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Thread: Thermochromic Stamp USA
11/07/2017 20:47:21

Hi Alex, yes there was a number of countries on this site and smell ones as you state. Its funny as you go along in this stamp world just whats happening. I believe it said that the Magic set was a novelty set so I'm not sure whether this constitutes for real postage even though the RM printed them. I also don't believe I seen the other set which Trevor said but again it was on this site so they must have. I just been back on this site and found a miniature sheet of weather for the U.K and I have seen this but not known it was this Thermochromic issue.

India have also brought out a coffee flavour stamp. I cant find the stamps I mentioned to Trev again but there is a whole lot more of UK issues and a whole swathe of similar issues of stamps. I never knew.

11/07/2017 19:12:09

Well I be, I just Goggled it and there were 2 sets in the UK, I never heard of it before but one was for 2005 for magic circle and the one your thinking of which looks like a football was 2001 for nobel prize chemistry and the football!!

Well done that man. This is not as amazing as I thought then from America, I have to take that back with RM thenblush

11/07/2017 18:42:57

Hi Trev, Really??!! I seem to remember something of what your talking about but not a stamp as such, when reading this I was thinking holograms and there was something in my head but not a stamp but it would be good if someone knows there was.

Thread: Found my collection after 45 years
11/07/2017 18:36:34

Oh and by the way, I found my old childhood collection not so long ago and flogged it on Ebay, I now sort of regret that, especially after recently doing a search on Japanese and Chinese stamps as I saw many of the stamps I had while doing it and they were not cheap, I now understand why a Chinese guy brought it?????

You live and learn.


11/07/2017 18:33:37

Hi Steve and welcome to the forum.

Yes great to hear most people who find or come into inheritance want to get rid, so nice to hear the opposite for a change and of course with pre decimal you enter the error stamps fraternity more easily.

This is a great forum and although slow at times there is some good people in here with good knowledge.

Hope we can help you in anyway and that maybe even a local stamp club might be good for you to assist.

Will keep an eye out for you.


Thread: Thermochromic Stamp USA
11/07/2017 15:06:27

What a brilliant stamp to produce!!! Nothing like rubbing a stamp is there and getting an image!!!devil

You have got to admit you would not resist it. And what a great stamp to get through the post.  Is it the Forever USA which determines the price of the stamp like us using 2nd class which then holds the value even with increases, I seem to remember this cropping up before?

I don't understand the technology used and I assume once rubbed the image does not revert back which is a down side if so. But this certainly should give RM something to think about in making stamps interesting, maybe they could produce one of T.Blair which when you rub it you see devil or a few other people I can think of.

oh Yeah I forgot we have to be politically correct, shame huh.

Edited By Julian on 11/07/2017 15:11:50

Thread: Childhood stirs memories
11/07/2017 14:40:12

Yes looking at this set of stamps it certainly does bring back memories, although I am old enough to remember these I only saw the re runs cheeky I wish.

Its funny what images can do but I also remember the so called experts and their comments about hidden meanings and sexual orientation of them, Andy Pandy being one of them along with the Magic Roundabout. As a kid I never once took anything in other than the fact they were funny. However I did not like Andy Pandy I have to say, there was something odd about it, I liked Flobber lobber lob better (Flower pot men).

So out of this 12 I know all but 1 and that is Peppa Pig, being channel 5 says a lot I suppose? Favourites not here Poggles Wood, Trumpton, The Clangers, Thomas the Tank although I know the RM did an issue all of its own for Thomas in 2011 and to be honest, I do feel it was the narration that actually made these programmes rather than characters.

And this was the big change in society, maybe to do with the loss of Mary Whitehouse and what do we have on TV these days, absolute garbage from kids to adults, which is why I got rid of my TV in 2001. Innocence and good humour lost to graphics, bad language and sex.

So maybe these experts wanted it this way by ruining the innocence and inventing this depravity so it made way for what we have now, a method to the madness. I'm so glad I'm a big kid because I do only have to look at these and a smile appears on my face.

Below Thomas Tank Mini sheet


Below set of 6 perf stamps 2011 issue


Edited By Julian on 11/07/2017 14:50:07

Thread: GB Illustrated Special Event Covers & Handstamp Postmarks
11/07/2017 14:09:31

Hi Geoff,

I know its a bit late to post but the cover of the day 29/6/17 The Battle of Passchendaele, I saw a film some time ago about Ypres and I believe it was about a unit of men stuck and waiting for support. The slaughter in this battle was horrendous and the amount of men lost, mind boggling. Its nice to see your covers remembering these events no matter how horrific and it means more to me than Remembrance Day seeing these covers.

This is why I like First Day or Special Event covers, "Least we not forget" and by God this nation needs a boot up the butt to remember why these guys lost their lives!

Thread: Mystery stamp from Minxy Carmen :-)
11/07/2017 09:45:39

And the good old red colour to match the rising Sun, took me ages to spot the flag its blended in so well.

Well done Alex

Thread: New start looking for advice
11/07/2017 09:37:38


@ Carmen, now you just know, you love Heinz sauce!

@ Gillian, Oh I am sure both of you are missed by others as well but I'm just bold enough to say so and the others are probably marriedsmiley, which gives me plenty of scope to be Heinz???!!!devil

Thread: Unknown stamps - Boss Level Challenge !
09/07/2017 13:08:30

Hey Paul,

Do you see what I mean about Adrians German forgery post (German Cover 1950 with unusual stamp ?), regarding the perfing? Both unknown 8 & 9 look like a set of scissors has been taken to them to make the perf?!!!

Hey and I'm still looking for your Bat stamps lol lol, I know you forgotten but you did say you would show themwink

And Alex did give the answer, lol lol.

Thread: New start looking for advice
08/07/2017 19:31:48

Hey Minxy Carmen Long time no seeheart, where you been hiding that Queens head of yours?? I hope its you just been busy and not poorlyquestion

Glad to see you making posts again. Gillian's been far to quiet since been gone!!!!

Thread: Unknown stamps - Boss Level Challenge !
08/07/2017 19:25:00

Unknown 1 is China 1949,PRC Liberated Area Pearl River Bridge as is Unknown 5 china. but nothing else for it.

Unknown 2 & 7 is Turkey possibly 1898

but I reckon your going to need Paul on this as he's China database.

I found this on the internet as a guide I could guess at the Japanese ones but hard without year and not got the time to run through years.

I'm hopeless I'm afraid but Alex has given a good heads up for searching the internet with info with most.

PAUL where are you?

Thread: Any information on this unknown stamp ?
07/07/2017 01:34:27

With the information given here's pictures of what they should be like, the imperf and used perf versions

russian.jpg russian 2.jpg


Why the heck I cant find my own stuff geez knows lol..................

Edited By Julian on 07/07/2017 01:41:41

Thread: Aeroplanes on Stamps
06/07/2017 21:24:00

Well Haiti do produce their own stamps but in doing my search I cannot find these sheets but I did find some other dubious material which again on a UPU circular I do remember reading both this Einstein and what I just seen seemed to come up as illegal stamps. But I would have to find that site again to see the circular. As you say none of these sheets make real sense, as with the bordering, so they are probably all dubious as far as legality is concerned.

I have banned the "C" word this year, next year will be the "L" word. I think I could half my collection if I chucked it out!

I wish the UPU would be more visible with this subject!!!

06/07/2017 20:45:07

If I remember reading rightly, Einstein is used a lot on fake stamp sheets, I would be surprised if Haiti even are aware of these ha ha ha.

The girls on the Concorde sheets if French, I could well imagine being like that back in the day. However I would say they are sexist appeasement for the male Ego?

You can tell what my stamp knowledge was before I came in here was lol lol.

Although saying that, if it were not for Einstein, the Atomic bomb would not have come around, so I do not know.

Does anyone know if Haiti produce stamps?

Thread: New start looking for advice
06/07/2017 20:29:05

Hi Ethan, well I am not a serious collector but I know a little hopefully to guide you. The stamps at present I assume are mounted with little adhesive paper mounts and these always leave residue on the back of the stamp, so taking them off if done properly and re mounted does not matter as the stamp has already been mounted but the problem is damaging the mounted stamp already? If the Album they are in is so bad its not nice then I would go for re mounting however, if there is a valuable stamp amongst them just be extremely careful or cut the how piece of paper mounted an and in fact you could do that with all of them?!!! if your keeping them to carry on collecting it does not really matter unless you pass over and someone gets them or you try selling them!!

As regard the title of the Album I would try and research that on the net and or maybe someone can give you the answer here?

As for organizing your collection that's your fun part of collecting to do and choose and there is NO definite way of doing it.

The options are entirely up to you and then while your collecting you may find information which will change your mind. I collect by theme so I do not have a problem in sorting but it depends on the nature of your collection if it is a world collection then that's the best way to carry on. As you travel along your stamp path and if you ask question in here or where ever you intend to go with it, like a stamp club, you will come along subjects like watermarks, plate marks, error stamps and a whole array of other things related to stamps. But that is up to you again to decide. Without seeing your collection its hard to give you a pointer but as it sounds world that's a big subject matter, so maybe your going to want to take a singular path, as you have said year, country or theme.

This really does not help you because its back to you and your choice really, see what others say they may have good ideas for you.

Welcome to the forum and there is some good people in here who know much more than I, so enjoy.


Thread: Aeroplanes on Stamps
05/07/2017 17:48:03

There are 5 sets I believe, German, British, USA, Japan & Russia, all have a miniature sheet of 6 perf stamps and six single sheets, single perf stamp from the miniature sheet. I love aircraft and have a few, not a hoard but they do seem to command money for some reason?

I seem to remember a story about the B 17 and if that is the case I find it a really odd stamp to use because strictly speaking its not a German aircraft? But I saw pictures of it and yes some were of it captured, or at least it looked it.

I agree the borders are very odd. I have a sneaking feeling I have a Concorde set with the same bordering!!!

Yes I do:

zz con congo 1.jpg

zz con congo 2.jpg

zz con congo 3.jpg

zz con congo 4.jpg

And a nice little sheet of bombers got the fighter sheet as well

zz ww 2 haiti bombers .jpg

zz ww 2 haiti fighters .jpg


Edited By Julian on 05/07/2017 17:50:14

Edited By Julian on 05/07/2017 17:51:22

Thread: UPA Overkill
01/07/2017 23:03:17

Well they could put all the Ads in the back but then you would assume there would be little point in putting in the ads?

I think the real point is there needs to be good articles in the magazine in the first place. I personally just did not find it a Stamp magazine, I'm learning so articles of the nature in there have no relevance to me and thus the ads becme more prominent and just bores you.

The same with RM they know their market and they use it.

29/06/2017 23:04:02

Hi Nick, forgive my ignorance but what is UPA? If your talking about the magazine yes I agree whole heartedly, I stopped buying the Magazine for a few reasons and yes the amount of adverts is a joke, how ever if they did not have this level of advertising then the price would go up! So its the lesser of the two evils, also the articles in the mag just did not appeal to me, I would far rather be in the forum learning and chatting with good people. They are in the same situation as RM and stamp packs but I honestly feel the articles are not educational. Interesting maybe.

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