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Thread: Downey head ID help needed
05/02/2017 22:55:02
Sorry to disappoint but from the crown it looks like 1B.
Thread: Plates of the PENCF error
26/01/2017 17:30:53

Is there anyone here knows if it is possible to distinguish the two plates of the George V 1 1/2d "PENCF" error without having the marginal rule?

Background for those who don't know about it- there is a famous error in the three halfpence George V definitive showing the profile "McKennal" king's head, which has the "Royal Cypher" watermark. Two plates of this stamp contained a broken letter "E" at the end of the word halfpence which made it look like an "F". The error only exists on one stamp of each sheet, at the right hand edge.

If the margin is still attached to the stamp it is easy to identify which plate the stamp was printed with- the coloured rule on the margin being a different thickness on each. But on stamps where the margin is no longer present, is it possible to see any difference in the stamps between the two different plates?

Thread: Royal family / Princess Diana collection
22/01/2017 21:04:43
I'm really not interested in selling them. Giving things away seems such an alien concept these days! I would rather give them to someone who would like them. Failing that, charity shop it is.
20/01/2017 11:40:14

Thanks for the info Julian. I have no interest in these myself so if no takers I'll take them along to the charity shop.

Thread: Royal Visit covers
20/01/2017 10:07:25

What makes these fascinating to me is the journey they have all taken, and on board with heads of state. The person who flew the plane has signed them and each of them has been hand-stamped in a few different countries. Apart from that,. they are quite pretty covers! It is strange that so few people are interested in them.

Thread: Windsor Album Woes
19/01/2017 18:45:16

Yes you can post pics- you need to upload them first though. Along the top menu bar just below the Stamp Magazine logo, select "albums"- then you can upload your images. Then when it comes to post on a thread, select the icon that looks like a camera in the edit box.

Thread: Royal Visit covers
19/01/2017 16:00:46

These are RAF-flown Royal Visit covers, signed by the air crew, and hand stamped at the various countries visited.

I've had these sitting in a cover album for quite a few years- I acquired them with another collection that I bought. Does anyone collect them? They are fascinating for the number of different handstamps each cover has received- below is a photograph of the front and back of each one.

royal flown covers.jpg

Thread: Royal family / Princess Diana collection
19/01/2017 15:46:01

Anyone interested in these? Happy to exchange for something or other.

royalty collection.jpg

Thread: Windsor Album Woes
19/01/2017 15:28:40

Hi Craig, I used the Windsor albums for many years. It has lots of extras that are not found in other albums, usually- errors and varieties. However I have in recent years progressed on to the GB specialised catalogues, and going to that level of detail there are lots of inconsistencies with the Windsor- for example it lists the penny red plate 77 (unachievable for nearly everyone) but it doesn't list some common phosphor issues in Machins.

The answer I have come up with is to get an A3 printer (I'm not sure what that format equates to in the US)- basically twice the width of normal letter). I bought the Lighthouse SG albums, which I think are nicer than the Windsor- and I have been gradually making up my own pages for it using Adobe, replacing the given pages a bit at a time, and printing them on blank pages supplied by Lighthouse. The Lighthouse SG comes with clear mounts already fixed, so I have to fix my own mounts to the new pages.I have done all of the Edward VII shades, and plate pages for penny blacks and a few others, and am now moving on to George V shades and varieties. The home-made pages look the same as the published ones.

Thread: Listed errors and variations
15/01/2017 14:55:56

Some nice finds there!

I would agree that your SG819e is the listed error.

Out of interest, how many stamps have you gone through in order to find these?

Thread: Free Windsor binders
15/01/2017 14:49:59

Here is a Windsor album:


11/01/2017 22:31:49
Hi Julian, no they aren't ring binders- the Windsor uses a springback binder- you bend the boards back and they grip the pages all along one edge. Hence you can put any type of pages in. Designed for the size of Windsor pages of course. They are expensive to buy new.
Thread: What do you collect?
11/01/2017 12:16:26

Paul, in Scotland. New to the forum but been collecting for many years. I collect GB from 1840 to 1990, mint and used, and Italian from early states up to about 1980. My main interest at the moment is in QV and EVII.

Thread: Advice About Stamp Mounts
11/01/2017 12:12:32
Posted by Gillian Hutchinson on 14/10/2016 19:06:01:

Hi Julian,

I bought Stanley Gibbons stamp hinges enline. Some are stuck together and difficult to separate, which is rather disappointing. I'm using those for used stamps and hope to order stamp mounts for unused stamps and used stamps which have a sticky residue left on them. I just don"t know what size or how many to get.

Would appreciate any advice on this matter.



Hi Gillian,

Hinges can leave a mark, even on used stamps, which can spoil them a bit. I always use mounts now, which means the stamps don't get anything stuck to them. It also means the stamps can easily be moved around if required. I used Hawid (or Lighthouse- they are the same) mounts. They come in two varieties, clear and black. They also come in different sizes, either ready cut (for example the 21 x 24 size is to fit single definitives), or in long strips which you cut yourself. Without a guillotine it is difficult to cut them perfectly straight, so I usually buy ready-cut ones when they are available. If you are unsure of what sizes to get, best make the first order from a dealer you can speak to and they can tell you what sizes you need for the stamps you have.

Thread: Free Windsor binders
11/01/2017 12:01:01

Not sure if this should better go in the swaps section- I have a few Stanley Gibbons Windsor springback binders going spare, in red and in green- free to a good home if you cover the postage. Anybody want them? Good for splitting up your bulging binder into different volumes.

Thread: Penny black stamp
11/01/2017 11:58:01
Posted by John Conaghan on 24/05/2016 22:34:19:

Hello all

I've just joined this forum and hope someone can help me out

My dear old grandmother Mavis, is a keen stamp collector and she was given me a few of her stamps to help me to start collecting myself, it feels like a very stab in the dark area for me, and I have this one which I am very fond off. Apparently it is of some value. Would one u kind folk please be able to give me an estimated value for this stamp.

Thank you ever so much

Can you post a picture of it?

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