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Thread: Year printed upside down.
23/02/2021 23:31:17

That goes without saying Paul, as most things are collectable from birds eggs to insects, whatever takes your fancy for one reason or another. Fred.

23/02/2021 20:29:56

You can often find a stamp with no official cancel, but how often do you find an official cancel but no stamp.

Perhaps a larger scan is needed of this particular item/cover in its entirety to determine it's authenticity.

And Julian for what other reason could there be for Rochdale to be designated as being in Lancashire other than total incompetence, especially with other towns in Greater Manchester also affected by both the post office and RM. Fred.

23/02/2021 13:25:46

Another regional that has a differential between cream and white papers is that of the 4d plain for Northern Ireland, issued on the 7th of February 1966, being later superseded by the two violet 9½mm phosphor banded variety on 2nd of October 1967.


Although there is quite a notable difference when seen under long wave ultraviolet light with the naked eye, it is sometimes hard to capture as a digital image. Fred.

Thread: Year printed upside down.
23/02/2021 00:24:06

It would appear Kevin that not only had they got the year botched up but also the county in which Rochdale resides, as from 1974 Rochdale was part of Greater Manchester. Fred.

Thread: Penny Red PLATE?
23/02/2021 00:02:56

Since my last posting to you on the 2nd of January, I have managed to scan a mint specimen of plate 77 in relation to what Tim Clarke stated regarding the position of the tails of the 7s not being in the right place.

This is what he meant.........



The 7s in the mesh appear to be more centralised than the ones on your stamp, but I must admit, the one obtained by SG don't appear to be either ! Fred.

Thread: How times have changed !
21/02/2021 20:34:28

Irrespective of the cancellations Julian, you're last statement "HOW TIMES HAVE CHANGED" is very relevant with today's stamp issuing authority. Fred.

21/02/2021 14:47:28

In the process of removing the fluorescent contaminants via oxidation, a new post 1962 cream paper was inadvertently created.

This next attachment shows the result relating to the 8d value.


Every picture tells a story !


Thread: How times have changed !
19/02/2021 11:27:41

Good morning Neil, this 24ct gold trinket in the form of a stamp, have you any idea as to it's actual weight ?

Just curious ! Fred.

18/02/2021 10:57:23

Personally, I can't see anyone wanting to pay £47-95 for the recent 13th edition of the GB pre-decimal specialised catalogue, when so many variations of paper (including the contaminated ones) have not been included (deliberately withheld ?) as stated by Mr Walton RDP FRPSL

Gold award (at Stockholmia 2019) or not, I give it the thumbs down 👎 award in lacking relevant information. Fred.

Thread: How times have changed !
16/02/2021 12:00:37

The gold stamp that you mentioned Neil was not issued for postal use due to its price, but for speculators being a limited edition.

That is the only reason why it has sold out. Fred.

16/02/2021 11:07:47

Hear we go again with "fools and horses" issued today with 4 1st class + 4 @ £1-70 with another 4 stamps in the miniature sheet to complete the set, giving a total outlay of £15-30.

The unlucky winner 🏆 being Royal Mail

The lucky loser being the British stamp collector.


16/02/2021 09:37:52

According to the SG specialised catalogue this next stamp does not exist on a cream paper being listed as printed on a whiter paper only.

The stamp in question is of the 4d 9½mm violet phosphor from a booklet with watermark inverted.

For the sake of comparison I have put it side by side with the normal whiter paper that is listed along with captions so that you can discern for yourself.


With a reversed image of the same stamps.........


According to the experts cream papers have not been used to print Wilding stamps since 1962 when the changeover was made, but this cream paper variety was printed in 1967 five years later. Fred.

Thread: India
14/02/2021 10:12:16

Good morning Julian,

A site that you may be interested in based on some of your findings on this topic can be found by entering the following:-

And could well be a source for further information. Fred.

13/02/2021 12:16:33

As with the Scotland and Northern Ireland 6d regionals it can be found that 3 versions of paper exist of the Welsh ones ranging from the earlier creams up to 1962 followed by the whiter and fluorescent papers thereafter.


The problem is that the SG specialised catalogue only lists 2 of the variations detected and completely ignores the fluorescent variety as with other GB stamps of that era.

Here is the reverse view of the same stamps.........


Every picture tells a story, Fred.

Thread: Stamp collection
10/02/2021 12:11:28

Good afternoon Diane,

As a general guide you could enter "stamp world" into your browser which will give you a free catalogue to all the stamps of the world in order to give a rough valuation, not forgetting what Paul said over catalogue prices. Fred.

10/02/2021 10:10:05

Just how can an oxidized cream paper and a fluorescent paper be classified as being the same, when obviously this is not the case !


The SG SPECIALISED Vol 3 for multiple crown watermarked papers gives erroneous information on various aspects relating to contaminated, oxidised creams and fluorescence to be found on many of these stamps. Fred.

09/02/2021 16:47:09

The one thing that puzzles me is that SG list the difference between OCP and FCP on the Machin issues, yet can only give general comments (as stated by Mr Walton) on the multiple crown Wilding fluorescent stamp papers of which are easily identifiable under long wave ultraviolet light, and are unlike the cream and whiter ones that are currently listed. Fred.

06/02/2021 15:27:29

I'm not sure as to which planet the upper echelons of the hierarchy at Stanley Gibbons live on, but it certainly gives one food for thought, experts or not when it comes to making decisions on what to list in their catalogues.

I was astounded when Mr Frank Walton RDP FRPSL posted this excerpt of a statement made on the discussion board of the Great Britain Philatelic Societies' QE II forum on 6th of May last year.


I do not wish to appear disrespectful, but even experts once thought that the world was flat !

Need I say more ? Fred.

05/02/2021 12:25:55

It is claimed that the whiter paper, introduced from 1962 onwards, was produced by using a water filtration system that would rectify any discolouration found to be present in the local river Erme that was their source of supply at the Ivybridge papermill, as it gave uniformity to the colour of the paper supplied to print the Wilding stamps after complaints had been made by the GPO, this extra whiteness would also be beneficial for the automatic letter facing (ALF) section that was part of the automatic sorting system that had been introduced in the late 1950s. Fred.

04/02/2021 11:58:03

Since their introduction in 1953 all Wilding stamps have been printed on 4 different varieties of paper and up to and partly including 1962 these stamps was printed on a CREAM paper.

Here is a simplified version of the 4 different basic papers used to print Wilding stamps, as seen under long wave ultraviolet light, starting with the 1957 46th parliamentary conference as printed on the original cream paper, followed by the other 3 being printed post 1962 after the changeover was made.


The next attachment shows the same stamps but in reversed position.


I have not included the contaminated papers due to the fact they have normally been discovered on the whiter paper variety.

Every picture tells a story ! Fred.

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