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Thread: I'm leaving/FORUM SAVED
19/09/2014 16:24:55

All the best, everyone. Bye bye.

Thread: International Reply Coupons: New Design
19/09/2014 16:23:11

Whoops sorry, I'll email you the real one. Your first duty and my last...

Thread: I'm leaving/FORUM SAVED
19/09/2014 12:09:02

Thank you all so very much for being so kind. Philatelists are great people.


19/09/2014 11:53:17

Well, we've worked from home for three years, so if Guy hasn't worked out where the paper is by now...

The other disadvantage of working from home is it's a bit tricky to sneak off from our individual houses to the pub, but rest assured I'm having a leaving do later. Drink may be taken.

19/09/2014 11:13:49

If anyone wants to be a mod, now or in the future, get in touch.

19/09/2014 11:13:20


Katy has volunteered to be third mod, so there will be three of you. There really will be very little to do. Thanks Paul and Chris!

I'll email Guy and Katy your email addresses (I think I have them both). They'll be in touch.

Very very happy with that. Onwards and upwards!

Thank you thank you thank you thank you.

Thread: Museum sales
19/09/2014 11:00:19

Re: what the BPMA has in their handling collection, I'm not sure, but they, for example, take post office uniforms (probably not genuine) to schools for kids to dress up in.

19/09/2014 10:59:32

Here's the answer:

18 September 2014 – The Singapore Philatelic Museum (SPM) will be putting on sale surplus stamps from its collection at the Spink annual philatelic sale in Singapore, on 20 September 2014.

2 The auction, a first for SPM, also marks the first of a series of fundraising activities for the future development of the museum. Comprising 52 highly sought-after lots dating from 1953 to 1969, the auction will feature complete mint stamp sheets, stamp booklets and revenue stamps, offering clients a chance to bid for items that rarely come onto the market, and the unique opportunity to acquire remarkable items of Singapore philately.

3 Highlights of the sale include, but are not limited to, the 1953 Queen Elizabeth II Revenue Stamp Sheets of $500 denomination; 1955 Queen Elizabeth II Definitive Issues Stamp Sheets in all denominations with some overprinted with “Postal Training School”; and 1968 Masks, Dances and Musical Instruments Definitive Issue Stamp Sheets. Please refer to Annex A for more details on these stamps.

4 Ms Tresnawati Prihadi, General Manager of SPM, said: “We hope that stamp lovers and collectors will support this event and the amount raised will be integral in supporting SPM’s efforts to raise funds for our museum’s development as well as exhibitions and programming to reach out to more audiences.”

5 Commenting on the auction of stamps, Dr Chua Eu Tiong, President of the Singapore Stamp Club and SPM Board Director, said: “The items in this auction are unique and hard to come by. So far, I have not seen the 1955 Queen Elizabeth II Definitive Issues overprinted with “Postal Training School”. Early stamp issues in complete full sheets, especially the high values, are also uncommon in the market. Collectors will love to do a comprehensive study of the stamp sheets and panes. As these are the only surplus stamps put on sale, it is really a very rare opportunity for collectors to acquire.”

6 Mr Tim Hirsch, Director of Global Auctions of Spink said: “Spink is honoured to have been selected to hold the auction of surplus material from SPM, giving the opportunity for collectors to acquire some unusual material and benefit the future development of the museum. We look forward to a very successful sale.’’

If they were actually handled by the public, I doubt they'd be in the condition philatelists like, so it really seems here they're more like duplicates.

Thread: Identifying GB Commemoratives on paper?
19/09/2014 09:42:35

We list them all in British Stamp Market Values, 2015 edition coming soon!

The perfs is the other way to tell. Are they die-cut vs actual perforation holes? I've never done it myself, but I can see that it would be distinguishable. They're different shapes, essentially.

Thread: I'm leaving/FORUM SAVED
19/09/2014 09:37:25

Could we perhaps have ONE more person? That would split it between three, and would really be quite a light work load.

Katy (main web editor) will take care of things like members being unable to login, so it would mostly be alerting her to spammers and keeping discussions moving and polite (which you frankly do well enough without me).

You can set up so you get emailed every time someone makes a new post. It's quite easy to assess at a glance whether they're a spammer who needs getting rid of (incredibly rare), someone needing a response, or a conversation that can be left alone.

I'll get them to leave the forum up for at least another week, so you've time to think.

Thread: International Reply Coupons: New Design
19/09/2014 09:33:52

And Japan:

visuel 140 ans upu.jpg.jpeg

Your wish is my (and the UPU's) command.

19/09/2014 09:20:02

List of countries participating (en francais):

Albanie, Argentine, Bangladesh, Bélarus, Bulgarie (Rép.), Burkina Faso, Chili, Chypre, Corée (Rép.), Croatie, Espagne, Estonie, France, Grèce, Guinée, Hongkong, Chine, Islande, Kirghizistan, Liban, Luxembourg, Macao, Chine, Malawi, Maurice, Nouvelle-Calédonie, Pologne, Polynésie française, Qatar, Slovaquie, Sri Lanka, Tchèque (Rép.), Trinité-et-Tobago, Ukraine, Vatican.
Thread: I'm leaving/FORUM SAVED
18/09/2014 10:19:41

No! I've escaped! We'll see if that seed is planted though... I've always suspected I'd be a postal historian, anyway.

17/09/2014 16:09:51

(Diverts the thread a bit, but I started collating a list of all the cool things I've done in this job. You may present this to anyone who says stamps are dull):

-visited the Natural History rare book rooms
-rode Mail Rail (the underground mail railway under London, closed to the public)
-had a private view of the most expensive stamp in the world
-interviewed one of the owners of the then-most expensive stamp in the world (Treskilling yellow consortium)
-interviewed Audrey Hepburn's son
-met Michael Bond (Paddington), Fenella Fielding (Hammer Horror films), John Noakes (one for the Brits), Carlos Alberto (football World Cup Winner with Brazil), Ossie Ardiles (ditto with Argentina), Ray Wilson (ditto with England).
-spent a very interesting morning on the deck of the Cutty Sark with Merchant Navy veterans as they told mostly hilarious stories.
-stood in the British Library's strongroom and their conservation studio.
-had lunch in the Sotheby's boardroom.
-talked to Martin Brundle (F1).
-talked to John Barnes with my mouth full of fish and chips; also Denis Law (who was completely lovely) and other famous footballers.
-Interviewed Steve McQueen (not that one), who is now an Oscar and BAFTA-winning director.

17/09/2014 16:07:21

Hi Paul, I'll be editing and doing digital stuff rather than writing, so should be off the 'front-line'.

Anyone else - then we'd have three?

16/09/2014 09:37:42

Someone - or several of you - would have to become moderators or administrators.

Which would involve sorting out forum problems (log-ins, wrong threads, telling people how to post pictures that sort of thing), keeping the peace (relatively easy as I've mentioned), and dealing with spammers (again, fairly easy - deleting what they put and then blocking them).

I can't think of anything else. Perhaps there's a 'soft skill' in keeping discussions moving and another in being diplomatic and keeping everything on an even keel. (For what it's worth, I've always favoured early intervention).

16/09/2014 09:22:14

@Neville: it is possible to run a forum using free software/webpages. I've never done it myself, but it's possible. However, at that point, one might as well moderate this one.

Thanks for the 'steering' comment. In truth, it's been an utter doddle - philatelists are polite and friendly and don't get into needless rows.

@Chris - not stamps; a financial news website.

Thanks everyone. You're all very kind.

16/09/2014 09:17:29

Hi Adrian,

In an ideal world, we'd leave it up and just turn off the ability to post, but that doesn't seem to be possible.

So, yes, we'll have to take the whole thing down.

15/09/2014 16:35:25

It's you lot that make the forums, really.

Thanks all.

15/09/2014 16:22:02


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