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Thread: NCR a new Machin Stamp' ?
05/03/2014 14:29:39

Edited By brian sinnott - on 05/03/2014 14:30:08

05/03/2014 14:28:49

NCR Post & Go ‘OV Stamps’

NCR kiosks have started to appear in Post Offices in the UK.

These NCR Self service units will no longer dispense white ‘Postage Labels’ but instead print “Open Value’ (OV) stamps for all items being posted.

OV stamps will contain the information captured as part of the ‘Post an Item’ transaction such as Weight, Service Indicator and Price Paid.

Items being sent ‘First Class’ or via ‘Airmail’ or via Parcelforce Worldwide will have the OV Stamps printed on First Class media (i.e. with two phosphor bands)

Inland items being sent second class will have OV Stamps printed on Second Class media (single phosphor band)

NCR Post Office Self Service SD1 OV Stamp

$64,000 question for collectors - what are these new items ? Labels or stamps?


  • Have the Queens Head on them
  • Have security features (inc Phosphor)
  • Available at post offices
  • unlimited validity
  • used for the payment of postage

So what are they?

Would be interested in your opinions ..

Thread: Jersey Post and Go Joint GB issue at Stampex
22/01/2014 12:38:11

May be worth repeating my first post

The print string will be (For items purchased at Stampex)

B2GB14 J001-0000-001

For the back office/preorders a different string will be used.

B2GB14 B001-0000-001 etc

Use of the word 'series' maybe misleading - perhaps they mean machine 'number'?


20/01/2014 09:28:44

I don't get the negativity here . These machines are mobile - what happens to the perceived "status" of these stamps once the machines go to jersey ?

These are modern 21st century collectibles!

18/01/2014 12:23:35

Jersey Post have announced on their Website their upcoming 'post and go' flag issue on their website **LINK**

What may be worth pointing out is that Jersey Post will taken ownership of their own ‘Series B’ machine- number J001 – that will vend a unique Jersey Flag stamp with six relevant NVI values on one reel alongside a GB Union flag stamp on the other – a modern and innovative way of producing a joint stamp issue.

The print string will be (For items purchased at Stampex)

B2GB14 J001-0000-001

For the back office/preorders a different string will be used.

B2GB14 B001-0000-001 etc.

What do you all think?

Thread: Post office pop-up trailer
12/12/2013 17:49:23

Can anyone confirm the available of Dr Who smilers at Croydon Pop-Up Shop ?

Thanks !


Thread: Post & Go will mark postage due anniversary at BPMA
12/12/2013 17:47:50
Posted by Julia Lee on 10/12/2013 10:09:27:

Press release:


LONDON, 10 DECEMBER 2013 - The British Postal Museum & Archive (BPMA) today announced that it will be introducing a new commemorative stamp issue to its Post & Go machine at Freeling House on Wednesday 19 February 2014 to mark the centenary of the introduction of Postage Due labels. These will be available until 5 April.

Both the existing Machin and the Union Flag designs will bear the underprint “The B.P.M.A./ Postage Due 1914” and a limited number of BPMA specific first day covers will be available for purchase both at Freeling House and through the online shop – details to be announced.

Introduced in 1914, Postage Due labels helped to combat the problem of uncollected revenue that had been a source of concern for some time to the Post Office. GB Postage Due labels were designed by George Eve, with the design remaining the same for over 50 years.

The Centenary will also be marked through a small two panel display in the BPMA’s Search Room Foyer at Freeling House, Phoenix Place, WC1X ODL over the same period the commemorative stamp issue will be available. The opening of the display coincides with Spring Stampex 2014, held locally at Islington’s Business Design Centre and will be available for free hire for groups and societies following display at BPMA.

Interesting deveopment.!

Having live Mails items bearing the words 'Postage Due' could well cause confusion for some postal workers and result in a potential surcharge being raised and/ or the items being delayed.


Thread: Post and Go/Faststamps
21/11/2013 08:39:02

If you looking for Wincor/MA13 versions of Xmas Robins, Union Flags or Machins then they are all available from Tudor Street /Ludgate Circus !

Edited By brian sinnott - on 21/11/2013 08:39:33

21/07/2013 11:05:35

The old Wandsworth kiosk is on its way to Mount Pleasant Crown Office (With another new kiosk) and both will appear Mid August. Interesting situation that the 'Mount will then have two Wincors at the front of the building and a Hytech at the rear (BPMA)


24/04/2013 21:59:51

The reason that the 2nd Class value was 'Issued' at Stampex was to negate the need to 'Launch' these stamps into a Post Office environment - i.e. they can now appear unannounced in Post Offices - so no 'Launch' event in London ..

21/04/2013 21:01:37
Posted by Adrian on 21/04/2013 19:06:26:

Evidently so!

What I'm really wondering is whether, when the 2nd class Machin design finally does get included in the ordinary post offices kiosks, whether it will be for the 'post a letter' option only or whether it will also be available as a 'buy stamps' option.

The 2nd class will be part of a 'buy stamps' menu - treated in the same way as in the Hytech kiosks.

(for now anyway- but watch this space for the next series of these 'stamps'


21/04/2013 21:00:15
Posted by SA on 21/04/2013 18:19:33:

I believe that the Post and Go Label is dated for use on the day that you buy it for two reasons:

  • because you have selected the "Post a Letter" option rather than "Buy Stamps" ; and, as a consequence
  • you then have to place the envelope on the scale before the Label is printed; i.e. you are buying postage for a specific item (without necessarily knowing the weight in advance and the applicable postal rate).

Thus even for an envelope which is within the basic weight limit for inland postage, you get a Label that can only be used on the day of purchase: in this instance, 50 pence. I suppose that this is logical, if you opt for "Post a Letter", then it is unlikely that you are going to want to send it in two weeks' time.

On the other hand, the consequences of selecting option one rather than option two only become evident with practice!


The idea behind it is that the Labels are treated as 'precancels' (as they are not postmarked) so they are only valid until 'Day B' (The day after sale)- as you are actually 'posting an item' to have one of these dispensed.


Thread: Royal Mail Price Changes
01/03/2013 16:22:05

The new Defins are:-

78p Orchid Mauve (20g Worldwide Surface Rate )

88p Amber Yellow (20g European Airmail + 10g Worldwide Rate)

£1.88 Sapphire Blue (40g Worldwide Rate)


01/03/2013 13:06:45

Detail of prices is here

Edited By Julia Lee on 01/03/2013 13:09:21

01/03/2013 13:05:23

Royal Mail have just issued the detail of the Tariff changes for 2nd April 2013.

The headlines are that 1st and 2nd Class basic rates do not change- either Letter or Large Letter varities.

Some international rates (e.g. 40g ww) reduce.

This should result in three new machins and some updated ones

From a Post and Go point of view the cost of a collectors strip (That we all love) does not change.


Edited By brian sinnott - on 01/03/2013 13:00:24

Edited By brian sinnott - on 01/03/2013 13:17:22

Thread: BPMA gets Post & Go machine
26/11/2012 08:40:12

The machine at the BPMA will be more likely 'A1' - the B1 was just a mock up.

(practical) How are they going to police 'only visitors to the BPMA'? Anyone can visit the BPMA, and it's free.

- This Press release seems to have been widely misunderstood- surely it means that you cant order them via mail- e.g. send them a cheque for the items-you have to 'visit' and use your card.


Thread: Post and Go/Faststamps
09/10/2012 22:44:45

Yes - expect to see the Next-Gen Hytech units on tour ...


Thread: London Underground stamp pics OUT NOW
08/10/2012 22:14:03

£1.28 is the 40g rate to Europe (as well as being the 20g weight for RoW)


Thread: Help us survey the Olympic gold medal stamps
18/07/2012 23:14:47

My first question would be why ?

and the answers to the the questions are Yes and No.

I would be more intestested in the printers information and any variations not a non-story on distribution times..

After all we are all philatelists aren't we?


Thread: Latest Post and Go Listing
03/07/2012 00:05:22

Ive updated my list of Post and Go locations in the UK on my website/blog

This includes changes to Haywards Heath location/code adding in the 'non public access' kiosk and the newest location which started last Friday- Dorchester , Dorset.

(If anyone have an example from Dorchester I would be very interested)

The full list appears here:-


Thanks all

Brian the blogger

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