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23/07/2018 17:00:56

Sorry, Julian, not been here for a long time.

Royal Mail published that information in 2014, I'm not going to ask them again. You could ask your Post Office, considering they will be the people accepting the mail. It will be interesting to see the reply.

OR, you could write to RM Customer Services or Post Office CS.

Thread: Does this forum permit signatures on posts...
14/03/2018 09:58:20

... and how are they set up?

By 'signatures' I mean something stored somewhere which will appear at the end of each of my posts. Would save so much time

Ian Billings, Norvic Philatelics

Thread: Instructions on how to use the forum
14/03/2018 09:55:24

For the benefit of newcomers, I should note that Julia has not been at SM for some time so won't answer.

Thread: Regiment stamps
14/03/2018 09:52:50
Posted by John Timmins on 09/01/2018 20:16:30:

Thanks Al

If they are indeed stickers then they are misprints because they look exactly like they do in the photo.


I thin they are transfers. This sort of thing was given away with sweets or comics; cut one out, wet it, place it on the arm (non-hairy of course as children!), smooth it down, and peel off the paper. Result, tattoo-like transfer.

Thread: 2018 SG Numbers
14/03/2018 09:44:51

The April edition of GSM has just arrived and the GoT numbers are as follows:

10 x 1st - 4033-4042

SA MS - MS4043

Single SA Iron Throne 1st class 4044


Set of 4 'Creatures' as on MS but gummed from PSB - 4045-48

Gummed Iron Throne 1st class from PSB 4049

PSB - Number not yet allocated.



Ian Billings, Norvic Philatelics -

Thread: World wide 40g
13/03/2018 16:26:02

Why is this in a separate thread from the main discussion?

I've answered it there, by the way. Of course it isn't POLtd business, Royal Mail set the rates, and produce the stamps. POL sell them.

13/03/2018 16:20:49

I don't have time to visit this forum very often, so can I suggest that members visit my blog?

Yes, I know that's cheeky, but I covered this back in 2014, (**LINK**) having had a perfectly sensible and logical answer from my contacts at Royal Mail:

"Existing Post & Go stamps for WW 10g and WW40g and other previously issued NVI’s for which there is no current postage value e.g. WW Postcard, will continue to be valid for the next applicable weight step up from its stated value i.e. WW 10g stamp will be valid at the WW 20g value and the WW 40g stamp will be valid at the new WW 60g value."

Thus the stamps with 40g and 60g are now valid at the 100g rate.

Stamps denominated 'E', those Worldwide 10g, and Europe 20g stamps, and Postcard stamps are valid at the Europe 20g/Worldwide 10g/Postcard rate.

There is little further room for maneouver so I think we are ok on this for now. I posted a batch of material this afternoon and the very experienced person at the Dereham Crown Office was quite happily caclulating my total postage which on any one heavy overseas letter could include inland and international NVIs and P&G stamps.

Ian Billings, Norvic Philatelics,

Thread: Dumb Cancellation
13/03/2018 16:09:41


It didn't work, of course, which is why there is now a campaign against pen-cancels: see April 2018 Stamp Magazine.

Thread: A question about GB stamp issues
13/03/2018 16:08:20

As far as sports are concerned where there is a 'Team GB' it really should be 'Team UK'. However the 3-letter abbreviation has been GBR for so long, and UK- has now been taken by Ukraine.

Catalogue editors are a law unto themselves. Great Britain was the term used from the first catalogues when it WAS Great Britain. Only when Ireland achieved independence was UK&NI the correct term.

Similarly virtually all catalogues have stamps for Russia which run from Imperial Russia through to the modern day, but the USSR or Soviet Union) was more than Russia, and has now become 15 different countries. Try asking for Russian stamps and you wont' just be shown those from the 19th century and post-1991, which are truly Russia.

Thread: Faded or Part missing colour?
13/03/2018 16:03:36

The Valentine's stamp is a classic case of fading in daylight. Red always goes first, followed by yellow. This happens most often on postcards stuck in offices

Thread: USB Microscope
13/03/2018 15:58:50


13/03/2018 15:55:48

These are sold under a variety of brand names in different countries.

Unfortunately the original software did not work with Apple computers: a version was available to download.

But with the latest Op Systems even that doesn't work because the developers have not updated it. Stick to the 20th century systems and you're OK!

On Macs the Photobooth software does work. These are some of my recent pics, cropped.

Well, they would have been if the system had allowed them to be here. Drag and drop didn't work, maybe the files are too big at 42k?

Thread: Stamps no longer valid for SIGNED FOR POST
23/11/2015 14:33:46

Just the sort of proactive response we would expect; rather than engaging here, they asked that you contact them direct. no

Thread: New Stamps & Postal History marketplate (10% OFF coupon)
23/11/2015 11:08:17

Stupidly named OLDBIDS this is not an auction site as everything is fixed price. If you want to be a seller,

"Once we aproved you account we will contact you and:

  • We will send you a private URL containing a wizard for creating new auctions (you will have to download an excel file per auction where you have to fill the different fields for each item). Once you have completed the wizard we will verify the information and upload it to Oldbids.
  • When an order is placed we forward the client’s information so you can contact him to receive payment and send items.
  • All Auctions are BUY IT NOW. There is no bidding involved, items are bought at the price listed in the excel file.

No indication of cost to sellers (aside from the expected use of PayPal).

Secondary payment options are permitted and vary from seller to seller they may include:

* Skrill account
* US$ checks against a financial entity located in the USA (personal/cashier)
* Money Orders against a financial entity located in the USA
* Bank transfers to USA bank account.
* Bank transfers to European bank account (in Euros).

I don't see this as useful for non-US sellers (or buyers).

There is absolutely no information about who is running the site, where they are located, the privacy policy, or the T&C.

No seller ID, no way of finding everything from one seller to minimise shipping costs .... where shall I stop.

I would avoid this absolutely.

Thread: Stamps no longer valid for SIGNED FOR POST
23/11/2015 10:58:11

Trevor, I'm sorry I didn't get an email saying you had replied and have only just returned.

Anyway, I have contacted both PO Ltd and RM to get their action.

23/10/2015 20:19:11

Trevor, this is easy to refute.

1 - Royal Mail decides what's what and not PO Ltd

2 - Royal Mail produce special stamps for Royal Mail Signed For and for Special Delivery.

3 - I have sent both in the last week, all fully or partly stamped.

Please let us know which PO branch this was. I will then contact PO Ltd and RM via twitter and ask them to make sure ALL branches but especially that one know that there advice is incorrect.

Ian Billings

Norvic Philatelics -x-

Thread: Stamp Errors
21/01/2015 15:54:53

If it's any help this similar error (mint) was selling for over £30 during last year. (And although not the original finder,we still have some for sale at £23!)

Thread: Machin 19p all perfs trimmed ? Coil
19/09/2014 11:57:04

I think the people at the bureau DO hand-tear several sheets at a time, which accounts for some of the roughperfs and torn stamps occasionally identified.

I'm pretty certain that the original posting is of a guillotined coil as Adrian stated. I've seen plenty of these on kiloware and on eBay (sold for the unusual Direct Mail postmarks as shown on the 2nd class picture).

As for the 2nd class Games stamp, I don't have anything other than speculation. Direct Mail Houses do use commemorative stamps especially 2nd class, and it is quite likely that they used this (despite it's having a conventional ink-jet postmark rather than a laser printed* one on the 2nd Machin). I have seen others with some straight edges to the perfs, and this could just be a miscut - the top perfs look torn but those at the foot are cut and trimmed.

* I believe the mailing house cancels the stamps with an inkjet or laser printer - a pre-cancel; some of this seems to be done in the same operation as printing the address.

Thread: I'm leaving/FORUM SAVED
19/09/2014 11:47:11

Well done! As if you haven't got enough to do, reading messages on twitter, emails, handing over the reins in the office, telling Guy where the paper for the printer is, you find time to keep the forum going!

Just as well it's still before lunch as I suspect in 20 minutes you and your colleagues will be down to the pub for a farewell bash, and you'll all be absolutely useless afterwards !

Sorry I don't have time to be a Mod, but I will try to visit more often.

Thanks to those who have taken on Mod roles.

Good luck Julia, and everybody.

Thread: Spare/damaged KGV GB 1d reds needed for WWI collage project
23/06/2014 17:31:58

I'm trying to help somebody in Shrewsbury who is making a collage for a World War I related display at the Shrewsbury Flower Show on Aug 8-9.

So if anybody has any significant quantities of damaged or otherwise spare GB KGV 1d reds to give away, please let me know. Probably only members in the UK: your postage can be paid, of course.

Thanks for considering.

Ian Billings, Norvic Philatelics

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