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Thread: Collecting GB in a Windsor Album
16/04/2015 00:14:24

I have pages just through the 2009 issues and may never add any more. I use Hawids, never had any issue with offsetting on facing pages. One problem is the description on the facing pages. It makes adding collateral material in sequence a bit awkward, I want the description facing the basic stamps, but I have become used to it- I have made my own pages for the varieties of the line engraved issues not provided for in the album (plate #s on Penny Blacks, etc) and have those intervening the write up and the basic stamps. Anyone using this album will understand what I mean.

One odd thing- the album requires a basic stamp then all the late #s for the stamp. I have taken to using my best copy for 'type' then not being so particular with condition on the plate #s.

09/04/2015 15:03:29

Just wondering if anyone else is on the mad quest I am on- trying to fill as many spaces in a Gibbons Windsor album as I can?

I have been at this for years- I now have perhaps 80% of the pre-1970 spaces filled. I will not pretend i haven't taken shortcuts- many of the QV stamps are seconds/fillers but most of those look presentable. I know some spaces will never be filled, I won't ever obtain a plate #225 for example. I still hope to get a PUC high value however.

I now have several pages filled in the Victoria section. Would like to hear from others and what your experience has been.

Thread: Changing Email address
27/07/2014 18:36:53

How exactly do I do this? I went into account settings and there is no place to revise my email contact information.

Any help appreciated.

Thread: A Philatelic Christmas Story
17/12/2013 18:21:30

Someone posted a link to this story on another stamp chat I belong to- I felt it was touching and wanted to share..


Hope everyone has a nice holiday!

Thread: What are you getting for Christmas that's philatelic?
03/12/2013 18:56:27

Resurrecting this thread now that it's close to Christmas again. Julia, I may yet make you happy by taking out a subscription- that'll be after Christmas, though. I am getting a set of Gibbons George VI albums- the Palo ones I've been using are nice but I think I will like these better.

It'd be nice to hear what some of you others may be getting for yourselves or from others..

Thread: Changes Coming to Gibbons??
12/11/2013 00:59:15

I was told today by a dealer contact that it is their understanding that Gibbons is contemplating no longer offering their 22 ring stamp albums, with the possible exception of the Universal. This would include their printed albums, the single country albums and the George VI album. How it affects the Windsor GB album is yet to be seen. I hope this is unfounded.

I fear something is up.. for the past several weeks I have noted many albums are no longer listed on their web site. I believe someone at SG does follow our discussions- perhaps they can comment?

If true the timing is a bit thoughtless. I was looking at some of these items for my Christmas list but I also am aware they cannot keep offering items that do not sell well. Has anyone any knowledge of what may be afoot?

Thread: George VI - any Checklist Available?
08/07/2013 03:38:28

I am currently working up my wantlist for my George VI collection, it's very time-consuming but hopefully it will come in handy. I am going through my Palo albums- arranged by Gibbons- and just jotting down the Scott #s I need. I have done two of the five volumes and thus far have five single sided pages. In a bit less than two weeks I plan to go to the Minnesota Stamp Expo on our way to vacation at Lake Winnipeg. I realized today that the day I will be at the show, leaving my wife and son at the hotel, will bw our 22nd anniversary! I will need to take them out a a very nice place that evening to attone.

Thread: Rushstamps- email address?
29/06/2013 03:08:31

That is the site I was on however when I click on the 'email us' link I get a popup about not having my default mail installed. This happens a lot- for some reason a lot of websites don't want to actually put their email address up on the site- you'r supposed to click on their link. If I knew a little more about this stuff I'd be able to use the link. Anyway I did manage to find an email address by a Google search so have been in touch with someone there. Thanks, Adrian for your efforts!

28/06/2013 17:33:46

Would anyone happen to have the email address for them? I need to make an inquiry and find I cannot link to their email using my computer. Thanks!

Thread: What or who is 'Prif Weinidog'
25/06/2013 17:33:26
Posted by Julia Lee on 24/06/2013 09:27:08:

He wasn't just 'of Welsh descent' - his parents moved back to Wales when he was two months old, and Welsh was his first language. He also represented a Welsh constituency for his entire Parliamentary life.

'Prif' means 'chief' and 'gweinidog' is 'minister'. Welsh 'mutates' at the front, ie nouns change their spelling depending on what they're agreeing with, so presumably that's how we get 'weinidog'.

Thanks for your post- I was going to say something along those lines but couldn't frame it in a way that didn't seem plitically incorrect. Welsh is a beautiful language, it just sometimes comes up with terms that seem strange to ears attuned to English.

23/06/2013 21:32:40

This may be a dumb question but for the life of me I do not understand the design of the stamp for Lloyd George on the Great Britons set of earlier this year. It has a nice portrait of him with the title 'Prif Weinidog Prime Minister'. About the only possible explanation is that this may be a Celtic title. Anyone know?

Thread: George VI - any Checklist Available?
07/06/2013 21:28:56

OK what I got from reading the link to the earlier discussion is that it is ok to do this for your own use only. If one wants to distribute, even free, to others it's entering questionable areas and you need to tread with caution. This wouldn't be an issue at all for UK collectors, as Gibbons is the standard there and I imagine dealers at shows, etc arrange stock by those numbers. It'd be a bit like someone collecting USA in the UK and trying to cope with SG numbers when Scott is the norm here.

07/06/2013 18:36:51
Posted by Julia Lee on 07/06/2013 17:03:47:

Unfortunately, if you're producing a checklist, you might want to check the copyright position - I believe both catalogue companies protect their numbering systems quite closely.

This is something I am creating for my personal use only, would not be selling it to anyone. So, I doubt there would be any infringement for either catalog producers, or, would there? Anyone know? It would on the face of it seem a little draconion to get in difficulty over putting together a checklist in handwriting to use myself but one never knows, these days?

Thread: Collecting King George VI
07/06/2013 17:05:55

It might be of interest to hear how others collecting in this area display/keep their collections. Do you use one of the few album sets for these such as Gibbons or Palo? I use the later and like them although they are a bit bulky. I didn't care for the fact that Gibbons has their album interleaved with no option for not getting this- most people use mounts these days. It is nice collecting in an area with so much to work on- you can go to a show or dealer's shop and count on finding something- usually!

Thread: George VI - any Checklist Available?
07/06/2013 17:01:36

Michael, thanks for the link, this will be helpful. I have about half of a checklist I have been working on completed. It is very time-consuming to cross reference the numbers, etc. I really bogged down on all the Indian States issues- couldn't even find some of them in Scott. I am thinking of picking up an older Gibbons George VI catalog and then writing in the Scott #s as I need to. Bridger and Kay doesn't have a comprehensive lsting, just what they have in stock but this will save me some look up time!

06/06/2013 16:05:16

I collect general George VI issues. One issue is that when going to shows, etc I miss having some convenient checklist of issues to mark off what I have and know what to look for. Is trhere any dealer in thisarea that offers something like this as a download? I live in the USA and something with bothe SG and Scott numbers would be helpful.

Thread: YouTube stamp videos
15/02/2013 02:55:44

While recuperating from the flu this week I was casting round for something to do- couldn't work on stamps as I was sneezing too much and really couldn't think straight anyway. On impulse I went onto YouTube using my game console and found some interesting stamp related videos. Try entering 'Stanley Gibbons' and you'll get several including a nice one that takes you on a tour of their shop. There is also a stamp video from the USA circa 1955. Sorry I don't have specific links but thought others might be interested.

Still have the flu- getting better tho.





Edited By Collecta on 15/02/2013 02:56:17

Thread: Other hobbies
12/02/2013 14:58:04
Posted by Julia Lee on 12/02/2013 08:52:34:

Fabio Flosi, who pops in occasionally, is interested in radios, as his nickname 'Radiostampsman' suggests. When we did his 'My Collection' in the July 2011 edition, we concentrated on microchips.

Which team does your son support?

Arsenal. He has a pathological hatred for Manchester United, but also likes Liverpool and Chelsea.

Much of my listening to foreign programming these days is on the internet, many international broadcasters have left the airwaves, the BBC abandoned their service to N America years ago. . I do listen often to the amateur radio bands.

12/02/2013 03:32:53

Apart from stamps, I also love shortwave radio listening- often the two interests coincide. Have very many other interests, including gaming with my 16 year old son (he's a Premier league fan and we play FIFA 2012). Love reading military history and am fascinated with psychic research.

Thread: It's -14 outside!
31/01/2013 19:03:25

None expected. To an extent I ask for this by continuing to live here! We have one child left at home and still in school and we may move after he graduates. Funny, I used to love weather like this, at one time in my life it felt nice and cozy to sit inside, now it doesn't.

We have two cats, both have been looking all day for us to settle down someplace so they can snuggle up. I was sitting at my desk working on my albums and one kept getting in the way. i solved the problem by getting a cushon from her favorite chair and placing it under a warm lamp on the desk, she's now asleep and I can continue with my project!

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