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Thread: Should these stamps be listed ?
25/06/2019 12:45:51

I would consider that a variety, but nobody ever listens to me, Fred! LOL!

Thread: Help with what this stamp is for a newbie
24/06/2019 12:29:21

Oh for sure Fred, I'm just trying to take Paula from "hey I've acquired these stamps" to "Oh.My.Gosh. My husband has threatened to vacuum if I don't pick all my stamps up off the bedroom floor:" TRUE STORY! It happened to my friend who I found out was "sort of randomly collecting flower stamps". Next thing she knows she's got a whole bunch that she's organising, laid out all over the bedroom floor LOL!

I've created a monster! My work here is done...


Come on Paula, jump in! The stamp collecting water's great! angel 2

Thread: Some stuff I've been up to, and upcoming...
24/06/2019 12:22:45

Oh heavens, no, Fred, nothing too complicated! As I mentioned in another post I just consider myself to be a general collector and complete dilettante compared to some. I also realise that there are some stamps I will probably never be able to acquire, just because of sheer cost... and the closer my husband gets to retirement (he's the main bacon earner around here), the more this is true, LOL!

Nope, I'm just keeping it basic: the UN would be considered a country, and I'd make sure I have at least one from their offices in New York, Geneva and Vienna (I already do). You know, that kind of thing. I also like to collect Number Ones, and you know that's never all happening either! But hey, I have a Penny Black and my next goal is Canada's #1 Red beaver stamp of course.

To start, the other day I found a Wikipedia article (well, three of them) with a list of all the stamp-issuing countries (I know I know... it's not exactly Encyclopaedia Britannica, but hey, it'll do to be going on with, yes?) So I'm scratching off the ones I already have at least one stamp for, and will keep the list in my "Carmen's Little Stamp Research Book" that I keep (a Moleskine notebook, that makes me feel like Indiana Jones every time I open it! wink)

Carmens Little Stamp Research Book.jpg

As I go to purchase, I'll see if there isn't anything inexpensive to help me scratch more items off the list.

There ya go... That's the Plan, Stan! thumbs up

Thread: Could there be a reversed multiple crown watermark ???
24/06/2019 12:01:11

Hey Fred, I can see your point there - since the ribbing is reversed, the watermark is de-factor reversed as well, no matter if it looks like it or not? Makes sense to me.

What have any specialists you've spoken to said about it? Have you spoken to anyone in the business about it, or right now are you just referring to your own study as having not found anything spoken about it yet?

Thread: "Wildings" is this a cream or whiter paper ?
24/06/2019 11:57:22

Hey Fred... well in this case, I must say that my participation will be limited since this is in no way an area of interest of mine, since I'm just a more general country and thematic collector (i.e., some would call me a Hoarder of Stamps, LOL!). It really does fascinate me though just how specific a collector can get in our hobby - here you are talking lierally about one type of stamp, produced about 60 years ago and which allows you to do some real, in-depth research and results presentation, as well as building a collection around that particular type of stamp. Coolio.

More power to you, my friend! Even if it's not an are of interest for me...

By the way, I was reading the other day about thematic collectors, and one in particular who is so specific, he has built an exhibit on his collection of Jersey Cows - Facing Left! laugh

Thread: Help with what this stamp is for a newbie
22/06/2019 13:18:08

Oh myyy... CANADIAN LANGUAGE MOMENT! What is "corporation pop"? Do you mean water?

The reason I enjoy watermark fluid is simply because my stamp is also pretty much instantly dry again as well, which I like...

Thread: Should I feel Guilty?
21/06/2019 12:02:47

Isn't that one of the "problems" with stamp collecting? The fact is that, in order to ascertain value, it might take you HOURS of work through piles of stamps, along with the requisite knowledge and tools (magnifying glass, watermark fluids, catalogues etc.) The fact is that most charity shops simply don't have those resources in place, especially since if there is something of value, well the sooner they can realize a profit on it, the better, ya know. They are, after all *charity* shops! LOL! So your shop is certainly lucky to have you!

I love my hobby, but it is certainly not for the impatient. Then again, I'm a cross-stitcher too, and I once figured out (on a large project I now have hanging in my living room), that it takes about *10 hours a square inch!* to do, in the case of a project with many colours and shading!

Worth every minute though, once I was done and it was framed and on the wall. The actual pic alone is two feet by 1 foot!

Edited By Carmen on 21/06/2019 12:03:41

Thread: Perforation error on the 22p Flame red
21/06/2019 11:53:32

That's really cool Fred. I have one of those in my Canadian stamp collection - Canada 1970 - 6c Isle of Spruce:


I got it from my approvals provider, but there is nothing in our Canada catalogue about it though.

I take it Gibbons has nothing to say about yours? My Scott didn't.

Thread: Help with what this stamp is for a newbie
20/06/2019 12:03:42

Hey Fred! You're absolutely right on that! I forgot to check for any extra items in my EZ Stamp database...silly me! #GettingOld

So yes, Paula, you may indeed want to check and see if, by any chance, you have one of those watermarks.

Here's how you do that

By the way, if you wind up buying a bottle of watermark fluid and a tray... now you're a *stamp collector*, LOL! Welcome to the gang!

Thread: Should I feel Guilty?
05/06/2019 21:50:22

Hey Gillian! Smart idea, actually! I currently have a friend that I'm gifting any doubles I receive to, but that's a great idea as well.

Thread: Some stuff I've been up to, and upcoming...
01/06/2019 13:19:05

Hey so as discussed previously, my birthday stamps finally came in:

- 500 football stamps, representing 30 countries - I'm just starting to sort and catalogue them all but so far I think my favourite is a set from Bulgaria commemorating the '94 (USA) World Cup. Of course, Mongolia also never fails to please - wallpaper they may be, but they're *beautifully designed* wallpaper! wink

I also had ordered two small country packets as part of my "try to have one stamp from everyone who has ever issued one" plan:

- The Gambia (only because I think it's really cool how they added The to their name to prevent confusion with Zambia), and since I had no stamps from there anyway laugh

- Gwalior, a former Indian state, about which I know NOTHING, and look forward to learning more.

Happy stamping, all!


Edited By Carmen on 01/06/2019 13:19:36

Thread: GB Illustrated Special Event Covers & Handstamp Postmarks
01/06/2019 13:07:28

Well, I like that last one, Geoff... Liverpool being my football team and all... AND IN THE CHAMPIONS LEAGUE FINAL TONIGHT!


Thread: SG727 Issue date
01/06/2019 13:05:38

Hi Kim! Welcome to the Fora. I have a Scott Catalogue which may help, but I need to know more detail - can you just describe the stamp to me beyond just 2d lake brown? I'll go look it up and see if that helps while you wait for someone else to chime in.

Thread: Plea for Advice
27/05/2019 12:46:11

Hey Euan, I agree with Alex. Don't try to sell it yourself - get it to professionals who will be able to do all the heavy lifting which will be more beneficial for your uncle in the long run, than all the time and delay you'd need to take on E-Bay and all that.

Thread: Help with what this stamp is for a newbie
27/05/2019 12:43:31

Hi Paula! Welcome to the fora... nice to see another one of us gals join! laugh

What you have there is a quite common stamp, Scott catalogue #235, 1/2 pence, deep green King George VI stamp, which was issued between 1937-39, following his coronation. It is still quite common and doesn't have any real value - in fact I was just sorting some British stamps yesterday myself, and have a whole little pile of 5 or 6 of 'em going as we speak. That having been said, that one there seems to be used, and in very good condition.

There ya go... hope this helps. Are you a collector yourself? If not, I hope this will be a door to you to starting. It's a fascinating hobby! And this is a great community to belong to. Small but mighty! smile d

Thread: Some stuff I've been up to, and upcoming...
22/05/2019 12:21:12

Ah yes Geoff, here in Kingston Canada this year we've gotten enough rain that I've already mowed my lawn four times! I'm not much of a gardener otherwise, but I do enjoy hopping onto the lawn tractor to do that. Pro tip: if you wear a Fitbit, take it off before you do that - the tractor goes fast enough that the Fitbit logs it as a Bike Ride!! LOL! Calling all cheaters!

And of course, outdoor football which began a couple of weeks ago and continues this weekend and early next week. Hopefully the city of Kingston can get its sports fields opened so we can start a more regular schedule - they've just been too wet to use so the leagues are having to share full-sized outdoor turf fields in limited numbers (4 of 'em!)


Thread: Are any of these stamps worth more than their face value?
21/05/2019 11:54:00

Hey again! I just went and looked up the APS website, and they even have a section called "Inherited a Collection"!


21/05/2019 11:50:50

Welcome to the Fora, JD! I personally think that the best thing you can do, is to find your closest local stamp club or stamp show and give them a call or show up. I suspect they'll have someone there who will be *only too happy* to help you out.

Of course, my recommendation would always be to take up where your grandfather left off - stamp collecting is a fascinating hobby. That having been said, your grandfather seemed to be a collector specifically of "plate blocks" (i.e. 4 of a type plus whatever selvedge (that paper trim on the side with various colours and codes) that was in the corners of them. That, obviously, can be a more expensive proposition than just getting one of each! I'm also assuming that since I'm seeing nothing but American stamps, that you might be American yourself, and if yes, you may want to contact the American Philatelic Society for some help, if only so they can tell you about a local stamp club.

Sorry I can't be more specific... perhaps someone else can? I am no stamp dealer or expert, just an enthusiast of all things stamps! wink Do let us know how you fare though...

Thread: Some stuff I've been up to, and upcoming...
21/05/2019 11:39:37

Thanks Paul! Enjoy your trip to Stockholm... don't forget to post highlights for the rest of us more sedentary folk! laugh

19/05/2019 12:14:20

Hey kids, just thought I'd update the faithful readers with some of my activities lately:

- it turns out "The Royal" (the Royal Philatelic Society of Canada's annual stamp show) is only a few hours from here this year (near Toronto), so my stamp collecting buddy Tracey and I are going on a ROAD TRIP for the day on Saturday Jun 22nd. Woohoo! smile d Among other things there will be a talk by someone from the American Topical Association (ATA - which will have a presence at the show) all about the joys of thematic collecting (which is something I do along with my Canada interest: cats, soccer, Titanic, Royalty, Religion)

- speaking of thematic collecting I threw my hat in the ring the other day and actually joined the ATA for the next 5 years (it was a great price). I took out an electronic-type membership since I have no issues with reading on my cell phone or anything. Of course, this now means that I have access to their *many many* thematic stamp collecting checklists (although there is still a cost for members to purchase them since it takes a lot of work to maintain them but hey, membership has its privileges).

- finally, it's my birthday on Tuesday (hooray for me! cake) and while I was placing an order with my supplier the other day, I told my husband I was ordering a 500-stamp soccer stamps envelope and that could be my gift... fine by him. Less to do on his part. laugh I haven't received it yet but am looking forward to it, that's for sure.

How about everyone else? What have you all been to lately? Any big stamp-related plans or travels this summer?

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