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Thread: Any Postcrossing members?
05/08/2017 17:31:06

Well I tell you what I will do Ana, if I can dig out this hoard of postcards I have somewhere, I will join your site just to use them, as they are wasting away, where ever they are. I have plenty of stamps to use so no problem there.

Well as its not a dating site I have to accept the grandma's along with the schools mail Mind you I am not to far off the grandma era myself anyway and they probably more funtea .

Oh trust me you don't want me to be asking questions teeth 2 But what would be more fun, than finding someones address and sending them a postcard just for the heck of itquestion Now that's what you really call a surprise, totally free for the recipient and they are not even obligated to return a card, no one holds anyone's personal details for the privilege of doing itsmiley. Anyway I am sure it will give my Postman a laugh as well?

Thread: Minxy Carmen Country
05/08/2017 16:30:29

GUTTED! I just found the stamps I mentioned to you in above post that I missed "A lovely mix" well boy am I kicking myself now, I just found out the prices they are worthangry!!!!! But then on the other hand I do not know I would have got them for the price soldangel

05/08/2017 15:52:21

Oh wow Minxy,

Rather relevant to French Canada as well is finding these on covers and the price they fetch!!! Especially when you understand how the denominations tie in with Europe postage at the time.

Now I wonder if my brain can hold all this information I am learningcheeky

05/08/2017 15:25:35

Well Minxy,

I been doing some bidding and unsuccessful its been! The half cent you can get quite easily and cheap but as regard the others the price gets a bit high. Sets are way out of my league for sure as regard price and I am not even sure how some sellers can be asking what they are.

I do note that there seem to be many varieties most certainly with print shift but colours as well having bolder colours. I was going to bid on a lovely mix of stamps different era's which also appealed to me but I know I have said this before, Canada do produce some very nice stamps, I do seem to have some sort of fixation with Canada, I think I must either have Canadian spirit in me or I was there in a previous life, pity I cannot remember!!!!!

I shall keep looking, I do not want to particularly buy singles or used but it looks like I am going to have to pay a fair bit for the 20c, so my plan is to look for this one first and worry about the 1/2 cent later as they are cheap.

If you have Cat values of these I would be interested Minxy just so I know whats reasonable or not, also just how many are in a complete set?

O.K I think I got the complete set Q 1/2, 1, 2, 5, 7, 10, 15 & 20 so a set of 8? 

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Thread: Foreign branch postmarks
05/08/2017 14:49:40

Hi Trev, I have been looking at buying a set of Canada stamps and its funny how things stick in your mind because on some of these stamps I saw, was the same style of post cancel but without the FB. These were just the rugby ball shape cancels with stripes through them. Also they were of the same sort of period in time., I was going to buy this set but forgot about them.angry

Thread: 1 p Royal Mail 2017 price rise
05/08/2017 14:42:17

Hi Mia, again I can understand why RM only give an allocated amount of stamps to sell. I would imagine they have done the figures with the stamps packs and what is left from a print run is then distributed to P.O's. We have to remember that these are not run of the mill postage stamps as such, they are monthly issues, not difinitives. They are trying to be fair, there are lots of pros and cons to there issue. For instance the David Bowie set sold like hot cakes, so if someone buys 10 at a time and the P.O only has a limited amount to sell, someone is then going to miss out. I do not know what the procedure is regarding sale of these issues at counter to someone asking for 10 or more, I suppose it does not matter to them who buys them.

Anyway I am glad you enjoy your buying and using them, there's a lot of people who would like to receive them through the mail in here, so you might be starting your own Post Crossing if your not careful!!!

Thread: Any Postcrossing members?
05/08/2017 14:21:33

Hi Mia,

I get the reasoning to post crossing. I just do not like the format of that particular website. In fact I love the idea of writing to people I don't know but there are a lot of ifs and buts regarding the countries you are compelled to send to?

The site is set up as what was known as "Chain Letters"! Its just not me though I'm sorry to say.

05/08/2017 09:34:35

Hi Ana, Geesh how can you forget us????

Are you a member of the postcrossing web site and are you pro active with this? It is a good idea to keep the mail system alive and indeed get kids interested in stamps and around the world thoughts. I would have thought if this was going to take off big time it would have by now. Its funny because I was going to enroll to the site because somewhere I have loads of Postcards to use but I cant think where they are. If I find them I may well sign up and I am sure people would like my various stamps I would use.

Of course the down side of this is, for kids anyway its an expensive activity with postal rates but somehow I think the Postal services could make this a very good thing and even promote it through schools just for protection to the kids participating.

An interesting set of stamps you have shown as well, just love the cartoon idea.

05/08/2017 08:41:14

Had a look at this and I am not overly impressed with it or the web site. If your into world collecting though it may be a way of having fun as well as collecting. This was one of the things I did as a child, making "Pen Friends" and writing to each other. I think I have just grown to old for this type of activitysad

05/08/2017 08:30:33

Hi Mia,

I am not a lover of media portholes such as FaceBook or Twitter but I suspect your probably right as for getting a response from RM. Something that puts them in the public gaze should always provoke a response. Unfortunately its the way of the world that humanity has to behave in such a way, we are slowly being forced to sign up to all sorts of media, just for our information to be hacked or abused in some way?!

However, as predicted, RM have pushed me around from dept to dept and still no answer to the question! I would dread to think how much this would have cost me in a phone call and probably with the same outcome. The is Britain though and I expect little else from such a useless country and attitude of people or business, it is no wonder they keep increasing the retirement age, they are the only people who seem to have brains and respect?

Thread: 1 p Royal Mail 2017 price rise
04/08/2017 22:43:30

Hi Mia,

Post offices have what is called a bug bug special issue card which tells you what stamps come out every month, each post office is allocated only so many of the values, in my P.O is a sheet of 50 of each value but once gone that's it, however you will find the higher values always get left behind and if you ask in a P.O they will have a good selection of past issues.

Hope that helps.

Thread: Any Postcrossing members?
04/08/2017 22:37:44

I've never heard of this to be honest but what a great way of collecting world stamps and maybe even meeting friends but I see more problems than good coming from it. However I may well look into this but I think I already send enough things world wide through the post lol.

Thread: New to collecting and need advice
04/08/2017 22:27:44

Hi Alex, welcome to the forum.

1. If they sold as Mint then this is like new or new. I see some people try to sell stamps in grades which is not correct but thats up to them. As far as I am concerned there is mint and used. All other things are descriptive of the stamp most of which you should be able to see in a picture but things like gumless and watermarks you need to be told in description. So yes you can indeed buy mint new stamps even older than you have stated.

2. Trev has answered.

3. Trev has answered but it really depends upon you and what you wish to collect. If your going to collect French Mint then you will want to look after them. If your going to collect old but costly stamps your going to want to look after them. if you just going to generally collect the way you present them or look after them will not matter so much. The thing with first starting is to learn the different areas of collecting. You seem to have plumped for France already and I know little about French stamps so cannot guide you there on that subject. However as you go along you may find your ideals change and then something really grabs you. So if I were you I would just keep an eye out on what is called glassine stock books in Ebay and who knows you may find one with a load of French stamps in? So its not ideal to buy new and expensive stamp albums until you know where your going but that's me. Give yourself some time but buy cheap just to start with or just keep them in packets until you decide where you want to go. As Trev has said there there is a huge amount of variety out there.

4. Yes and I always buy blank stock books but as Q3 the variety is up to you depending on how you wish to mount stamps you can even make your own, its not hard and its your own creation?

5. Wow how much money you got? Basics are as Trev has said. The internet is wonderful for research but as I have found out, you really do need a Library as well which is why you should try and stick to one subject matter. again you will find many things within stamps that may appeal to you and again that Library may grow. Most definitely join a Library as this will help you start as well. They will even get books in for you if you ask, so like with French stamps you may find a Stanley Gibbons specialized catalogue is needed to resource your collecting. Do not forget Amazon is a great place to buy second hand books and catalogues also keep an eye out in charity shops but I have never had much luck there regarding stamp material.

You may even find you might like to buy covers of French material, a subject which actually got me stamp collecting again but I do have a passion for them except the room they take up.

You have joined a good forum and there will always be help here if you need it. Us collectors like not only getting help ourselves but helping others, its the only way to learn. Also on that note joining a stamp club might be of interest for you if there is one near you.

But as Trev signed off with enjoy whatever it is you collect but KNOW it will always expand in more ways than you might wish???!!!!


Thread: Great rarity
02/08/2017 13:14:57

Hi Sonia. the way around that is two fold, either use a mix of other stamps or just use one of the values you have stated and let the post office make up the deficit with a printed label?

So if you used 2 x £1.40 and a 10p stamp you have your £2.90. Or stick a £1.57 on and let them print a label for £1.33 if they do not have that value stamp or they cannot make up the difference with smaller denominations themselves.

I do have to say though, I do not like buying smaller stamps to do this as the security tabs tend to stick to the background when peeling them off! I should have wrote to RM and complained rather than at the counter because it is not their fault but these stamps are a pain, how the elderly cope with them I don't know?

I love receiving proper stamps on parcels and mail and I know when I sell to the States they prefer stamps than labels, I think most people do.

Thread: Post here first! (Sandbox)
01/08/2017 06:36:34

Hi Tracey,

O.K when I read inverted crown I was a bit stumped but I think I know now what is meant. I was looking at the crown on the front but I should have known better to understand its the watermark your Nan was referring too.

"Inverted" is when a watermark which is in the paper is upside down/reversed to the front design of the stamp! Watermarks is a subject within stamp collecting some make a fuss about and others don't unless of course it effects the value of the stamp significantly. The way to seeing a watermark depends of the thickness of paper really but can be seen if held to a bright light, sometimes its really difficult, sometimes its easy. There are a number of tools that this can be used with seeing these as well. If you make a proper thread as I said before one of the knowledgeable guys maybe able to give you a Catalogue value but watermarks is one of these things why you need to see the stamp unless you know what your talking about in the first place.

As you will see from the link I mentioned earlier there are watermarks given and you would be looking for watermark 168? Watermarks also do not come in description within simplified Catalogues these are usually specialized so these are all the things which make a stamp special.

Your 1883 stamp is not in great condition, the top left of the stamp is damaged, the perfing around the edge is damaged, there is discolouration to the top of the stamp, crown, which may suggest the stamp was hinged at some point, these are little bits of sticky gummed paper people use to stick stamps into albums with, sometimes the glue comes right through to the front of the stamp if thin paper!

So as you investigate this one stamp we can see a variety of things which make a stamp valuable or not. You can also see that the print of the stamp is also shifted away from the left to the right side of the stamp, meaning the gap between the perf of left side is bigger than the right side? So the printed border of the stamp right side is right on the perf edge. The same said top and bottom.

So these are good examples you have put into your online album to give you an indication as to how hard it is to make a valuation on someones inherited collection. It is a minefield and here is another thing, a general auction house will not generally be aware of these type things to make a valuation you will be looking for a philatelic auction house which is a big difference.

So going back to your original question, this is why a stamp club is best to seek for advice. There is no escape from the fact as you have just seen from these two Russian stamps just how a stamp can alter from a mundane stamp into a gem or not.

So for a proper assessment on these two stamps unless the guys are looking already, click on the forums tab, look down to world collecting and click on that and start a thread say "1883 Russian Empire, inverted watermark?"

If you post both stamp pictures under the same heading, you can put a little heading within the post "suspected 1909 15k coat of arms"

If your really stumped with a stamp just make a post thread under World collecting or specialisms with a title "Can you help Identify this stamp" and within a day or two you should find you will get an answer, there are some great people in here who know there stuff and will give you pointers as to internet sites to research.

Auction sites (Ebay) are a great way to do this as you will see pictures of stamps that you can then identify yours too. Google you need a certain amount of info in the first place to get results.

When using Cats these prices tend to be over inflated, when using the internet sites you need to see items sold and not what people are asking as a guide?

And thus there you have it, the impossible reasons as to why a stamp collection can never be valued just like that.

I went on a site with regard your 1883 stamp and there was a person selling a complete set of these (8 values?) in blocks of 4, in mint condition and they wanted 1500

Your Russian blue, rare inverted MINT condition CERTIFIED reached $2000 in auction

See **LINK**

There's always the but and in your case its the condition of the stamp, if these are rare however then not all is lost, the stamp would just need to be verified. However you do sort of need a Catalogue value and info before starting getting excited lol lol. A lot of what I am doing is as a novice, I could well be talking rubbish (always prepare to hold my hands up in honesty). However if the $2000 is true, you can halve that figure straight away and then again, and then taking everything into account of what I have said and we come back to ground with a thump because that if everything said is true, makes your stamp worth $200 or £150 maybe less, whether you would get that would remain to be seen. Not bad for one stamp in a collection though!!!

Thread: Minxy Carmen Country
31/07/2017 23:27:38

Well not surprising really the set is very expensive and they are not what I call mint. Some people have a very weird perspective upon grading for a stamp that has been hinged is not mint, nor one that has been cancelled?

There's a couple of singles up for bidding may go for one of those. I could not find the 20cent one though other than in a set which is sad as I like the pair.

We shall see.

31/07/2017 23:16:03

Hi Carmen,

I tell you something if I could get a set of those I would frame them because I really like the style, I may even do a search on Ebay and see what price they fetch?

In fact that's where I am going now.

Thread: Post here first! (Sandbox)
31/07/2017 23:11:44

Hi Tracey,

The second Russian stamp seems to be Russian Empire 1909 Coat of Arms.

I had to search on the value to find it and this is how you become a stamp detective but the guys in here have libraries better than mine lol.

The significant thing about this is when I first said to you about Stanley Gibbons catalogues, sometimes you go into specialisms which means you need a more detailed Catalogue. From what I saw most give American Scott Cat numbers, so yes its a bit of a headache without the library to get things like values.

I hope this at least gets you interested in the stamp world.

31/07/2017 21:46:57

HI Tracey well done for making your first images in album now all you got to do it load them onto a page for all to see.

I trust with these two stamps your not sure about inversion and so forth? As you have country and year.

I have to accept you need one of the other guys here to help on that because after reading an article on the net I'm not to sure either if this is your concern?

The article is **LINK**

Your wrote piece on the 7 blue seems correct!

If you get these onto a Russian heading article, under the forum of World Collecting you should find people will give you good answers and indeed correct information.

31/07/2017 01:11:08

Hi Tracey,

Remember with an Auction house they will be looking to sell your collection so beware of the manipulation.devil

If you really want to temp the boys in here you can always add pictures for us to give answers???

So show us some of your stamps and yes always come back if your doubtful to anything you been told?

You may find these are labels and so forth the ones as stated.

You'll be surprised at how the info flows in here, I was and I still know nothingsad

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