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Thread: How times have changed !
19/02/2021 15:26:10

Good Question Fred! If people don't buy it as a collectible, maybe the scrap metal value will increase....

I do notice that one of the eBay sellers at £150 seems to have at least 10 to sell. So that was clearly a planned investment on their part.

I guess the logic is:

1) People who are interested in stamps already know the issue is coming and pre-order if they want it.

2) People who are not specifically interested in stamps only see the issue from the press; decide they want it (or want to gift it) find there are none at the PO when they go, so they look for them on eBay and pay over face value.

3) Some of Group 1 pre-order multiples with the plan of selling on to Group 2.

I have occasionally thought about trying this - ordering one for me and one to sell - but there are so many about that it isn't really worth the effort. I'll just wait and buy at less than face value in a year's time and use for postage.

17/02/2021 11:20:45
Posted by Fred Sellars on 16/02/2021 12:00:37:

The gold stamp that you mentioned Neil was not issued for postal use due to its price, but for speculators being a limited edition.

That is the only reason why it has sold out. Fred.

And that sort of reinforces RM focusing on the "collector of X" rather than "collector of stamps" market - it works. As you say, it does make one wonder - were they bought by/for OFAH fans or those who think they can re-sell at a profit. Time for a quick look at eBay - I find 27 currently on sale at prices ranging from £77 to £399.95. Only the first of these has any actual bidders though... I reckon a lot of these speculators might have to wait a few years to see their profit.

Similarly, there are lots of Star Trek and Star Wars presentation packs on eBay priced over face; but how many will sell at the asking price, I wonder....

16/02/2021 11:41:43

But for the real completist = there's more:

Prestige Stamp Book: £21.70

Souvenir Folder: £24.99 (contains two First Day Covers and reproduction scripts)

Medal Cover: £19.99 (or £99.99 in Silver)

Presentation Pack + Prestige Book + Medal Cover: £47.89 (save £10!)

Collector Sheet: £9.60

Press Sheet: £78.55

Counter Sheets: between £25.50 and £102.00

And to prove that people do buy them.... Del Boy Gold Stamp £49.99 - already showing sold out of all 1,981 issued.

Thread: Stamp Magazine Website
10/02/2021 16:41:34

The competition is live now... (Thanks Guy)

Thread: Greetings Booklet Stamps?
15/01/2021 16:19:49

For Gillian's benefit - the booklet also includes a set of labels (about 10mm by 30mm landscape) with a greeting (e.g. "Good Luck", "With Love" in a style to match the stamps which could be used as seal on the envelope flap or just as decoration.

When these were current, I often bought them for postage use. If I ever see them on Ebay under face, I still do.

Thread: GB Illustrated Special Event Covers & Handstamp Postmarks
15/01/2021 16:14:07
Posted by Geoff CHILDS on 13/01/2021 08:56:58:

Postmark of the Day
2009_Heritage Motor Centre 50 The Mini Gaydon Warwickshire
Geoff (GBCC)

2009_heritage motor centre 50 the mini gaydon warwickshire_17020.jpg

That stamp is from Design Classics - which included a Mini stamp which would surely have been more appropriate ???

Thread: Competition
14/01/2021 10:22:54

Trick question Julian! It's not a sheet - I reckon it's the edge of a 12x1st booklet.

Nice to see that someone else uses extra elements to make the envelope more attractive.

Thread: C&D
11/01/2021 10:24:06

I'd assume from the logo at the left hand side that there is some link in the worldwide communications/monitoring network that is based in London and the cover was sent from there.

06/01/2021 11:15:12

The official language of the Universal Postal Union is French so most airmail labels have "Par Avion" as well as their national language and/or English.

But why the cover maker has used a German (Austrian? Swiss?) label is a mystery.

04/01/2021 16:22:43

The Prince of Wales has already suggested his regnal name would be George making him the 7th of that ilk - did you think I meant HM would outlive the next two generations and pass the crown to her great-grandson??? Or that some terrible accident would take out two levels of Waleses? In the latter case, would we end up with Harry as Prince Regent (or Andrew!) until the smaller George is an adult.

As I said - wonder if there are secret designs planned out already? Would they be based on a photo or a bust?

Thread: Letters no longer franked by Royal Mail
04/01/2021 16:15:24
Posted by Julian on 04/01/2021 12:36:18:

although I have not tried using pre decimal £1 Stamps of which I have few but technically I am not sure whether they would get through

There would be a very fine argument as to validity I am sure but a Pound is a Pound?????

I could be corrected by someone more knowledgeable - but as far as I know, they are still valid. As you have deduced, I guess the problem is that sorting machines would probably not be able to recognise them, not being programmed with all the possibilities.

04/01/2021 10:46:49

You know, it hadn't occurred to me that the Machin head had not changed while the coinage head has changed ( see Royal Mint for the 5 designs (including Machin)).

Wikipedia suggests that there were proposals in the 80s to update but the Queen herself was not too keen. If there was a subsequent time to have updated then maybe with the Jubilee issues or the Millennium but I think it may have passed now. Wonder if there are already top-secret designs for the next monarch? (George VII apparently rather than Charles III.)

Thread: Poohbear
08/12/2020 12:13:00
Posted by Julian on 08/12/2020 03:16:26:

I saw that the first class booklet actually has 2 of the Star Trek stamps so they half way there already? Well a 1/3 if you want to be correct. But surely it would be better to all who collect or just to buy stamps you would USE!! That way you would have more chance of getting a Cancelled stamp as well?

Good idea.... Game of Thrones had a 1st class booklet with 6 of the "Iron Throne" design. Why that one and not 6 of the Tardis 1st class from Dr Who in 2013? Or even Queen from this year? I quite liked the 2015 Penny Black Anniversary booklets as well.

I can only guess that the 4xMachin plus 2x commemorative booklets is supposed to spark interest in someone who just wanted a book of stamps and make them want to buy more.

Posted by Fred Sellars on 07/12/2020 16:16:50:

Don't forget the "Topper" and "Bunty" Neil to name but a couple more. Fred

Both in the 2012 set Fred... but there must be more that people remember.

07/12/2020 11:01:19

You're remembering the 2010 Winnie the Pooh set aren't you? (That year's Europe theme being Children's Books.) With the original EL Shepherd illustrations not the Disney version thankfully.

I was never a Rupert fan - rather too middle-class and twee for me - but I agree with Alex that it's a good nostalgia set for those who did.

I did have a pile of Commando and the like - but I don't think they would make it to a stamp set. What would we want to see if RM did a sequel to the 2012 Comics? Whizzer and Chips, Cor!, The Beezer, ACTION, Hotspur (or Valiant), Jackie (or Judy), The Magnet, The Boy's Own Paper and Viz.

Thread: GB Stamps: Latest Issues
07/12/2020 10:42:49
Posted by Fred Sellars on 26/11/2020 12:57:27:

I recently bought some second-class ones for 45p saving 20p for every Christmas card sent and I am sure that Neil could well do the same rather than fork out 75p as against what he has just stated.

Oh I have Fred.... I bought a sheet of the 2003 Ice Sculptures on eBay for about 2/3 face value. The Trek stamps will only be for people who would appreciate them.

26/11/2020 12:24:03

Like Fred says: There are sets now that are clearly aimed as much at the collector of "whatever" as they are at philatelists and Star Trek is the latest (following on from Star Wars, Marvel, Sherlock). As a Trekker, I know there are fans who will pay for the big issues and the framed sets and so on - to add to the Canada Post sets from 2016 and 2017 and Tuvalu from 2016 and USPS from 2016.... Notice that those mentioned were all marking a 50th anniversary. As a Trekker - I haven't bought them. (I might be getting some for Christmas though!) If there are any counter sheets next time I head to my local PO; I will get a dozen for Christmas cards to those who would notice.

I agree with Gillian - "Brilliant Bugs" is a nice looking issue and the sort of thing that might have appealed to children. I do notice that FirstNews (newspaper/magazine aimed at young folk) often offers Presentation Packs as competition prizes so there is still some interest. Cynics may now wonder if this is amongst a certain type/class of children though...

Thread: Roman Britain - issued 18/06 - error?
18/06/2020 20:23:43

Just received an e-mail from a dealer which tells me that the the 2nd class Dover Lighthouse stamp is captioned "The UK's tallest standing Roman build" instead of what should have been "The UK's tallest standing Roman building" as per the publicity image. It is apparently correct on the stamp PHQ postcard.

Anybody got these to check? Wonder if the error is on counter sheets and in Presentation Packs? If they are all wrong - is it really an error (in the philatelist's sense)?

Will there be a reprinting? Or just left as an oddity?

Thread: Post Offices
04/05/2020 14:48:00

Good question... If they have no actual high-value stamps on hand because the local manager has not ordered them then you can't demand they sell some to you. Don't know if there's any obligation to keep a full range on hand (and it may vary from sub-PO to main PO).

I habitually ask for stamps rather than a label when sending an overseas letter and have not had this issue yet.

(If no-one here has a definitive answer, I can ask a RoyalMail person on another forum)

Thread: How times have changed !
09/03/2020 10:01:39

Fred said:

and one dealer was selling u/m blocks of British stamps giving a 20% discount off face value, how long will it be before large discounts are given on the current issues .

If you dig around on eBay you see a lot of recent issues way over face - but how many of them actually sell? It is possible to pick up some issues from the last couple of years well under face and I so this to use them for postage. this weekend - I have paid £6.32 for 2 sheets of 20 first class - that's less than 16p per stamp - or 77% below face! That's a very lucky deal - but 8 or 9 pounds for a sheet of 20 is common so 35% or more below face.

04/03/2020 10:13:17

All the things we said last year are still going on though - just take a look at the upcoming James Bond issue - 3x1st and 3x£1.60 with a miniature sheet of 2x1st and 2x£1.55 then there's the collectors sheet with 5x1st and 5x£1.60 and the retail booklet and ... and...

Why couldn't this have been a 6x1st issue for 6 actors? Or 10x1st for 6 Bonds and 4 "M"s?

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