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Thread: How times have changed !
03/06/2020 19:22:36

I collect GB using the Windsor album, I currently have pages up through 2009. Not sure if I want to continue past then. Even at that I'm left with a lot of spaces difficult to fill. My biggest gripe are the endless procession of souvenir sheets. Souvenirs of what, exactly?

Thread: Printed Album etiquette
11/07/2019 17:00:35


Robert, my first post in awhile and sorry you haven't heard from anyone util now. I own that same set, got a like new pair of these on Ebay two years back.

The first thing I realized is that these albums are reprints from an era before mounts were the norm. Apart from a few stamps of value, I do not use them in these volumes. I have had luck finding old vintage hinges from Ebay vendors.

This is a link to a discussion of these albums you may find useful:



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Thread: Windsor Album Question
17/11/2018 01:57:39

I used one of these for my GB collection for years, then a year or more ago decided to try another. I got rid of my Windsor pages but have decided to switch back. I just picked u a set of new pages from a vendor on Ebay, recent copyright.

I note they now have conventional album spaces for the stamps. Before they had squares slightly smaller than the stamp to facilitate mounting but with these pages the stamp is framed. I like the look on these.

Anyone happen to know when they changed the format?

Thread: England World Cup Stamps?
07/07/2018 17:28:59

Are there any rumors of special surprise stamps to be issued in the event England wins the Cup? If so I hope to see something better than the 1966 overprint.

OK I've jinxed things now..

Thread: Found my collection after 45 years
08/06/2018 18:23:05

Gillian I just now noticed your reply. I do not think I ever have heard any operators from the UK, if that's where you are. I live in the US Midwest and mostly it is domestic operators that are heard here. Once in awhile I hear people in Spain but that's about it. I just have an indoor antenna so that may be why.

Thread: Subscription query
07/04/2018 18:34:09

I am not planning to go that route but just for chuckles, I went through the subscription process, giving my US address and the 65.00 price. It appeared to be setting me up for automatic renewal. I chose not to proceed.

I understand why publications would want to do that. It just to me smacks of involuntary servitude.

04/04/2018 14:58:51

Per reply it means they will keep running a charge through on your card at renewal time whether you ask them to or not. That is not something I agree with but I doubt my opinion will be noted by magazine staff, I don't feel many of them look on here too often.

Edited By Collectra on 04/04/2018 14:59:22

29/03/2018 01:47:45

Paul, OK, I see what you refer to. That is the same page I was on before. My query isn't re how to subscribe; it is what is meant by 'continuous debit'. It would seem they'd explain this before you sign up but apparently they don't..

I already found a link to send a question to magazine staff so I assume someone will be getting back soon. Thanks for input.

Edited By Collectra on 29/03/2018 01:52:02

28/03/2018 16:20:21

I couldn't seem to find a link on this site to send a message to staff so will inquire on here, others may wonder abut this too.

I am considering a mail subscription. What exactly is meant by 'continuous debit'? Is my card charge monthly at each mailing? I live in the USA so assume the 65 pound annual sub is prorated over 12 months. How often a year will this be processed?


Thread: Change Screen Name, Can I Do It?
05/03/2018 19:51:03

Currently my actual name is showing on my posts and I cannot figure how to change this so a screen name shows. Any suggestions?

Thread: Nordfrim- anyone Else Having Issues with Them?
05/03/2018 19:47:25

Just an update to air a grievance I am now having with Nordfrim, the supplier I have been ordering Lighthouse pages and binders from.

The latest order I sent and the one before that took much longer to receive and items were sent piecemeal. I order a page set and a binder, also maybe some stock pages. They are usually sent separately. Today I got a set of pages I'd ordered early last month. No sign of the binder I'd ordered, the packing slip appeared to indicate it was enclosed, it wasn't. Also I pre paid using Paypal, they enclosed an invoice billing me again for the entire order. I have sent them an email just now, God knows what is going on or when I will get an explanation.

I strongly suspect they have begun contracting with a German supplier to drop ship albums from Germany. Fine for them but it adds a layer to the process and can lead to confusion. I was just pricing the sectors of this album I am missing, looking on the Lighthouse USA site. They are not that much more than I am paying now, for an additional $20 or so I think Nordfrim is no longer worth the effort.

This seems to have started just recently. Anyone else notice this on Nordfrim orders lately?

Thread: Moderation of this forum- Is There any??
05/03/2018 01:32:44

Billy, I think you nailed it. That forum is awful. It is a real gold mine of information but I learned years ago to just lurk and read, not to post. The moderator and his cronies tear people apart. They have no patience for newbies. Sad because it could be the best stamp resource out there. As it is, it's more like some crazy reality show.

Thread: Found my collection after 45 years
25/02/2018 17:33:56

I have some QSL cards I collected back in the 1960's. One from St Helena, probably worth something.

I still listen to Short Wave radio, although there are now few outlets doing regular programming. Mostly I listen to Ham operators.

Thread: Moderation of this forum- Is There any??
25/02/2018 17:28:08
Posted by Carmen on 25/02/2018 12:29:11:

ABSOLUTELY please ask. I can't stand stamp snobs and fortunately for us, none of 'em have ever joined this forum (and believe me, I've left other fora because of it.

I LOVE this place - no question too basic or "stupid". laughhug

Carmen, I have experienced the same. I stopped posting on other boards because they tolerated abuse of other members by a few 'Titans of Philately' who were regulars. No one on here has ever made me feel stupid or bothersome.

02/02/2018 00:22:01

I guess I thought this forum was moderated in-house. So apparently SM farms that out to volunteers? I that case I can see the problem. The description of the situation makes this forum a perfect target for the bad guys.

I certainly do hope this forum stays alive. There used to be a couple of active forums for GB collectors, both now are gone. I certainly did not intend to make life difficult for volunteers who donate their time to keep it going. The issue has been drawing discussion on at last one stamp discussion board.

I appreciate the work you do on here. Thanks for explaining.

01/02/2018 15:31:19

Earlier this week I reported four posts made under the thread 'Charity Shops'. All from the same scammer, all soliciting business for counterfeit documents, I have previously reported such posts that were offering fake currency. someone has deleted three of them, one post- in another language' still remains. It is showing as 'reported'.

This forum is a valuable resource to some of us collecting GB/Commonwealth material. I want very much to see it continue. It looks to me that it has become the focus of criminals. Your publication could be held complicit in this activity if you just continue to tolerate it.

Whomever is supposed to be screening this stuff needs to step up their game.

Thread: Lighthouse GB Album
13/11/2017 00:28:46
Is anyone using this system for their GB collection and if so, how do you like it? I have a somewhat specialized collection of the Victorian era with plate #s on most issues according to the Windsor album I am using. I have become a bit disenchanted with Gibbons' line, I include covers and varieties in my collection and they do not make stock sheets to match their albums.

I'd like to hear from others as to how you provide for the plate #s on the Victorian issues, do you print off your own pages, use the 'LB'sheets or what? I think they do provide for the Penny Red #s, but not on any other issues.

Thread: What do you collect?
22/06/2017 15:54:49

I've been in and out of this forum many times over the years. I may well have posted on this thread earlier but anyway for now- living in the USA, I have a US collection but do little with it other than to add a stamp or two for it every six months or so. I collect  to about 2010 and am fairly complete from 1920 and prior to that am missing perhaps a hundred stamps, you can perhaps guess which ones.

I have a general Germany collection in 12 Schaubek albums up to about 1990, DDR is complete and am nearly so in several other areas.

My GB collection is in Windsor albums to 2010. I've been able to complete many of the Victoria era pages by settling for nice looking 'seconds'. My Machins are lagging behind other sections, never could get into those. Am also working on filling a George VI set of albums, recently obtained an old bound pair of New Imperials and now seeing how many pages I can fill in those. It's madness, I know.

Edited By Craig Marshall on 22/06/2017 15:56:40

Thread: Advice About Stamp Mounts
19/02/2017 16:45:11

I buy old packs of hinges on Ebay- the ones made 30-49 years ago before they stopped being peelable.

I mainly use mounts but since I have some inexpensive previously hinged stamps I hinge those.

Thread: Hercule Poirot, Stamp Collector
19/02/2017 16:40:04

I am always interested in the depiction of fictional characters as stamp collectors.

I have been down streaming Netflix' collection of the Hercule Poirot ITV TV series. Last night I was watching an episode that started out showing Poirot seated in his office placing stamps in a stockbook and using a magnifying glass. His friend Hastings interrupts to remind him of an appointment which irritates him. He tells Hastings he is engaged in 'sorting out my stamps by size' (!) Obviously the script writer was not a philatelist.

Anyone else ever notice anything like this in any of the stories or TV episodes?

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