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Thread: The philatelic world of "ODDBALLS"
16/04/2020 09:49:22

With quite a few Belgian stamps of around this time period early1900's, usually with the name Brussels and date you will find these official pre-cancelled versions/varieties.

As to why they were issued in this condition does not appear to make sense as a used stamp could easily be reused again after being soaked off if no other cancel was used. There must have been a reason for the overprint but I do not have a justifiable answer !

Due to this fact I have decided to classify them as "oddballs".img_20200416_090823.jpg

Thread: Ultra violet radiation of multiple crown Wilding definitives.
13/04/2020 16:25:34

Your first intuition is correct Paul, as these stamps in normal daylight all appear the same except for the design and value, it is only with the use of ultraviolet light that these differences can be seen.

With regards to kiloware, I have found that purchasing such lots inevitably leads to a lot of duplication, but without that factor one could not compare like-for-like, admittedly it is very time consuming but necessary if you wish to accomplish any results.

Don't expect to find a penny black or something with great value as it has been known for some unscrupulous dealers to have cherry-picked some of the better items out. With kiloware it is always best to get it from source of supply if possible !

Regards, Fred.

13/04/2020 13:06:03

Over the last few years I have become more fascinated with the papers on which stamps have been printed on and issued, irrespective of which country they come from as there seems to be so many variations to be found either relating to production type, thickness (GSM), colour, embodiment content etc. Much of which can be detected by the use of an ultraviolet light, and the beauty of it is that the stamps can be purchased in bulk (kiloware) in many instances at less than a penny each with a chance of an exceptional find as of yet undiscovered.

Many collectors do not know or realise just what they are missing ! As they tend to go more for printing errors or perforation differences in the visible spectrum when seeking a variety.

From just a dozen or so of the 1980 Italian castles is such a case in point with the papers used, allbeit on different values with vastly different shades of paper, ranging from bright lemon to some of the more darker shades found, they are all on piece (as found in kiloware), therefore soaking is not a contributory factor in the differences seen.

I particularly like the 400 Lira ones on the right of the scan as they appear to be of two different shades with the 550 L value being a distinct lime shade. The many subtle differences can't always be picked up with a camera but are quite distinct to the naked eye, no doubt as time progresses I will be inspecting more of this issue, as I feel there is yet more to be discovered.

One thing is for sure: an ultraviolet light is as important a piece of philatelic equipment as a perforation gauge.Fred.img_20200413_001909.jpg

12/04/2020 12:16:24

The two 1/3d scans have now appeared in " Albums " but as updates .

How can you update an album on the 12th when it did not exist in 'Albums' on the 11th ?

Now that's what I call magic !

Have a nice day, Fred.

Edited By Fred Sellars on 12/04/2020 12:19:53

Thread: How times have changed !
12/04/2020 11:52:11

It would appear that not only emails and the price of postage along with the issue of duplicating values with regards to commemoratives and strike threats by Royal mail employees, now they are faced with the coronavirus COVID-19 .

The problem is that it is a worldwide epidemic and not just the Postal services of this country have been affected. I have just been reading an interesting article on how this has affected Postal services, not only in this country but throughout the globe, the item can be found on the following site :-

Let's hope for everyone's sake that a remedy is found soon, so to all the doctors/nurses and carers in today's society who are subjecting themselves to this epidemic.

A BIG THANK YOU and CHEERS to all concerned 🍺. Fred.

Thread: Ultra violet radiation of multiple crown Wilding definitives.
12/04/2020 09:51:06

Good morning Paul,

Now let me ask you a question ! On looking in albums I see only 1 photo "decimal castles", last updated 10/4/20 .

Where did the 2 X 1/3d scans come from ?

This is just a matter of curiosity, Fred.

11/04/2020 17:15:55

Good evening Paul,

Let's start with the used 1/3d Wilding, it would appear to have been contaminated possibly during the soaking off process, it certainly was not issued in that condition. Sorry Paul 😪 but nothing special.

Secondly for your enlightenment phosphor bands are best detected on the Wilding stamps by letting normal light reflect off the surface of the stamps as with the attached scan below irrespective of its colour .

Hoping that this information has been of use to you, Fred.img_20190911_005751.jpg

10/04/2020 20:18:03

Good evening Paul,

As of yet I have done very little study in detail of the gold head castles, you must be well aware that from 1992 up until 1997 these values had several modifications made to them, not only the printers but different papers and inks was also used. Starting with the Harrison prints in 1992 and finalising with the Enschede printings in 1997.

Should you wish to study these particular issues I suggest that you download from your browser a site known as the " " by James Skinner then go to the index and download chapter 8A, this should give you all the information that you require on the subject.

Hoping that this helps you resolve what you are looking for !

I look forward to seeing this 1/3d Wilding you mentioned.

Regards, Fred.


10/04/2020 14:28:10

N B:I should further mention Paul that a lot of the other regionals that you mentioned are NOT on watermarked paper that appear to have highly fluorescent qualities under longwave UV.

It takes quite a few years to get a good understanding on all these variations.

But you're getting there ! 😉

10/04/2020 13:25:49

Good afternoon Paul,

Due to the price differences between the cream and whiter papers especially with unmounted mint, here is a little tip relating to the multiple crown high values that you mentioned.

The Bradbury Wilkinson stamps were issued from 14/11/63 and are all printed on a whiter paper, however, the DLR printings were mainly on a cream paper from 22/7/59 up to 30/04/62 with the odd print between then and 14/11/63. So if you spot a cream paper version then it will be a DLR printing.

You also mention of finding a 1/3d but give no indication as to watermark, phosphor bands or if used or not, may I also point out that there is a difference between fluorescence and phosphorescence that you should be aware of.

I await your response on that one ! Fred.

Thread: The philatelic world of "ODDBALLS"
09/04/2020 19:38:54

img_20200409_184718.jpgAfter searching through some more kiloware I came across these particular stamps, and under normal circumstances would have missed what I now believe to be the same issue but printed by the use of two different kind of inks.

To confirm my findings I decided to put them under the ultraviolet lamp, and as suspected there was a definite difference between the two.The top scan shows them in ordinary light, but the lower one under ultraviolet.

Not having a specialised catalogue or reference for this country I have decided to include them as "oddballs". If anyone can give further information on this variation then please do so.

Thank you, Fred.


Thread: Ultra violet radiation of multiple crown Wilding definitives.
07/04/2020 11:38:27

I have found that without the use of long and short wave ultraviolet lamps you will not be able to discover the different types of fluorescence in papers along with their tagging that can include both phosphorescent and fluorescent qualities, and this does not just apply to the stamps of the UK, but to stamps of the whole world 🌍

The ultraviolet lamp is an invaluable tool that all serious modern day philatelists should endeavour to acquire, in order for them to discover things that otherwise would be invisible to the naked eye.

There is so much more to discover that has not yet been found with their use !

Thread: The contaminated papers of the multiple crown Wilding stamps
06/04/2020 22:09:52

CONTINUATION of contaminated papers .......


As a consequence of these contaminated papers, my findings indicate that they were the prelude to the darker cream and fluorescent type papers produced post 1962. As to the timeline it would appear that no records have been published relating to when these changes were made, as it's all been kept a bit hush hush.



Edited By Fred Sellars on 06/04/2020 22:10:50

06/04/2020 18:31:41

Furtherer reasons as to the variations in paper can be attributed to the contaminated papers discovered with fluorescent flecks/fibres in some of these issued stamps paper, the like of which can be found on a recent thread made by me with the name of " The contaminated papers of the multiple crown Wilding stamps "and should be read in liaison to this thread.

Any comments would be welcome on the subject, thank you, Fred.

Edited By Fred Sellars on 06/04/2020 18:34:16

Thread: Christmas 1970
06/04/2020 16:13:18

Good afternoon Paul,

Postage stamps that have been exposed to the sun's rays have a tendency to fade over time due to a process known as photochemical reaction, this is probably the reason for the difference in colour of the two stamps shown.

Thread: Identifying a Stamp's Country of Issue
04/04/2020 22:47:01

Good evening Gillian what you like !

Presuming you already have an album for this forum here's what to do.

(1) Log in, then go to albums located between 'friends' and 'magazines' , this should bring up the album you previously created.

(2) Press the edit photos (in blue) , this should bring up 'add more photos', press this link which brings up choose a file options, press one of the 5 options available and this will take you to gallery where I presume your photo is stored.

(3) Press the relevant icon where your photo is stored and select the photo in question, press the ✓ top right this then should bring you back for you to enable upload photo, which should add the photo to your album.

Here's hoping you are successful with my instructions, Fred.

Thread: The contaminated papers of the multiple crown Wilding stamps
04/04/2020 14:12:58

CONTINUATION of contaminated papers ........

The scan below, is a further indication that no British stamp papers have been so contaminated before, and as previously stated there is NOTHING to indicate their existence as far as books/catalogues relating to this particular subject is concerned .

Many other values are similarly affected.

TO BE CONTINUED ..........img_20200404_133649.jpg

Thread: HMSO perforations
04/04/2020 11:08:01

Paul 1 - With regards to your comment that used stamps are not as issued !

That is why they are called " used " and not " mint as issued " .

Other Punch-Drunk stamps can be found on telegram receipts used in payment, these holes are official unlike the majority of perfins found, and are possibly the nearest equivalent to the experimental Sloper cancel first implemented in the latter half of the 19th century .

As to what these telegram stamps are worth is anybody's guess unless you specialise in this particular type of cancel .

Thread: The contaminated papers of the multiple crown Wilding stamps
03/04/2020 14:08:42

CONTINUATION of contaminated papers .........

What initially sparked my interest was due to the fact that this type of paper was so much more different than any other British stamp paper seen before, and yet, there was no information about them in any publishings that had been made, therefore, they became cause for further study

The majority of these luminous fibres have been found mainly on the lower value definitives with values ranging from the 1d to the 1/6d in the multiple crown watermark issues, but some findings have been made with the commemorative also with same watermark, an example can be seen below taken under ultraviolet light then filtered into mono so as to enhance their presence.

TO BE CONTINUED ............


Thread: The philatelic world of "ODDBALLS"
03/04/2020 11:55:45

Other " oddball " types are the perforation shift errors (unlike the penny red short perforated ones) caused by an incorrect feed when being processed on the perforating machine. Perforation errors can also occur due to a missing pin or faulty one giving what is known as a " blind perf ", paper folds are another example caused by the perforator whilst the paper was folded, how these particular stamps got onto the market amazes me, as they should have been spotted by either the quality control checkers or the post office staff that sold the stamps over the counter and disposed of.

A picture of a perforation error can be observed with this Machin 22p flame red depicted below, every country that produces stamps with perforations will no doubt have examples such as the "Sower" shown in another of my previous threads.img_20200403_112458.jpg

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