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Carmen09/03/2017 12:20:58
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I think Julian is referring to "Cinderellas", stamps that look like stamps but aren't actually postage stamps. An example here in Canada would be the Lung Association stamps people used to stick on their envelopes year ago.

Julian09/03/2017 12:40:34
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Awe confucius sayenlightened

Indeed with regard Diana as a theme. I have had the warning through the "C" category which as my New Years resolution, refuse to be drawn to say it, as far as I am concerned it is the stamps world way of just an acceptance of which allows a back door way of illegal stamps to hapen as I have posted. I wont bore you with why I collect Diana stamps which really was never stamp collecting in reality, this is what I have come to learn. The fact I have in doing this with her esteem, has led me now to illegality which I blindly have done and as I say I dread how much of this I have, let alone the "C" category She wore a glass slipper and had ugly sisters which I can relate to with brothers ha ha ha.

As to postcards and old postcards if used, I may well be more led to learning about not everything is just in a stamp. Alex has inspired me with his knowledge of history regarding items he has with stamps unfortunately I am not educated enough to have that ability, a sad reflection upon my education which I wasted, however in late life I have only just been made aware why I was as I was with regard schooling, I was unable to learn for a reason even which I did not know but the teachers should have been able to spot it but I blame only myself because my sense of humour gets me through just as my joking around in here. Boring to others no doubt but it is me.

I made a post in here regarding an item I saw on Ebay regarding a guy who made up a folder of memorabilia on Diana, the fellow must have had close links to her and Lord Lichfield, simply because of the knowledge that was wrote in the most beautiful calligraphy I have ever seen, if I knew what I knew now, I would give up everything I have stamp wise to go back in time and buy this item instead of letting it go. I know in my heart it would have gone way, way higher if I bidded against or for it BUT as Alex posted with one of his about the feeling you get not from just a stamp but everything else which appears on an envelope right back to the person who sends it has history. To me this is far more appealing than stamp collecting most certainly now knowing I have my fair share of wall paper and enough illegal stamps to keep a copper busy for some while.

As one guy says on his site, you may as well cut pictures out of magazines and or produce your own handy work through a printer and make your own. Considering that the stamp fraternity of Diana comes from ambiguous places such as Africa which just keep pumping out stuff for death and anniversaries and birthdays even though she passed over and then to even put her image on her sons stamp sheets so that they sell, tells a story to which I now see the reasoning behind others comments among Royalty, it then follows with RM and their year packs etc etc. You will tend to find this illegal stuff comes from that part of the world and to further learn there is a whole new swathe of this material entering the market now is a good sign to STOP. I have actually seen this stuff from American sellers and unfortunately this is who I deal with but it is not just there, for instance the gold stamp influx came from Polandindecision

Your also right that IF I go back to Postcards I will have gone full circle and to be honest as you say, my room is taken up with Diana anyway and even though half of it is not real in either way. I think its enough.

Had stamp collecting not needed a whole wealth of knowledge just to even one theme which is lacking anyway as SG intentionally does not do its job properly as Paul has stated on someone else post and indeed as this guys web site states and he goes even further with regard the big Catalogue makers and their manipulation of fact.

I cannot get away from the fact coming in this stamp forum I have enjoyed and indeed had fun posting questions and learning from others and had I not come in here who knows where my buying of this rubbish would have taken me, for I would never had done so much cheating using the net as I have learned to do.

So if I had one suggestion to make for the Stamp Magazine and its useless pages of adverts, it may well start to link up with the UPU and try stopping this trade of illigal stamps because its not words its images that will stop it, just as Auction sites need to clamp down on sellers of this stuff but money is money and reluctance will rule for it.

The case in question regarding Diana and the 21st birthday errors which are hitting the market are based on real scarce items, these reproduction you need to see real clear images of because it is the perforation and indeed colouring that gives the game away, I am not prepared to go through all that waste of time asking questions, I'd rather not collect so that's where I am at and trust me this is not the only theme that this is happening with because this is how I have come to find out the problem but it is all coming from one continent basically but it will appear everywhere because another of Alex postings takes you way back to the year dot in stamp forgery. It is only that technology has moved on and reproductions can be knocked up quickly, that this process will roll on to unsuspecting people like mesad who are not real stamp collectors but do it through theme and this is the difference.

Julian09/03/2017 13:07:57
626 forum posts
261 photos

I shall always be floating around in here because I like the forum and no doubt some of the subjects I will still have interest in like Error stamps BUT even this is fraught with "which has be altered" by whichever means some are clearly errors but again if it is catalogued you still need it to be verified and that all cost buckerooooos so unless the stamp is worth £1,000,000 then yeah go for it. This then takes away my liking to finding error stamps. You can start to see a path here which simply takes the fun from stamps, I could try and make these illegal stamps and "C" which is soon going to be "I" the rate I keep going on about it and further boring the pants off people to my next years Res and we are only in MARCHdevil.

Geez I will be coming in here just to win stamp packs at least they should be real teeth 2

Never fear Gillian I will get over this but where my direction will go I am not sure, I have deleted one of my sources already and I am pretty sure one of my American sources will go to. This will then take me back to FDC's again, so maybe I should never have ventured away from them in the first place, at least the odds are less for getting made up things. However we still see the attempts of trying to deceive on FDC's or just envelopes of age.

So all those who want to hear my questions put your answers on a postcard with a valid stamp post to: ??????

And who knows it may even get here properly cancelled in which case you will win a "Crackerjack" pencil and pen as a winner!!!!! See that shows my age............................. In FACT I am surprised I remembered it, the tablets must be working.

Julian09/03/2017 13:58:40
626 forum posts
261 photos

Aha the Minxy from Canada saves the day, thank you Carmen, I would even give you my last Rolo for that?????

Alex09/03/2017 20:14:59
563 forum posts
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Cheer up Julian. Most stamp collectors feel the same every now and again. You'll find another avenue of collecting stamps, so don't despair.

Carmen10/03/2017 11:57:25
563 forum posts
58 photos

Your LAST ROLO, Julian! You are TRULY the soul of generosity my friend! laugh

Do you know what I miss badly from my days in England, and unless I'm mistaken, they no longer make them (someone can confirm that?) is the Cadbury's Icebreaker bar (chocolate and crunchy mint green pieces). YUM! If you still do have those back there, let me know and I will arrange to order some from you.

England was also responsible for introducing me to the Chocolate Creme Egg, a favourite still today... love

Edited By Carmen on 10/03/2017 11:57:55

Julian10/03/2017 16:39:19
626 forum posts
261 photos

See Carmen you should write to RM and tell them about this because that is one rare bar of choccy.

Very short life it had, so there's one set of stamps for them to produce, maybe we should have our own competition of your top 10 choccy bars. Cadburys cream egg now I used to savor those, licking them to death, one of the only sweets I could do it with!!!!

And one Christmas when I was little, my Nan brought us 1LB bars of dairy milk chocolate, I made myself sick by eating it all in one go.

It is very ironic in fact when looking back to the old days, this is one subject that comes up, "Your favourite sweet" And if you go back far enough, when you could walk into a sweet shop with a few pennies and come out with a paper bag full of sweets, now you need £'s

I have old paper money framed and when I look at them, this is what I remember, I remember getting a 10 bob note once from my Nan and the toys and stuff you could buy with it, of course that changed with decimalization, the biggest con next to 2008 banks fiasco.

Carmen11/03/2017 13:55:30
563 forum posts
58 photos

Believe it or not there are websites where people put up pictures of old chocolate bar wrappers, but since I collect little bits of paper off used envelopes, I really feel no need to judge...

teeth 2

Dave Arthur11/03/2017 16:33:09
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Believe it or not, I actually have a wrapper from a chocolate bar given away by Stanley Gibbons at the 2010 Stamp Exhibition in Islington. The chocolate I ate on the way home on the train (it tasted OK to be fair).
I have actually no idea why I kept the wrapper.

Edited By Dave Arthur on 11/03/2017 16:33:38

Edited By Dave Arthur on 11/03/2017 16:34:25

Carmen12/03/2017 12:13:20
563 forum posts
58 photos

Cool Dave... and the reason you kept it is because you're a collector, dude!

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