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Thread: Which engravers / engraved stamps do you most admire?
23/01/2018 09:30:32

Here's one Jubert engraved for the 1981 Fencing issue


22/01/2018 09:04:38

I love those! The illustrations on those philatelic documents are usually hand-engraved as well, which is a huge bonus. Here's one Pierre Béquet engraved for his Marianne stamps.


Your example is even better, because, as you can see, the original stamp was not engraved, so Durrens (I presume) had to engrave the stamp as well. I've got a similar one by Eve Luquet. Here is the extra illustration for the 1992 Red Cross stamp, Luquet's engraving of the stamp itself (which, again, originally wasn't engraved), and a die proof of her stamp.




I've got some more but I need to dig them out and scan them, so they'll follow in the next couple of days or so.

03/01/2018 08:58:32

While working on that long-running series of French stamps promoting tourism, Pierre Béquet got again the chance to model a number of stamps after his own ideas, creating a little mini series within the series. The stamps in question are those depicting the Saint-Jean in Lyon and the Notre Dame in Louviers (both 1981) and Ripaille Castle (1982). Béquet engraved those three buildings in exactly the way one would see them when standing in front of them. Printed in monochrome against a white background, they really are like classic engravings and work both in that way, showing off the engraving quality, and in the way that they stand out from more usual depictions of buildings. For the Ripaille Castle stamp, Béquet received his fourth Grand Prix de l’Art Philatélique.


31/12/2017 10:45:34

France’s guidelines for stamp design were so much stricter than Pierre Béquet was used to for the French Southern and Antarctic Territories. All corrections demanded by the French Post had to be implemented or else the job would go to someone else. It is therefore no wonder that his favourite French stamp was the 1972 issue to mark the bicentenary of the discovery of the Crozet Islands and Kerguelen. His essay was accepted and when he was asked how he would like to proceed, Béquet answered: "By having my artwork accepted without any changes to the design and/or colours". This request was granted, and the stamp was eventually issued exactly how Béquet had envisaged it.


29/12/2017 08:55:57

Nice one, Som! That must have been one of the last engravings for Sweden Sjööblom ever did.

Here's some more Béquet: he won the Grand Prix de l’Art Philatélique three times for his engravings for the French Southern and Antarctic Territories. In 1972, he got the prize for the ‘Discovery of Crozet Islands and Kerguelen’ issue,



and in 1976 for the ‘Cook’s Passage to Kerguelen’ stamp.


27/12/2017 08:45:33

Hi Trevor,

If you mean that eagle I showed on 17-08, that's not from a stamp. It's an artwork which was part of a brochure type booklet called 4 gravörer under lupp, issued by the Swedish Post. Nothing to do with actual stamps, just showcasing the talents of their 4 stamp engravers (Slania, Sjööblom, Mörck and Naszarkowski).

Here's some more Pierre Béquet: Soon after engraving those Congo postage dues, Béquet would become the principal engraver of the stamps of the recently founded French Southern and Antarctic Territories. Here is an example from the year 2000, depicting Hobbs the sledge dog.


Béquet also engraved an accompanying larger (almost A4 format!) 'portrait' of the dog.


25/12/2017 10:39:58

The engraver featured in this month's Stamp Magazine is Pierre Béquet (1932-2012). In 1961, Béquet engraved his first stamps, for the postage due issue of Congo.





PS: A little late, but thanks, Dick, for the Spanish information!

17/08/2017 13:45:10

Ah yes, those four are fab. My favourite is the eagle by Lars Sjööblom. The detail in the feathering is just stunning, I think.


06/07/2017 12:12:17

Sorry, Som, I've no idea who engraved that Grenada stamp.

Trevor, you can always try and rotate it in a paint programme on your computer and then save the upright version. or, like you did, just take a new picture!

Here's another Martin Mörck for you all.


30/06/2017 08:36:23

Those are wonderful, Som! I love engraved portraits, so here's one from Mörck on a stamp from 1991.


30/05/2017 13:38:06

Som: yes, it is an officially issued postcard of the French Post.

Julian: Nothing more than your fancy I hope!

29/05/2017 08:22:56

That's lovely stuff, Som!

Now if you're going to hunt down that 1997 French cat, you should try and find this postcard as well. It's the same stamp but now printed in red, and you also get an extra engraving, by Pierre Forget, which is even more stunning than the stamp.


27/05/2017 10:59:37

Ah yes, Mörck does love his boats, doesn't he?! But I'll stick with his cats for a wee while longer.


25/05/2017 19:20:44

Great idea, Som, I'll bite for sure.

I love cats, so here's a cat engraved by Martin Mörck, way back in 1994.


25/11/2015 08:35:42
Posted by canadian NorthAmerican on 24/11/2015 21:16:45:

Ian/Adrian: I was unable to see the article; please can you post link to it; thanks.


Check your messages on this site, I've just sent you one.


24/11/2015 19:20:19

Here is one of those 1964 Spanish Navy stamps in all its full glory: the 40c depicting the Santa Maria, engraved by German Martin Orbe.


Posted by Ian Greenwood on 21/11/2015 10:33:47:

As for the procedures themselves, those we saw were illuminating, but surely not the whole story. There is an article in the current issue of Another Magazine which attempts clarification, not entirely successfully in the view of this reader.

I only had a chance to read it today. I actually thought it was quite thorough and clear. Must admit I had to reread it a couple of times but then, it's quite technical anyway and that's not my strong point, but I do feel that I now have a better idea of what goes on when the engraver produces his artwork.

23/11/2015 19:08:07

Never trust Spanish anchors!

But yet another fantastic set you've managed to find the all-important info for. You're doing very well, Sir! Feels like Christmas having come early.

23/11/2015 10:57:03

That's great information, cNA! I only had the 5p air on my list from this gorgeous set so I'm very glad to be able to link so many of the others. And learn that German is a Christrian name as well!

18/11/2015 19:13:11

Intriguing! I seem to recognise the 1998 Ancient Greek writers set, which may well be engraved but is printed in lithography. The items on the lower right hand side could be anything. Any more clues?

Here, by the way, is one of those 2011 Hermes stamps in all its full glory:


15/11/2015 15:34:57

Go right ahead, I'm not bidding on any of these. My stamp budget for the foreseeable future is tied up in upcoming lots at the Corinphila auction. Which is a good thing, I think.

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