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Thread: Meet the "FIB'S"
25/06/2019 11:58:34

Good morning all you Widing fans out there,

So as to bring you up-to-date with my findings so far with regards to "FIB'S" the various values found are as follows :-

The 4d value which not only has been found in sheet form but also in booklets❌

The 7d value only found on sheets.

The 8d value sheet form only.

The 1/- value that has already been shown to you.

❌ Booklet finding made by Hanns Fasching of the "Modern British Philatelic Circle" in his report in the Bookmark journal 2015 volume 45:no.3: pages 148/9.

Other than the booklet all the rest have been found in my own collection, it is quite possible that other values exist but have yet to be discovered.

Please report any other values found by your kind selves.

Thank you, Fred.

Thread: Should these stamps be listed ?
25/06/2019 10:30:44

This thread has been on the forum since 19/6/19 and not one of you has bothered to give their opinion, Mr Gibbons won't bite you if you speak out,he may just take notice of what you say.

Let your fingers do the talking !

Thread: The Wilding m/c stamps
24/06/2019 22:35:43

In my initial placing of this thread I feel it has being wrongly allocated and should have been placed on the topic of GB collecting, the word specialism threw me off somewhat, thinking this topic was for specialised items.

Thread: Some stuff I've been up to, and upcoming...
24/06/2019 19:06:10

Howdy there Carmen (you have to pardon my Yankee expression),

So you have a little black book how fascinating, no doubt you took that with you to the annual stamp show near Toronto.

I hope you was successful in crossing off a few more from your list.

In the meantime I would like to wish you a very very belated happy birthday💐, is it 21 again or shouldn't I ask ?😄

Kind regards Fred.


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Thread: Could there be a reversed multiple crown watermark ???
24/06/2019 14:59:17

For the record I would like to rectify a previous statement made by the experts sent to me on the 24th of April 2019, it stated the following.

quote :-

"We have already stated that we believe that your theories, although interesting, are not of major philatelic importance and would seem to be based on a very small sample of material"

And was not as previously stated in my last posting, that is the reason why I gave up contacting them.

Thank you.

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Thread: "Wildings" is this a cream or whiter paper ?
24/06/2019 12:58:29

Hi Carmen,

I can't top that one, perhaps he needs to go to Guernsey.

Have a nice day.

Thread: Could there be a reversed multiple crown watermark ???
24/06/2019 12:39:28

Good morning Canada you're up early Carmen,

I have in the past contacted several people of renown such as Ian Harvey, Chris Harman of the Royal philatelic society in London, Hugh Jefferies the editor of Stanley Gibbons, and even the trusted editor of this magazine Guy Thomas who you probably already know.

However latter two are not specialists and could give no comment, however the experts from the RPSL were rather elusive they would not even except that the ribbing was reversed when asked the question ,they even expected me to explain how the anomaly that I stated had happened and gave excuses as to why not.

I eventually gave up trying to convince them as they appeared adamant on the subject and later sent me notice that this was of little philatelic interest.

I have however had some interesting information from the archivist at De La Rue a Mr Georgie Salzedo who confirmed some of my findings which is encouraging.

So there you have it !

It looks like being a busy day so TTFN Fred

Thread: "Wildings" is this a cream or whiter paper ?
24/06/2019 11:16:28

With any specialised subject in philately such as coloured papers, perforations, different types of phosphors,minute differences, watermarks or various shades you are going to need some form of instrument or aid to help you to detect the difference.

Several things spring to mind when looking at the above such as a magnifying glass,a perforation gauge, watermark detector or a colour chart, all of these things can be used under the normal spectrum with the naked eye to distinguish any variation, however there are some subjects that require a different approach.

How would you differentiate between some 8 mm phosphors on the Wilding stamps such as the 1/3d value as there are three colours to choose from as in normal daylight they all look the same !

I would use a shortwave ultraviolet light to recognise them with their afterglow, as I am sure all serious collectors of this issue would also do.

We now come to the crux of the matter with regards to different types of papers used as since 1962  the post office stated that from there on only whiter papers would be used to print these stamps.

My question to you is how would you know the difference.

This forum appears to mainly consist of spectators rather than participants perhaps you could get involved, why not, isn't that why you registered for in the first place to be part of it ?

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Thread: Could there be a reversed multiple crown watermark ???
24/06/2019 01:42:48

I have decided to add an additional value to the shilling one previously depicted.

The picture was taken in impact mode which highlights the ribbing and watermark combined,which makes it more distinctive for identification of the difference, therefore making it quite obvious that the single ribbing is in fact reversed on the block as against the  strip .img_20190624_011224.jpg

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Thread: Some stuff I've been up to, and upcoming...
23/06/2019 14:18:21

Hiya Carmen it's that guy from blighty again.

Having a stamp from every country that has ever issued one sounds rather daunting as Gwalior is but the tip of an iceberg as would be Nova Scotia,New South Wales, Hawaii, Heligoland and suchlike.

How would you classify the United Nations stamps. 🌍🌎🌏

Would that also include local posts as well such as Lundy etc. etc., the mind boggles.

I don't think I will be going there, but best of luck if you attempt such a task.

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Thread: Could there be a reversed multiple crown watermark ???
22/06/2019 20:28:36

Good evening Billy,

The watermark would look the same as previously stated in my original post ,it's the ribbing that counts, you don't need to see the watermark, but I can assure you that it is there !

I hope this clarifies the matter.

22/06/2019 19:48:51

Hi Billy again,

As I have already stated the ribbing and watermark was produced at the same time, the clue is in the ribbing as some ribbings are reversed consequently the watermark is likewise.

Now do you understand my logic relating to the theory.

Thread: Perforation error on the 22p Flame red
22/06/2019 19:37:24

Hi Billy,

At this moment I don't want to sell it but just make basic enquiries,usually the stamps offered are in an unmounted condition whereby this one is used , nevertheless , used can sometimes be scarcer than the mint ones.

This value could be much more elusive than some of the others specimens currently available.on the market.

Thanks for the update, regards Fred.


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Thread: Could there be a reversed multiple crown watermark ???
22/06/2019 18:01:30

I don't want to cause an upset to the philatelic community but I may have found something that no one else has looked for before that involves the multiple crown watermark relating to the Wilding definitives.

It's just a theory and not written in stone but I may have discovered a reversed watermark that according to the experts does not exist , I have been studying this issue for nearly 2 years and as everyone knows that the design of the multiple crown watermark would appear the same even when reversed, however, I have discovered that on some of the higher values there appears to be a type of single ribbing in the laid paper set at a 45 degree angle, but what is more interesting is the fact that I have found similar types that run in the opposite direction, by using the ribbon in the laid paper as a type of "Rosetta stone" it would appear that stamps of certain values have a reversed watermark as the ribbing was produced at the same time as the watermark when the paper was just pulp.

As I state this is just a theory but the reversed or offset ribbing does exist.

Please view my finding of the 1/- value below, thank you.

Is it possible ????img_20190524_151557.jpg

Thread: Help with what this stamp is for a newbie
22/06/2019 13:54:39

Good afternoon Carmen or should it be good morning in Canada,

Yes Carmen you've got it in one, it's the colloquial meaning for water H2O in blighty.

Each to his or her own as the case may be.🚱

As Paula has only the odd stamp to check it seemed rather frivolous for her to purchase what you stated.

Have a nice day.

Thread: Meet the "FIB'S"
22/06/2019 10:10:58

Good morning again Trev,

All the stamps depicted in the picture are unmounted mint .

The thickness of the gum in this case is irrelevant as it is the paper that responds to the UV light .

I agree that used stamps when being soaked off can get contaminated either by the paper they have been stuck on or the fluid that has been used, therefore I prefer to use unmounted mint if at all possible when showing a variety .

If you are going to go through your Wilding selection I suggest that you also look for the different coloured papers to be found on the multiple crown definitives in order to detect the cream type and whiter type varieties to be found.

Only use long wave UV and not short wave as this will not differentiate.

Happy sorting , cheers🍷 Fred.



Edited By Fred Sellars on 22/06/2019 10:11:44

Thread: Perforation error on the 22p Flame red
22/06/2019 09:40:47

Good morning Trev,

Prior to this reply I looked at your unusual collection in your album and particularly liked the pair of penny reds with the blind Ps and should be quite plateable.

I agree with what you say with regards to the fact that these stamps should not have been sold over the counter and often wonder how some imperforate stamps get onto the market, having said that my initial enquiry was relating to its scarcity as I have not seen any adverts for this particular value as it is availability that can make a stamp rare.

Thanks for your posting.

Thread: Meet the "FIB'S"
21/06/2019 20:18:04

To prove that I don't tell "fibs" here is a picture of the three types of papers used to print them,as seen under long wave UV.

Top row are "fibs"

Second row are "whiter papers"

Bottom rows are "cream type papers"

I hope you can see the difference, thank you.


Edited By Fred Sellars on 21/06/2019 20:20:25

21/06/2019 17:12:25

Good evening everyone,

Anyone that has every been involved with collecting Wilding stamps will know that in the last part of their existence two types of papers evolved from cream paper to whiter ones, and has had an air of controversy ever since the post office issued a proclamation that from 1962 only whiter ones would be used to print the Wilding multiple crown definitives.

I can now let you into a little secret there was actually three types of papers used to print the Wilding stamps, cream type, whiter type and the third was a paper that included small fluorescent fibres in them that seems to have been introduced in the late 1960s, not a lot of information has been disclosed with regards to the third type it's all been a bit hush hush.

This information is to make you aware that they exist and are waiting to be discovered by the eagle-eyed collector with the use of a long wave UV light.

I suggest you first start looking in your own collection for them and branch out from there.


Thread: Perforation error on the 22p Flame red
21/06/2019 13:41:21

Good afternoon Carmen,

I see that we have similar likes and dislikes, however it would seem that miss-perforations are not a thing that the catalogues tolerate, I suppose they have to draw a line somewhere and these appear to be a no-no, however, some omissions are debatable (see my recent thread with regards to the penny red perf 16s).

This site gives you and me a chance to air their views on various aspects of Philately even when we are in disagreement with the upper echelons of the philatelic fraternity.

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