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Thread: Champlain Celebration
21/07/2019 13:06:54

I take it there should be a picture of a stamp or something, Gillian? What are you referring to?

Thread: 75th D-DAY anniversary
15/07/2019 12:11:59

I think the issue is very well done indeed, although I can understand the disappointment of the family who lost their dad's well-known picture on one of the stamps because of design requirements.

Darned if you do, darned if you don't, ya know?

Actually, one of the more memorable memes I saw on the Internet around American Memorial Day weekend, was this:

"YOUR DAY AT THE BEACH... picture of crowds, sand, sea and sun

BROUGHT TO YOU BY THEIR DAY AT THE BEACH... picture of D-Day landings."

Well said, whoever thought of it.

Edited By Carmen on 15/07/2019 12:15:25

Thread: Curious Customs
15/07/2019 12:08:57

Actually I really DO think they are a great show of British Eccentricity - when I lived in London, I remember hearing someone say that London is the only city in the world where someone can walk around with a toilet on his head and no one bats an eyelid. laugh

As for having heard of them before, I actually KNOW about the Viking heritage in the Shetland Islands... because of Geoff Childs' daily postmark postings in this very forum. THANKS GEOFF!

Thread: American used stamps
08/07/2019 12:40:17

Hi Ian!

Yes, Ian, value is certainly affected by whether or not a stamp has been used, but not always in the way we expect: in the majority of cases, a used stamp will be less valuable than one that is mint. BUT there are circumstances where the opposite is true: during World War 2, for instance, mailing letters in Germany is not something most people could afford to do, so it turns out that unused Hitler Head stamps are worth LESS than used ones, because the used ones are so rare.

Same goes with the Benjamin Franklin profile stamp you have there at the bottom of that page. It's probably not worth much, but if it had been left on cover (it seem to be from a pre-paid envelope methinks) who knows if the entire thing itself might have been more valuable than just the stamp? This is seen for example in envelopes/stamps recovered from the Hindenburg disaster.

I hope this helps, somewhat! smiley

Thread: The 1/- Machin Vs the 1/- Wilding.
07/07/2019 13:56:45

Well Fred, having worked for the Canadian Government myself, I reserve the right to poke fun at the foibles! I'm reminded of that scene in Apollo 13 where they suddenly realise that they had round holes and square filters... LOL!

Edited By Carmen on 07/07/2019 13:57:44

Thread: Penny red help please
07/07/2019 13:54:05

Fred, it's not the correction that's the problem, it's the tone it comes across in.

On a side note, I don't think that all our moderators are staff by the way... seems to me some with very active participation were made moderators tears ago, but I could be wrong on that...


05/07/2019 12:40:36

"...know what you're talking about before you start,I'd rather see no response rather than the load of hogwash that you stated."

Fred, one reason I stay in this group is because for the most part, it is a wonderful, kind group with input from all over the place. However, I have found that, as a new member, you tend to harshness, my friend - can you please just remember that your tone on the screen will comes across worse than probably what you meant it. Although I'm not a moderator, could it be possible for you to just watch for that? That will keep it accessible and unintimidating for everyone.

Thanks buddy! laugh

Thread: Why self adhesive are perforated
03/07/2019 12:45:31

"Because that's how we've ALWAYS done it." wink

Thread: The 1/- Machin Vs the 1/- Wilding.
03/07/2019 12:43:15

The Left Hand Design Team didn't know what the Right Hand Design Team was doing? It WAS the government, after all! laugh

Thread: Mocambique
03/07/2019 12:40:18

Hey Ian! Welcome to the fora!

According to my EZ Stamp database, what you have there is an 1898 King Carlos I, Scott Cat #49, perf 11 1/2, worth Not Much! smiley

Hope this helps!

Thread: USPS Moon Landing First Day Covers
29/06/2019 13:44:42

Wow... I cannot believe their short-sightedness. That having been said, the USA's loss is Canada's gain - please see the attached Canadian issue commemorating the same event - and Canada Post DOES ship Internationally and to the US!



Edited By Carmen on 29/06/2019 13:46:53

26/06/2019 13:28:32

Are you sure Kim? In this age of Global Shipping and International Everything, the USPS is missing out on a chance to make money off stamp collectors overseas who are willing to pay for it?!

WOW... how short-sighted of them! I went and had a look on their website to find the policy but could see it nowhere... that's funny coming from an organisation that brags about how it'll get anything to anyone anywhere, LOL!

Thread: Could there be a reversed multiple crown watermark ???
26/06/2019 13:15:07

And that of course, is another thing about stamp collecting - what one person considers of philatelic significance, may not be significant to another. Still, *I* think you have an item of interest there, Fred. laugh

Edited By Carmen on 26/06/2019 13:15:26

Thread: GB Slogans
25/06/2019 12:51:13

Well that I can appreciate, Geoff, having been a reservist here in Canada during my university years, first as an administrative clerk in a Combat Engineer unit, and then as a Finance Officer (but mostly recruiting, my favourite thing!) in a Service Battalion. My husband also started his military career in the reserves, spending a summer with the Governor General's Footguards on Parliament Hill in Ottawa.

Good times were had by all!

Thread: Should these stamps be listed ?
25/06/2019 12:45:51

I would consider that a variety, but nobody ever listens to me, Fred! LOL!

Thread: Help with what this stamp is for a newbie
24/06/2019 12:29:21

Oh for sure Fred, I'm just trying to take Paula from "hey I've acquired these stamps" to "Oh.My.Gosh. My husband has threatened to vacuum if I don't pick all my stamps up off the bedroom floor:" TRUE STORY! It happened to my friend who I found out was "sort of randomly collecting flower stamps". Next thing she knows she's got a whole bunch that she's organising, laid out all over the bedroom floor LOL!

I've created a monster! My work here is done...


Come on Paula, jump in! The stamp collecting water's great! angel 2

Thread: Some stuff I've been up to, and upcoming...
24/06/2019 12:22:45

Oh heavens, no, Fred, nothing too complicated! As I mentioned in another post I just consider myself to be a general collector and complete dilettante compared to some. I also realise that there are some stamps I will probably never be able to acquire, just because of sheer cost... and the closer my husband gets to retirement (he's the main bacon earner around here), the more this is true, LOL!

Nope, I'm just keeping it basic: the UN would be considered a country, and I'd make sure I have at least one from their offices in New York, Geneva and Vienna (I already do). You know, that kind of thing. I also like to collect Number Ones, and you know that's never all happening either! But hey, I have a Penny Black and my next goal is Canada's #1 Red beaver stamp of course.

To start, the other day I found a Wikipedia article (well, three of them) with a list of all the stamp-issuing countries (I know I know... it's not exactly Encyclopaedia Britannica, but hey, it'll do to be going on with, yes?) So I'm scratching off the ones I already have at least one stamp for, and will keep the list in my "Carmen's Little Stamp Research Book" that I keep (a Moleskine notebook, that makes me feel like Indiana Jones every time I open it! wink)

Carmens Little Stamp Research Book.jpg

As I go to purchase, I'll see if there isn't anything inexpensive to help me scratch more items off the list.

There ya go... That's the Plan, Stan! thumbs up

Thread: Could there be a reversed multiple crown watermark ???
24/06/2019 12:01:11

Hey Fred, I can see your point there - since the ribbing is reversed, the watermark is de-factor reversed as well, no matter if it looks like it or not? Makes sense to me.

What have any specialists you've spoken to said about it? Have you spoken to anyone in the business about it, or right now are you just referring to your own study as having not found anything spoken about it yet?

Thread: "Wildings" is this a cream or whiter paper ?
24/06/2019 11:57:22

Hey Fred... well in this case, I must say that my participation will be limited since this is in no way an area of interest of mine, since I'm just a more general country and thematic collector (i.e., some would call me a Hoarder of Stamps, LOL!). It really does fascinate me though just how specific a collector can get in our hobby - here you are talking lierally about one type of stamp, produced about 60 years ago and which allows you to do some real, in-depth research and results presentation, as well as building a collection around that particular type of stamp. Coolio.

More power to you, my friend! Even if it's not an are of interest for me...

By the way, I was reading the other day about thematic collectors, and one in particular who is so specific, he has built an exhibit on his collection of Jersey Cows - Facing Left! laugh

Thread: Help with what this stamp is for a newbie
22/06/2019 13:18:08

Oh myyy... CANADIAN LANGUAGE MOMENT! What is "corporation pop"? Do you mean water?

The reason I enjoy watermark fluid is simply because my stamp is also pretty much instantly dry again as well, which I like...

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