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Thread: GB Slogans
22/06/2018 07:44:38

Here is an Aberdeen slogan, slightly different in design and different font.


Thread: Austria stamps
15/05/2018 19:10:19

Try this site:


All your questions are answered there.




Edited By Alex on 15/05/2018 19:16:10

Thread: Can anyone identify these?
27/04/2018 19:05:57

They are from the Chinese air mail series printed between 1932 - 1937 (Beijing) and 1940/1 (Hong Kong).

Your stamps were overprinted in 1945 as air raid precaution propaganda and the stamps appear to be from the Hong Kong print run going by the 'tear drop' of the bottom left Chinese character.

Hope that helps....




Edited By Alex on 27/04/2018 19:11:33

Thread: American railway postal history
06/04/2018 15:17:52

Three new items which I bought yesterday for my long standing American Wild West thematic collection.



1939 postcard

An unused postcard from 1939 celebrating a century of mail service, from the time of the Pony Express rider up to the latest airplane mail service of the time.


T&V line

A 1950 cover commemorating the last train mail run of the Virginia and Truckee Railway (V&T Railway). Started in 1870, the V&T Railway connected the Nevada towns of Carson City and Virginia City, from where another railroad went to Reno and beyond. The cover used is a 1938 one commemorating the discovery of gold in the West and the subsequent settling of the Western States.


Chicago & Omaha

A 1954 cover commemorating the 90th anniversary of the RPO (Railway Post Office). This cover was carried on a mail train of the Chicago & Omaha Railway which connected Omaha in Nebraska with Sioux City in Iowa (a little short of actually reaching Chicago).



Edited By Alex on 06/04/2018 15:20:30

Thread: Future of Danish Swedish Engraved Stamps
02/04/2018 16:57:27

Thankfully Deutsche Post hasn't come to the same conclusion as either of you!

Thread: A question about GB stamp issues
03/03/2018 16:50:41

These are regional definitive and the ones you mention were first issued back in the 1990s though regional definitive stamps go back to the 1950s. They were originally issued as promoting the separate regions and still function in this way, though I would guess that the financial benefits of separate national stamps for collectors to buy isn't lost on Royal Mail!

Each home nation has a set of definitive stamps and they serve the same function as the normal definitives (the Machins with the queen's head).

While the Regional stamps are sold in whatever nation they represent, they are valid for postage throughout the UK as a whole. And yes, the 'normal' Machin definitive stamps are also sold, and in fact these still make up the vast bulk of postage stamps sold. I rarely see regional stamps on my mail.

I'm sure that a GB collector can tell you more.


Edited By Alex on 03/03/2018 16:54:00

Thread: Dumb Cancellation
24/02/2018 15:23:01

It is 'dumb' as in mute, that is, a cancel that doesn't tell you where it is from. It doesn't have the name of a town or suchlike. The above example just has a series of wavy lines.

They were also common on military / soldier's mail for obvious reasons (which is why so many letters home had little codes and clues to let the family know where the writer was stationed).


Thread: Trev Bishop
20/02/2018 21:28:52

I agree, the old Czechoslovakian stamps were well designed with their engravings and subject matter. I used to collect Czechoslovakia too and still have them somewhere in a box. I especially loved the space exploration series, the one of nude women holding space ships and satelittes!

One reason that the older Czechoslovakian stamps are so plentiful and cheap is because they were produced in large numbers for collectors. Philately was a Communist Party approved hobby of the Soviet Union and its allies and stamp collecting was encouraged on a political level.

Thread: German stamps query
20/02/2018 21:15:57

Why do you post your photos sideways?

As to this stamp, it is a German Local stamp of a Hamburg company. The Op states it is for letters, packets and the delivery of goods. This stamp, of a set of 6, was issued in 1864. These have been widely forged. The original stamps were roughly perforated and your example has the remains of perforations, so may be genuine.


Above is entry from the Michel 2006 catalogue.

Hope this helps.


Thread: Trev Bishop
16/02/2018 11:08:48

As the owner of both Michel and SG, I can say that the Michel catalogues do provide more detail.

As to a Czech catalogue, you could visit the Czech collectors website and ask for advice on their guest forum.



Thread: Dumb Cancellation
15/02/2018 13:36:59

Well, today is the 15th of February and I have finally received my first mail item of the year with an actual stamp on it. We'll just overlook the fact that the two stamps used come from the Feb. 1990 'Smiles' set.

What is interesting is the dumb cancellation mark (and yes, 'dumb cancellation' is a philatelic term) on the item. There was talk of postal workers being issued with these rather than using a pen to scribble over the stamps and I'm wondering whether this is the case here. Just in case you're interested, the item came from Hartlepool.


Thread: German stamps query
14/02/2018 18:15:36


Your stamp is a example of the Oct/Nov 1923 definitive set and is the slanted value figure version.

It is SG 328 (greenish black OP on dull brown). Michel number 326A.

Not sure why you say that the value is omitted - it is 2 Billion (US) Reichmark.

Hope that helps.


Thread: Information.Identification
12/02/2018 20:48:42


These are all cut outs from British postal stationery. These were envelopes & postcards with a 'stamp' impressed, sometimes embossed, on them prepaying postage. Some had the print date on them, as your two green 'stamps' top left and middle show: the 70 & 71 denote 1870/1. The middle left was cut out of a stationery letter and used on an ordinary letter as postage, this was perfectly legal and can cause confusion with novices who think that they have found a imperf variety. There are a couple of other examples in your photo.

They are collected but most collectors will prefer the entire cover.

Thread: Faded or Part missing colour?
06/02/2018 20:23:53


Your stamp has neither a missing color (if that were the case there wouldn't be any pink or orange color at all) nor has the stamp faded. During the print run the pink / orange color run was interrupted, most likely due to the color reservoir running dry, so that the color was only partially applied. Probably affected several of the stamps on that sheet. Or perhaps there was some foreign material that covered up the sheets while they were being colored. Most of these end up as printers' waste, your stamp missed the quality control, but they not rare and usually don't add much of a premium.


Edited By Alex on 06/02/2018 20:30:43

Thread: Moderation of this forum- Is There any??
02/02/2018 08:53:52

One of the magazine staff, Julia Lee, used to run the site quite successfully, but when she left her job for another publishing company she wasn't replace. The site used to be active and fun; daily interactions with other members, daily games like identifying stamps from just a small portion shown, requests to show your collection in the magazine, some fairly in-depth discussions on real philately and general chit-chat. There was a regular core membership, including Adrian, a published philatelic author, but after Julia Lee left the forum just slowly dwindled as forum members left, most recently Carmen and Julian. I just pop in now and again to see what is up, though usually it is just people asking about inherited stamp collection values and where to sell them. We used to put up material and get a real conversation going, now if I put up a stamp or letter nobody replies or asks questions. I no longer bother and visit here less and less.

Edited By Alex on 02/02/2018 08:58:54

Thread: game of thrones
17/01/2018 15:30:29

Well good luck with that. Just a question, what size page are you using? A5?

17/01/2018 15:17:47

Nice to hear something from you, Julian. Sorry to hear about your health, but here's to the future.

Nice prize that you won. It is a nice set for sure. Though I didn't grow up in the UK I had similar toys when I was a kid, for example I didn't have a Action Man but instead a GI Joe (same thing, really, just better quality and better range of stuff to go with it).

Keep your chin up and get better.......


Thread: German stamps query
17/01/2018 15:07:39

It is a 1920 Germania definitive stamp, printed in carmine / black and it will have the lozenges watermark. It is catalogued SG 152 / Michel 153. As you say, it is a type I printing. As you can clearly see, the Deutsches Reich inscription is not centred within the frame as would have been the case with the type II printing.

As to the date, it looks correct: these stamps became invalid at the end of October, 1922. (The 5-6N refers to the collection time of between 1700 - 1800 in the evening, BTW)

As to the perfins, no idea! There were thousands of them in the Reich period. I can tell you, however, that it is from a private company as the governmental departments didn't use perfins. They had dedicated official stamps for official use.


Edited By Alex on 17/01/2018 15:27:05

Thread: Regiment stamps
09/01/2018 21:27:21

Yes, I did notice that but wasn't sure whether the actual image was reversed.

Does seem unusual that they were printed in reverse. Is the other side gummed? Could be printers waste, possibly offset prints, perhaps. Or maybe they are transfers.


09/01/2018 19:49:39

Well, they're not postage stamps.

They look like stickers for children to stick into some cheap album on British military badges. Possibly mid 20th century as the crowns appear to be George VI.


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