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Thread: Any ideas on early Afghan stamps
12/12/2020 14:43:03

Just to update everyone, I have heard back from Afghan philatelic

"The second stamp on the face of it looks good. This issue has been very widely forged, but this one looks OK. An Abasi value from the 1880 water colour series (try not to hold it with sweaty fingers – I learnt the hard way by leaving a nice thumb print on one of mine!!). I’d say it looks like Die II – but you’ll need to count those blessed dots to be sure and I hope you’ll forgive me for not doing so. Die I has 97 dots in the outer circle and 50 in the inner circle. Die II has 87 and 45. If the numbers aren’t right, then it is a pretty good forgery! "

Looking at the Stamp World on-line catalogue, it is valued at £2.50, so I am definatly not going on a Caribbean Cruise next year and Fred can put his feet up.

Thanks to everybody for their help


11/12/2020 11:49:47

Thanks again Fred,

I am still awaiting response from Afghan Philatelics , so as soon as I hear from them I will let you know. I didn't expect you to dig this deep......

I have been collecting for many years and I cannot now remember where it came from. About 30yrs ago, I was given a few boxes full of stamps with stamps from all over the world. A lot of them were really old and I sorted them out and put them in albums.

These 2 stamps, I believe were amongst them. I also got some early Indian (and Fuedal States) and an 1856 Finland (SG3).

I have accumulated so many stamps, I am running out of room. I have 4 Windsor GB albums, 8 Commonwealth Albums and numerous World. I have always been a bit of a hoarder, so I have also got loads of stock books with duplicates. It is time for me to de-clutter and drastically downsize.

09/12/2020 19:46:05

Thanks to everyone who responded.

Fred certainly found the Afghan Stamp site.

I have sent the scan to them by email and will hopefully update the post with a result.



08/12/2020 11:05:22

img20201208_10521548.jpgHi all,

As I have no knowledge whatsoever on Afghanistan, either language or stamps,

I am trying to identify these 2 early stamps. I believe they are about 1873 but as to which ones or face value they could be.

Hopefully there is someone out there who collects stamps from this country can point me in the right directionimg20201208_10515573.jpg

Thread: Old postal cover OHMS
07/06/2020 11:29:36

img20200607_11113741.jpgIn a mammoth sort out, I have stumbled across an old OHMS cover from The Paymaster General

I cannot identify the address completely and there are numerous amendments and additions.

The back of the envelope is covered with further scribblings and date stamps from Paris, Chambery etc.

I would imagine it to be worth something and would like to know thoughts etc

Any help would be appreciatedimg20200607_11101751.jpg

Thread: Collecting Nepal stamps
19/05/2020 17:58:41

I seem to recall someone joining recently and saying they collected Nepal stamps.

I would like to message whoever it was, to help me with some 1800's. Try as I amy, I cannot seem to differentiate, and certainly cannot decipher them.


Thread: Postmarks
09/09/2019 14:04:41

I came across these postmarks from 1842-1847, but I cannot seem to find out exactly what they are, or where they originate from.

Any ideas please? and are they worth anything.

Your help would be appreciated


Thread: What do you collect?
21/08/2019 14:59:21

Hi Alistair,

It depends on exactly what you need to know.

If you just want to date them and see what their rough value is, you could look at They have an online "catalogue" covering most countries. This is free, just register with them.

If you are looking for more detailed identification, there are several Stanley Gibbons catalogues, some more detailed than others and show the various varieties and common known faults, shades etc.

If you are only staying with GB commemoratives and not straying for oddities, then Stampworld would help. Otherwise check out the catalogues from Stanley Gibbons.

24/11/2018 21:44:51

Welcome David,

I, like you, stopped collecting GB some years ago for the very same reason.

Unfortunately, most countries are the same and look and us collectors for their revenue and new commemoratives are a fine example.


Thread: George VI 1 1/2d flaw?
22/08/2017 13:00:47

Thanks everyone for your views.

I have come to the conclusion that the stamps I have are NOT the flaw.

From my research, the pale vertical line is in fact the mast !!! The flaw is when this "mast" is broken by a thin horizontal line, extending left from the dark grey upright post to the right of the mast.

It helped me, so it might just help other collectors.

21/08/2017 14:55:19

Hi again,

I think I am going blind! I am still sifting through my collection and after your helpful advice got a 2015 Gibbons Commonwealth ( From the local library) so I have only got a while to get better values. In my 2001 catalogue, the broken mast fault on the 1 1/2d.

I seem to have nothing but because I have not got one without the white fault line.Even the one in the catalogue shows a similar line as perfect.

I know everyone would like to "hit the jackpot" but I know I am that lucky.

Can anyone help?img20170821_11545542.jpg



Thread: Bermuda GeorgeVI High values
10/08/2017 19:28:54

Thank you all for your guidance. The main trouble I am finding is that on Ebay etc, they are mainly mounted mint.that are offered. All of these, except Sg121d and e, are unmounted mint.

If there is anyone that is serious about them, they can contact me, but I did not enter the forum as a sales pitch.

My 2001 catalogue listed them at £4100, but I do know that I will never get that, or anything like it.

Thanks again. Keith

10/08/2017 14:13:52

img20170810_10235681.jpgimg20170810_10192237.jpgimg20170809_12001862.jpgI am in the middle of selling off my world and commonwealth stamps. I cam across these 2 pages in my album, which I "identified" and catalogued them from my 2001 Gibbons British Commonwealth catalogue. When I totalled them up, thought they might be more suitable for big auction house. I am now wanting re-assurance as to the specific stamps. Not being a member of any club, would love some help etc.img20170806_12454623.jpg

Thread: What do you collect?
05/03/2017 20:02:46

I have been collecting stamps "on and off" since I was about 12. (1957)

It started as a typical schoolboy thing and really remained an 'as and when'. It was not until about 20 years ago that |I began to increase my collection and started to buy and exchange stamps. I did not exactly specialise in any country, mint or used and anywhere in the world was just more stamps.

It has just grown and grown, with a modest GB collection of mainly used, some mint. I also keep stock books ( I don't know why) but having overfilled 8 large stock books with duplicate stamps.

I then moved along to Commonwealth, The same "stock of duplicates". As I had stamps from other places, mainly Germany, France and USA, I started up albums for them as well.

I then started to album the ret of the world.

I think almost every collector has got shoeboxes of stamps awaiting to be sorted etc. I am certainly no exception.

I have only recently realised that I cannot keep acquiring stamps over such a large spectrum, and it is time to drastically reduce both the scope and numbers.

Ebay here I come.

If anyone wants odd single used stamps, feel free to ask.

Thread: Is this a new variant?
04/03/2017 22:37:02

Many thanks to all.

I tend to agree completely with Julian and the stamp has been interfered with. Presumably to try to make it look like a "missing" $2 and got carried away with rubbing. As far as the embossing is concerned, other similar stamps are embossed, although they do not show through the stamp but can be felt on the face.

I think we can put this thread to bed now.

As far as the 1c 1917 imperforate, thanks to Carmen (and her trusty Scotts) I am inclined to the thought that this is a single stamp, cut from an imperforate or tete-beche sheet. I have put it in my album as such. I have no idea on value etc,

Thanks again,


04/03/2017 13:12:36

First of all, thanks to you all who have helped.

In relation to the $2 stamp, whilst I would not rule out the sellotape theory, it is an unusual shape to the area missing as it is not a definitive straight edge. I would have expected it to have a straight line rather the area missing.

I have even experimented by taking a similar stamp (in a unsellable condition) and put sellotape on the face. I then soaked it and when I removed the sellotape whilst it was still damp, the surface peeled away, leaving the back. However, the result was far more devastating. I have scanned the back, in relation to the lines (Julian) they are creases and not fold lines. I have also scanned a comparison, if that helps. Maybe only a microscope would settle it.

Thanks also to Alex in relation to the "imperforate". I realise it may be difficult to come to any conclusion from a scanned image, without seeing the real thing.

Fortunately, the stamp has not been completely "licked" and the bottom right corner can be gently lifted, showing good gum. It is also the same feel and thickness as a normal stamp and as it is exactly the same size as a perforated stamp so I do not think it is a cut out from stationary, especially because of the gum and size.



03/03/2017 23:07:05

I have found these amongst my stamps.

The 1st is on a cut out and is imperforate on all sides. Not listed in catalogue only shows coil stamps partly imperforate x perforate.

I cannot see any difference in size between this stamp and a normal perforated stamp. The scan shows a normal perforate to the left with the imperforate to its right.

I seem to also have a 1972 $2 stamp with the value missing or very, very faint. The "tage" of postage is also missing/faint, as well as part of the cloud background. It does not look as though the actual stamp has been damaged or interfered with.

I know you guys know a lot more about these things than I do, so any help would be appreciated


SG 708


Thread: Postmarks
03/03/2017 20:57:30

Many thanks for all the replies.

That has helped me considerably

03/03/2017 14:48:54

I have been collecting stamps for about 60years, and have amassed a considerable number of stamps. Like many other "collectors" I have got stamps everywhere.

I have got shoe boxes full of loose stamps, postmarks, old envelopes etc., mainly dating from 1920-1950.

Not being a collector of postmarks, I know nothing about them.

I have come across this piece, which someone has written "Rare 1249" Can anyone help as to its "usefulness" and what I can do with the rest of these postmarks etc


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