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Thread: How times have changed !
28/11/2020 10:43:40

On looking up your albums Julian, I can see see you have a very wide range of interests, much of which concentrates on Diana Princess of Wales, especially in mini sheet format. It's a lovely collection you have of her, no doubt you have other memorabilia such as news clippings and such to commemorate Diana, did you ever get to meet or see her when she was alive ?

It was amazing to see all the tributes that was laid at Buckingham Palace after the tragic car accident in Paris.

Have a nice day and stay safe !


27/11/2020 12:58:38

So don't put the onus on me Paul !

27/11/2020 12:23:00

Could this be the reason why ? Fred.img_20201127_121339.jpg

Thread: GB Stamps: Latest Issues
26/11/2020 12:57:27

The fact is that there are so many unwanted stamps flooding the market these days that large discounts are being offered for previous issues.

I recently bought some second-class ones for 45p saving 20p for every Christmas card sent and I am sure that Neil could well do the same rather than fork out 75p as against what he has just stated.

How long will it be before these new issues fall into the same category, so why buy them at new issue prices from the RM ? Fred.

25/11/2020 19:50:58

Yes Paul, I nominate the editor at Stanley Gibbons, Hugh Jefferies.


Thread: GB Stamps: Latest Issues
25/11/2020 18:19:28

It's not just a matter of quantities sold per set Alex, but with how many stamps per issue and how many issues are flooding the market that's being printed per annum, along with the duplication of the higher values creating additional expense for the collector.

As far as the RM are concerned it's the equivalent of printing money !

All of the above factors are certainly not an encouragement for others to follow towards taking up the hobby, in fact they are quite detrimental. Fred.

25/11/2020 11:07:09

Further to your comments Paul, I feel that to withhold information that is relevant (as is the case with the experts at RPSL) the philatelic fraternity are therefore being denied knowledge and progress related to the facts. Fred.

Thread: How times have changed !
24/11/2020 15:14:42

Ah ! You're a grabber then Julian...... " Watch out girls ", Fred.

Thread: PSB individual definitives from panes
23/11/2020 17:56:36

Sorry, I can't help you with that one Rob, I keep most of my collection in stock books, bags or plastic sleeves.

Perhaps someone who uses the type of album you are interested in may give you the answer.


Thread: How times have changed !
23/11/2020 13:49:56

I think you like "the thrill of the chase" from what I can gather based on your comments Julian.

You're not the only collector that likes to wave red flags to bulls, but in my case it's waving fluorescent rags ! Plus other things.

Have a nice day and carry on cruising, Fred.

Thread: PSB individual definitives from panes
23/11/2020 12:07:50

Dear Rob,

You may be interested to know that Rushstamps do quite a good coverage of individual stamps from panes from the ½p side band up to the current ellipticals, if you go to their website you can download the offers in their latest Rush Express AG edition found on pages 29/32.

The only drawback is that they only take minimum orders of £15.

Nevertheless worth a try !


22/11/2020 10:40:06

It should not be just a select few such as the expert committee of the RPSL who appear to be adamant in releasing any information over what is known of the debacle of these papers back in the mid to late 60s, as they obviously have their reasons for doing so !

It was Dr John Sugden the Woodstock catalogue editor back in 1968 that stated official silence was absolute when trying to gain information from official sources, since then (50+ years later) little or no information has ever been attributed to these 'varieties' of paper that exist from official sources.

I agree wholeheartedly with Dr Sugden's statement, and it's about time that this was rectified.


Thread: How times have changed !
21/11/2020 17:27:43

"If you are a good lad, you can have the top off your dad's egg" as some mothers used to say in days of yore.

Colin Wright 2 said he had lost interest in commemoratives but did not give a reason as to why.

I also noticed your comments on the new commemorative issues you have recently made in the past, do you still collect them, and what is your perception of them ? As I am sure you may have your own ideas on these new issues.

For example, 18 different stamps in the latest "Star Trek" issue that excludes captain Pike !

Exit stage left, Fred.

Edited By Fred Sellars on 21/11/2020 17:51:21

20/11/2020 09:25:42

Good morning Julian,

So you think that in the not too distant future people will become Cyborgs, I think you have been watching too many sci-fi films with that one Julian, however, technology is rapidly advancing and the Victorian method of communication (by letter/post) is now becoming a thing of the past.

I also remember a children's programme by the name of Worzel Gummidge back in the 70s where as a scarecrow he could change his head to accomplish different functions 🎃 . Fred.

19/11/2020 12:37:12

I can only hope Paul that from my many submitted attachments on this forum, that rectifications will be made in specialised catalogues, that is relevant to my findings, instead of what is currently depicted on the subject of paper variations for the multiple crown Wilding papers.

At the end of the day it will be the collectors of these stamps that have their say over what is factual and what is erroneous information. Fred.

18/11/2020 21:46:42

Proposing a new listing and getting it published is not what I had in mind Paul, perhaps an approach to the BPA on the subject could be another avenue to be investigated on these paper variations discovered.

Thanks for your words of wisdom over the situation, as these omitted paper variations have frustrated me now for several years, apparently without much success in approaching the elite of the philatelic fraternity.

Regards, Fred.

18/11/2020 19:21:54

Little, if any information has ever been disclosed by the RPSL (expert committee) over the contaminated papers to the philatelic media, even though they have known of them for several years, it's as though they want to keep them a secret, as no notification has ever been disclosed by them over these contaminated papers.

If you know of such a publication then please inform the uninitiated over it's existence.

img_20201118_184758.jpgThis was Mr Harman's brief reply to me after submitting some of my findings on the subject around 2 years ago. Fred.

Thread: Becoming a guest with the GBPS
16/11/2020 19:33:28

Hi Julian,

If you are hungry for information on GB stamps you will find a feast awaits any visitor to this site, ranging from the pre-stamp period up to current modern day issues, there are even two sections for Queen Victoria, one being specifically for the line-engraved stamps.

However, unless you are a member of the society you cannot make any postings on the many categories available, with the annual subscription for UK members being £25 per annum which includes 6 journals in colour and a newsletter sent out every 2 months written by many eminent philatelists that have dedicated many hours of their time on a specific subject.

If you are a serious GB collector whichever reign you specialise in, then I recommend that you join, after all, the price is less than the cost of 3 sets of recent modern commemorative issues for comparison. Fred.

16/11/2020 06:57:40

Whether or not you are a collector of British stamps, you are welcome to browse this site free of charge, as we don't print stamps on toilet paper and you don't have to spend a penny ! Fred.

Thread: How times have changed !
15/11/2020 22:30:58

Perhaps you could explain Colin as to why your interest has diminished, by just giving us in your opinion the reason why !


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