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Thread: Roman Britain - issued 18/06 - error?
18/06/2020 20:23:43

Just received an e-mail from a dealer which tells me that the the 2nd class Dover Lighthouse stamp is captioned "The UK's tallest standing Roman build" instead of what should have been "The UK's tallest standing Roman building" as per the publicity image. It is apparently correct on the stamp PHQ postcard.

Anybody got these to check? Wonder if the error is on counter sheets and in Presentation Packs? If they are all wrong - is it really an error (in the philatelist's sense)?

Will there be a reprinting? Or just left as an oddity?

Thread: Post Offices
04/05/2020 14:48:00

Good question... If they have no actual high-value stamps on hand because the local manager has not ordered them then you can't demand they sell some to you. Don't know if there's any obligation to keep a full range on hand (and it may vary from sub-PO to main PO).

I habitually ask for stamps rather than a label when sending an overseas letter and have not had this issue yet.

(If no-one here has a definitive answer, I can ask a RoyalMail person on another forum)

Thread: How times have changed !
09/03/2020 10:01:39

Fred said:

and one dealer was selling u/m blocks of British stamps giving a 20% discount off face value, how long will it be before large discounts are given on the current issues .

If you dig around on eBay you see a lot of recent issues way over face - but how many of them actually sell? It is possible to pick up some issues from the last couple of years well under face and I so this to use them for postage. this weekend - I have paid £6.32 for 2 sheets of 20 first class - that's less than 16p per stamp - or 77% below face! That's a very lucky deal - but 8 or 9 pounds for a sheet of 20 is common so 35% or more below face.

04/03/2020 10:13:17

All the things we said last year are still going on though - just take a look at the upcoming James Bond issue - 3x1st and 3x£1.60 with a miniature sheet of 2x1st and 2x£1.55 then there's the collectors sheet with 5x1st and 5x£1.60 and the retail booklet and ... and...

Why couldn't this have been a 6x1st issue for 6 actors? Or 10x1st for 6 Bonds and 4 "M"s?

Thread: Who enters the competitions?
30/01/2020 17:14:45

Another update... I won the Royal Navy set from last autumn. Embarrassment of riches as I already had one that I won from All About Stamps....

Thread: How times have changed !
16/01/2020 11:36:54

Fred sed:

"Space Invaders


Mario brothers


Missile command/defend the cities

Lords of midnight"

I gather the issue is to commemorate British game authors and developers - so that takes these out. Mind you - many previous issues have been only tenuously linked to British input so you could be right. Having started out with Sinclair I'd nominate Manic Miner or Jet Set Willy...

30/10/2019 12:18:23

The emoji is probably caused by the software auto translating a "1/2" symbol followed immediately by a closing bracket.

Anyway - using the inflation calculator Fred links to and and taking rates from **LINK**

2d in 1960 is 18p today - compared to 61p for 2nd class and 70p for 1st class.

But 2d is a 1oz rate isn't it... Whereas contemporary first class goes up to 100g or 3.5 oz which would have been 6d = 54p

If we decimalise - a 4oz first class letter in Feb 1971 was 3p and the inflation calculator says that's 44p today.

Now what's a 1st class NVI from 1989 worth as a collectable? Face value then was 20p; that's 51p with inflation but 61p if you use it.

22/10/2019 15:34:09

I haven't got the time to work it out right now but I wonder what the comparison is between Face Value in 1960, Current Value of that (as calculated by Fred) and Current Price of the same rate band.

Over in the chaos of eBay; it's often possible to buy booklets, minisheets or packs from recent (last 10 to 15 years) issues at below face value (ranging from 10% to 30% below). If you are buying for postage use and don't care what the issue is it's a good deal. If you are buying to complete a collection, you might have to hunt further but good deals can be found.

Thread: Stamp Awards
18/10/2019 10:15:31

Update - the 2019 competition is now open: here

Thread: How times have changed !
18/10/2019 10:02:52

Fred said: In the latest "Gruffalo" issue there are 3 × £1•60 stamps, where only one need suffice to cover that particular postal rate, in the previous "Royal navy ships" issued on the 19th September there is the same duplication and in the Elton John set there are 4 × £1•55 values and 4 miniature sheets .

Absolutely - I'm thinking back to say the early 2000s when a set would often be 1st, 2nd, E and two higher values (45p and 65p ring a bell). Now - we usually only see that pattern in the Christmas issue.

We maybe get one a year which is 2x2nd, 2x1st, 2xEurope rate, 2xWorldwide rate - Captain Cook from last year comes to mind and Ladybird Books before that.

17/10/2019 11:47:20

I decided long ago that I wasn't a completist but rather I would collect issues I liked. The thing that puts me off is the increasing use of values that are not postally useful. When, for example, the Greetings booklets (early form of Smilers) came out I would buy one set to keep and one set to use. If a set is issued as 10 or 12 x 1st class I can still do that - but others leave me with excess £1.55 values - unless I write to my US friends more often...

I agree with Fred that there might well be a tactic to increase revenue - knowing those stamps will be bought anyway; why not make them a higher rate?

As for the ancillary merchandise that Geoff mentions; isn't this an attempt to get sales outside of the stamp community and into the obsessive fans of the subject (Music Giants or Star Wars or Marvel)? I know many in the world of science fiction fandom who are completists and would pay a three-figure sum for a framed limited-edition set.

And it does work sometimes... I say sometimes because issues like Dr Who in 2013 sell out quickly and then filter back on to the market - sitting on eBay at inflated prices until various sellers realise that they weren't the only ones who had the idea of making a quick profit.

I reckon we could say the same of the Royal Mint and the unending parade of commemorative 50p coins in various guises. At least there is the possibility of getting an unusual one in change and putting it aside (effective cost of face value) which if one is in need - can be liquidated at face value.

Thread: Curious Customs
09/10/2019 12:51:36

Off-topic a bit here... I was reading your statement, Gillian, to imply that Stroke City is British - when many inhabitants of that fine city would insist they were Irish and not British.

Would have made more sense to pick a custom that was unique to "Norn Iron" wouldn't it?

Thread: Stamp Awards
12/09/2019 14:11:56

The only award I know of is the SEPAC "Most Beautiful Stamp" contest **LINK** which is an annual one voted on by readers.

Thread: Who enters the competitions?
04/09/2019 15:59:00

A little update... I've just found out that the Da Vinci set (issued by the PO in Feb) and featured in April's competition was won by someone I'd pointed in this direction - arriving in August.

05/08/2019 11:47:42

As well as browsing the articles (and the fascinating forums) I also enter the competitions. I may even have won one in the past. Do any of you enter regularly?

But a thought has struck me... the presentation packs on offer are from a few months back. So presumably those who collect modern GB will have either ordered or bought it anyway. Does that mean fewer entries or would you enter anyway and have a duplicate (or extra postage?)

And why is it 2 to 3 months after issue? Other magazines/websites (dare I mention AllABoutStamps) offer the current issue straightaway.

Thread: Strange Postbox
02/08/2019 09:39:10

I don't think that's an official Royal Mail decoration cheeky

Yarn bombing? Sneakily promoting a craft fair to be held in the square behind? A secret challenge to new WI recruits?

Thread: SG MS1501 Comm. or Mach/def.
02/08/2019 09:35:29

I seem to remember buying GB’s Roland hill M/S over the counter .

Before my time Trevwink

You can buy minisheets at a PO that has a Philatelic counter (if you can still find one of those) but you'll get blank looks at many others. If you just asked for 4x1st class you'd never get a minisheet even if there was a current one with that combination.

My logic (and purely my own) is that if the stamps within the minisheet were only available as such and not also sold as loose stamps / in a counter sheet they have to be commemorative - even if they are Machin heads and resemble a definitive.

I like minisheets for the design aspect - especially if the stamps are se-tenant or the image continues off the edge of the stamp to make one big image for the whole sheet.

29/07/2019 08:59:20

Hi Kim,

Like you discussed in June - the minisheet contains a (possibly) definitive with a Machin head. But I'd say a minisheet is always a commemorative because it wasn't sold over the counter and marks a specific event.

Yes - you might want a separate book if you get into them...

Thread: Curious Customs
22/07/2019 09:12:41

Y'know Gillian - there are plenty in Derry who would glare (or worse) at you for calling them British... It's the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

Alex is right - many of the "traditions" of Hallowe'en are Scottish in origin - they were taken to the US by immigrants and then evolved there and came back to UK by television. Since Northern Ireland also has a distinct community of Scottish origins - they have always had more of the Celtic flavour.

As for the stamps - the subject is interesting but I dislike the designs. I can see what Alex means about the retro feel but it doesn't work for me.

Thread: SG727 Issue date
19/06/2019 12:03:43

I suspect there's a difference between what Royal Mail uses the terms to mean and what collectors mean...

If RM called it a Special Stamps Issue - then maybe that makes it a commemorative?

Smilers were in booklets, presentation packs and as personalised sheets. Some later Smilers issues were available in counter sheets (I think). Greetings stamps were only ever in booklets or presentation packs. To make it more confusing - the 1990 Smilers are a Greetings booklet and later issues are sometimes called by either or both names!

I'd say they are not definitives... even when sold in counter sheets, they were available for a limited time and not re-printed.

Which might also mean that the MiIllennium White and Diamond Jubilee Blue are also not definitives ???

The double-head (whether with a value or NVI) has to be a commemorative surely - it's a design change that marks an anniversary.

The real answer of course - is go with whatever makes sense in your collection and your mind

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