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Thread: Display Album
07/02/2020 22:03:03

An alternative to writing up pages by hand would be to use a computer program.

Word, Excel and PowerPoint, or the similar but free LibreOffice applications are all popular choices. Alternatively, one could use a dedicated stamp album application such as AlbumEasy which is also free.


Thread: Newly Released Albumeasy 4.1 - Free Stamp Album Software
16/10/2019 18:10:12
I am pleased to announce the release of AlbumEasy V4.1.

This release contains a few enhancements, bug fixes, and new features, but the really big news is that AlbumEasy is now also supported on the Apple MAC.

Changes for this release:
  • New: ALBUM_PAGES_FOOTER_PAD used to adjust the spacing between the page border and text in the page footer.
  • Enhancement: The STAMP_BORDER_STYLE command now accepts a BLANK parameter to create a frameless stamp box.
  • Enhancement: As of this release AlbumEasy will automatically detect and convert a range of Unicode formatted text files. This includes the formats supported by Windows Notepad and other text editors.
  • Bug fix: Justified text generated by the PAGE_TEXT_PARAGRAPH_START command, that contained some international characters, could lose characters at line beginnings - fixed.
  • Bug fix: Truetype font file extensions are no longer case-sensitive. Previously only files ending with .ttf or .ttc extensions were usable. While files with .TTF and .TTC extensions were ignored.
  • Bug fix: The ALBUM_AUTHOR and ALBUM_TITLE commands now support internationalised text.

As always, AlbumEasy is completely free. Versions for Windows, Linux and now the Apple Mac may be downloaded from **LINK**

Please feel free to contact me for any questions, suggestions or bug reports.

Thread: Create your own albums with AlbumEasy - YouTube tutorial
18/08/2019 23:00:14

Interested in learning how to create your own albums using AlbumEasy the free album creation software. See here for an introduction and tutorial


Thread: Information needed...
30/01/2019 15:45:47

Hi Phil,

Hopefully you find AlbumEasy useful. Please shout if you have any questions about using the program. Best way to contact me is via the contact form on the website.

28/01/2019 18:31:06

It appears that there is something wrong with the main page of the site.

If you do a google search for the first result will be to, but rather than click on that, click on the little inverted triangle to the right which will allow you to choose "cached" to bring up an earlier version of the site.

Search and links to other pages of the site are fully functional, so it appears that the problem is only with the first page. there is a "Contact Me" link on the bottom of the page, you may want to use it to contact the owner in case he/she is unaware of the problem.

AlbumEasy - Free software for creating custom stamp album pages

Thread: Free Machin Album to download
24/12/2018 04:11:51

Stephen and Bruno,
I hope that you find the pages useful, if you need to modify them then you can use the free AlbumEasy program.
If you have any questions I am always happy to help, you can contact me either from the contact link on my web page or via this forum.

Thread: Thematic Collecting protocols - for omnibus issues
10/09/2018 18:00:15

There is no such thing as good or bad practice, it is absolutely your own choice as to how you choose to collect.
Some people like to have one of each stamp irrespective of whether mint or used and mix them. Others collect only mint and others only used.
My personal preference is to collect two sets, one mint and one used, thus doubling the number of pages.


AlbumEasy - Free software for creating custom stamp album pages

Thread: Stamp cancellation by pen
04/08/2018 21:38:29

It is not just Royal Mail. I recently purchased some stamps from The Netherlands. The sender had taken the trouble to use a very nice selection of stamps on the envelope - unfortunately completely ruined by an over-enthusiastic Dutch postal worker who had attacked them with a ball point pen!


Thread: Free Machin Album to download
01/08/2018 23:27:11

I have just uploaded a free 97 page "Great Britain Denominated Machins" album created by Dennis Wallick to the AlbumEasy web site.
This albums which is completely free can be downloaded as a ready to print PDF file or as an AlbumEasy source file for easy customisation.

This album, along with a range of other albums can be download from **LINK** under the "World" section.

The album which is organised primarily by denomination contains spaces for all major SG and Scott varieties of the denominated Machins. The introductory paragraph in the AlbumEasy source file gives more details.


Thread: AlbumEasy V3.7.0 just released - now supports colour
08/02/2018 21:08:47

I have just released AlbumEasy V3.7.0
As always AlbumEasy is completely free (and also open source for anyone who would like to customise the program).

I am sure that some users will be disappointed that their favourite feature request did not make it into this release, which does not mean that it will never be included, but with a limited amount of time to work on AlbumEasy, I have to give priority to the most frequently requested items first.

New Features:

  • A brand new wizard for creating an initial album. I expect that this will be of most benefit to new users, but seasoned hands may also find it useful.
  • A print button has been added to the help browser to aid with printing help topics.

New Commands:

  • STAMP_BOXES_SIZE_ADJUST to adjusts the size of all succeeding stamp boxes. Primary intended to facilitate album file sharing by providing a means to easily resize all stamps in an album for example to accommodate mounts.
  • STAMP_HEADING_PADDING adjusts the space between stamp headings and stamp boxes.
  • COLOUR_.. / COLOR_.. a group of commands used to set the colours of various elements on a page which makes pages like this possible (although it is suggested that a certain amount of restraint be used in practice).


As always, versions for Windows and Linux as well as the source code may be downloaded from

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or come across any bugs.


Edited By clivel on 08/02/2018 21:10:50

Thread: Free albums to download: Falkland Islands Dependencies, South Georgia, Sandwich Islands
30/12/2017 00:54:33

I have just uploaded three free albums created by Paul Carroll to the AlbumEasy web site: Falkland Islands Dependencies, South Georgia, and South Georgia & the South Sandwich Islands

As always, they are completely free and can be downloaded as ready to print PDF files or as AlbumEasy source files for easy customisation.

One point to note, these albums were originally created using Minion and Myriad fonts which are not free. I have commented out the font definitions and substituted these with free fonts resulting in pages which are not as nice as the originals. Anyone with access to these fonts can simply edit the AlbumEasy source files to restore the original fonts.

The albums can be found here: **LINK**

For questions regarding these albums please feel free to contact me either via the form on the AlbumEasy web site or via this forum


Thread: AlbumEasy Video Tutorial
23/10/2017 23:46:17

I have recently added a Youtube tutorial **LINK** for getting started with AlbumEasy. Hopefully this will ease the learning curve.

AlbumEasy is completely free and open source software for creating custom stamp albums, it may be downloaded here **LINK**

Thread: AlbumEasy V3.6.0 Released - Free and Open Source software for creating custom stamp albums
14/06/2017 07:04:50

AlbumEasy V3.6 Just released
No new commands this time, but a number of enhancements have been made to existing commands:

  • STAMP_ADD_IMG and STAMP_ADDX_IMG commands now take an optional NO_FRAME parameter which will draw images without a border. This is useful for including non-stamp images such as maps, coat-of-arms, etc. on the album page.
  • ALBUM_PAGES_DATE command now supports optional text strings to be output before or after the date
  • ALBUM_PAGES_NUMBER command now supports optional text strings to be output before or after the page number and can now also include the count of the total number of pages.
  • Warnings are now issued when a a non-numeric character is found when a numeric value is expected.

For examples of how to use the new features, please refer to the updated NewExamples.txt album which is included in the examples directory when AlbumEasy is installed.

As always, versions for Windows and Linux as well as the source code may be downloaded from **LINK**

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or come across any bugs.

Thread: Album Creation Software
10/11/2016 18:29:12
Posted by Alex on 07/11/2016 09:01:04:

For me to use I'd need a better text editor system than I've got right now and to print stiff pages a different printer. However, I can clearly see the benefits of using this method as opposed to ready made, and hence less flexible, pages.

If you are looking for a good text editor then there are some excellent free ones available. On Windows I really like Programmer's Notepad. A close second is Geany which is what I regularly use as it has the advantage of being cross platform and I spend most of my time running Linux.

Don't be put off by thinking that these editors are too technical, they are really not much more than Notepad on steroids - one of the features I really like which really speeds up album creation is the ease with which one can duplicate a line of text - for example in Geany control-d will duplicate the line under the cursor. So to place 10 stamps on a page, after adding the first one, it merely requires hitting control-d nine times.

07/11/2016 01:27:44


It could be that what is clear to me is not as clear to everyone else and somehow I failed to convey what AlbumEasy is actually about. The software is intended to produce blank stamp album pages that can then be printed and used in in a real world album. No doubt people can and do use it to create "electronic stamp collections" but that is not the original intent of the program.

If you look at the two thumbnails images on the main page of my web site, the top thumbnail links to a scanned image of an actual page from my Rhodesia and Nyasaland collection, generated by AlbumEasy and printed on blank A4 pages with real stamps inserted into transparent mounts - it could be that my use of transparent mounts led you to the conclude that it is an electronic album, it is most definitely no such thing.

The second thumbnail links to an AlbumEasy generated PDF which is an example of how the program can embed images on a page if so desired. Many collectors like to embed images within the stamp frames, often reduced in size, to act as place-holders.

It is worth taking a look at some of the Albums produced by Bill Weston which can be found on the Albums page. An example being his Cuba Album which shows just how effectively embedded images can be used to enhance a custom album - try producing something similar with Word.

Of course you are free to continue to use Word to produce albums that by your own admission don't really look like albums. For myself I prefer the real thing, presentation is an important part of my collection. Besides which I warrant that my album pages take far less time and effort to produce than the inferior pages you create with Word. Using AlbumEasy an experienced user could likely create a page similar to my Rhodesia and Nyasaland page in 10 to 15 minutes.

As a collector who wrote this software for my own use and then realised that other collectors might find it useful I distribute it free of charge. I am aware of at least a few hundred other collectors who also find that it meets their needs. I do however freely admit that the AlbumEasy paradigm is not for everyone, but for those collectors who have put in the effort to understand how AlbumEasy works they have found it is a fast and efficient way of creating stamp albums.

From my point of view it is immaterial as to whether you decide to try AlbumEasy or not, other than the satisfaction of knowing that others find it useful I get nothing for the program, but I do resent that by jumping to conclusions, and the wrong conclusions at that, that you might deter others from trying the program for themselves.


05/11/2016 20:33:42

I have just released V3.4 of AlbumEasy the stamp album page generation software - still open source and still 100% free. It can be downloaded from **LINK**


09/01/2016 08:52:04

I have just released AlbumEasy V3.1.
This now includes amongst other things the ability to include images inside stamps. Needless to say, AlbumEasy is still 100% free and still open source.

It can be downloaded from


10/02/2014 04:13:56

I have been a member of the MyTimeMedia Model Engineering forum for some time but only recently noticed the links to associated Community Sites including "Stamp Magazine" at the bottom of the page.

Anyway after browsing this forum I thought that some of the members might find AlbumEasy the free stamp album page design software that I developed useful.

AlbumEasy processes a text file containing a description of album pages which it then uses to generates a PDF file as output. Some people don't find this as user friendly as pointing and drawing with a mouse, but many who take the time to understand the text file format find it a fast and efficient way of creating albums

I apologise in advance if this appears to be a commercial posting, but given that the software is completely free and open source, it will soon be seen that this is not the case.


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