Hi Julian ,

Well sorry I can't help you but it does raise a similar point about using NVI's ( stamps / Labels with no value on)on overseas postal items . I was informed / told off / informed that I couldn't use 1st /2/nd class stamps for overseas mail because the receiving postal authority needed to know how much to charge the GB Royal Mail for the delivery of the item in their country . ( They even phoned head office )

As I recall the post&go Labels of Royal Mail don't have a value printed on them & neither did the previous incarnation of stamps with an "E" ( European post - can we still use these ?) And so with regard to the 20g & 40g I would stick a "world wide "label on , take it to the post office & let them figure it out because I'm sure they don't know themselves.

( as for post& go Labels , what clever idea that was of Royal Mail to invent those for gullible collectors - changing the design on a whim & having folk buy yet ANOTHER set )

Well that's enough of a rant for today .

I'd be curious to know the outcome Julian .


Julian13/07/2017 10:10:14
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Hi Trev,

Yes I had this issue with the change in decimal currency as well with the £1 & 2 pound stamps. The E stamps are valid I know that because I use them and their value is £1.17 at today's rate and like ALL stamps with no values hold their value even if prices go up.

The problem with post and go is, not only were they no value but they did have the stipulation of weight which is where we enter the problem, A site I found last night stipulated that a 40g world wide was worth more than its current value now, and this would seem because RM have changed the G limits of course one is restricted and the other (price) is not a very clever ploy by RM.

You would be right with the Post Office, they would not know, I have a sneaking suspicion that these 40g labels must be valid for the 2014 change 20 - 60g value as I believe there is still a World Zone 1 & 2 structure!

To be honest I reckon these will probably hold more value on Ebay than what they are currently worth lol,

Below 4 examples of Post an Go Lables


I am not sure about the NVI issue Trev that does not make sense, I regularly use 2nd & 1st on my Europe mails as I have said with the E stamps because I use them for my daughter and birthdays cards for children etc.  And just another memory has entered my head, one of the regular staff ALWAYS writes the value of ALL stamps shown along the top of the letter so if you had 2 x 2nd = £1.12 and a 5p = total £1.17 he would always write along side or underneath the stamps the value, and I also know they tend to do this when using 1st  class stamps for 2nd class value which again I do a lot with parcels.  So I sort of understand your comment now about why you have been told that??  But its not actually correct.

And another thing he introduced me to was Canada mail, Canada like the senders address in the top left of the envelope and then the recipients on/in the middle.  They would return mail if not done this way!

Ha ha ha I even had to explain to the Post Office counter yesterday in fact, of the value of a 20g post an go label! 

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Edited By Julian on 13/07/2017 10:34:48

Julian20/07/2017 12:03:07
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Hey Trev you wanted an answer to RM and this issue, here is a reply I sent an email to RM about this this!!!!


Thank you for your email.
Unfortunately we are unable to answer your question as the Post and Go labels are not something that have been available through Online Postage or Click and Drop, I have looked into who may be able to help and think the Stamps and Collectable team are the department you need to contact as they do have some for sale online, their contact number is 03457 782677.
If we can be of any further assistance please do not hesitate to contact us.
Now if I could be bothered to spend 20 mins pushing buttons 1, 3, 1, 3 and spending 15 mins listening to music and then being shoved around from dept to dept and at local rate, I may do it but seeing as I do not have the inclination to put up with the BS of these companies and their routines I can't be bothered. So this is incompetence for you and just how very very stupid RM is.
As I have said before, millions of people lost their lives for this country and it really makes you wonder why, when we have this BS in a modern day world.
I shall ask the PO girls if they can help but I do not hold much hope there either.

Edited By Julian on 20/07/2017 12:03:30

Julian20/07/2017 14:34:27
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Just back from the P.O and guess what?????

YEP I don't know, we only work for RM!!!!!! Unfortunately it was not one of the girls because they would have been more helpful. I explained what I have done and the reply and his answer to that was "they probably don't know"

Now I know this happened way back in 2014 but you would think someone would know and his conclusion was, "only RM will be able to give you the answer and in fact you do need it in writing."

So this is it Britain today and another laughable comment was "The sorting office probably will do exactly the same, some will let it go and some won't" and I know this is true because I mistakenly put an air mail label on a surface mail and it still got there in 7 days!!!

Whilst you may think this is good, if your selling something and the buyer gets hit at there end with a charge of under payment, you'd be liable for all charges!

SO, when and if I ever do find the answer I am going to have to write alongside the label exactly what is bracket of shipping it fits or value.

Trevor Bishop 121/07/2017 06:52:52
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Well , I am really NOT surprised and after several " discussions " with PO staff over using NVI stamps for overseas postage , I suppose this is what happens when you separate Royal Mail & the PO and issue various NVI stamps and don't inform the people who are selling them what /how/& to where they can be used or is it that it's only us dinasaurs that are still sticking stamps on Mail ? I still occasionally get a huff if I put pretty stamps on parcels and they have to add it up ( despite the fact I write clearly their value) . What was the outcome of putting £1 stamps from pre decimal issues on a parcel now ? I think I have a few original" postcard to Europe" stamps to try out .

All good fun , now where are my aerogrammes?


Alex21/07/2017 08:27:43
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I used to buy stamps every month from an approvals guy who supplied an SASE (how many modern folk even remember that abbreviation?) covered in a variety of stamps to cover the registered fee. And he wrote the value on the envelope too.

Every month, for about four or five years, held the same old frustration and stress.

First the huffing and puffing about the stamps as the counter staff didn't recognise them! And these were some fairly recent stamps from the mid 1990s we're talking about (though, of course, many looked like a child's label by then) and no NVIs as far as I recall.

Then came the monthly ritual of taking out the calculator from under the counter and adding up all the values, one stamp at a time. Of course, for added spice, the staff would make a mistake now and again and with a gloating smile they would state "you're underpaid or overpaid!". Well, I'd point out the written value at the top of the envelope and with another, bigger, huff they would start again, getting the correct value second time round.

With that they would cancel the stamps, punching down hard on them as they, I suppose, wanted to punch me hard on the nose!

I was a pain in the a** for them, they were complete dumb a**** to me!

Off course the ordeal wasn't finished yet as I still had to walk the 'walk of shame' past the hundred people behind me waiting in the line, each of them hating ME for holding them all up!

Oh, the joy of stamp collecting.....



Edited By Alex on 21/07/2017 08:31:28

Julian21/07/2017 10:19:11
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Hi Alex,

Yes I been there to with the walk of shame. The (P.O) girls have got used to me however and trust me and I always say "you can count if you like" but we tend to stand gossiping over the many varieties of stamps, mainly old issues and you can see the steam coming out the ears from the queue behind.

As I say, one of the guys there, always, when sending overseas, always wrote the value next to any stamps and even what class or size. He did tell me once why and that probably goes back to what Trev wrote about they may not understand what value our 2nd, 1st & E stamps are worth when overseas as per post n go as well.

Geez Alex your going back some years with SASE, I think the last time I used that was maybe late 80's, used to be very common when entering competitions as a kid though or applying for coupons and so forth, or even things from TV or radio, oh boy now there's a trip down memory lane?????

Julian21/07/2017 11:40:42
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OK, wrote to editor of stamp magazine, same answer, yes it is still valid but where or how is ??????

Now if you ever want an example of incompetence this has to be it, for however the stamp world may pride itself on knowledge its us the collector who will always come up with the answer.

I emailed RM asking for an 0800 number or an email, NO REPLY.

So it now looks like the only option I have is to phone RM and that is not going to be the answer, I need this in writing not over the phone rubbish where by they can come up with any old rubbish, which basically I think it will be because Im pretty much sure they will tell me something which is not true.

What I have got to do now is find the web site I was on and find the value of what this post and go World Wide was @ 2013 price and funnily enough after much searching on the internet I have come full circle to an item from this very siteangry. In 2013 the post rate of Post an Go label 40g World Wide was £1.88 it actually dropped by 2p in the price rises of that year. So now I have the answer but now I have got to get this out of RM as proof and correct.

Just looked at todays prices and its £2.27 and I am going to assume that Post an Go is issued at standard rate post and not economy?!

So there are a number of ways at looking at this problem.

1 If you send an item World Wide which weighs up to 40g there should be no problems because that is what the label is valid for even though today there is no category. The Label is based on Weight not Price? However whilst it would go through our mail and customs O.K I'm not so sure of the other end.

2. The real problem is using the label as part payment I.E £1.88 (March 2013 price) and then topping it up to £2.27 (47p 2017 price) which is what I would normally do, if up to 60g. Or using it internally as a value of £1.88 on normal UK post, I think using it for that I would draw attention to the purpose and Im not actually aware we can use them for this purpose, its a bit of a grey area, I know I have used E stamps to Europe and topped up but not internal UK or indeed World Wide.

So this Christmas one of my USA friends is going to be a guinea pig for using these labels, I know most my Christmas cards are over 20g so it will be interesting to see what happens, in the meantime my only option to finding out its real value or use is phoning RM at an extortionate phone rate and pressing buttons and listening to Beethoven for 10 mins waiting for someone to speak with!

To be frank I reckon it may well be worth putting one on Ebay and seeing if anyone bids at least this way you will get a collectors worth on them?

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