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Thread: New issues thematic checklist
11/07/2016 15:50:30

Plenty of Nudes out there whether or not new or old I have not taken note. I find these stamps come from more unconventional countries / states as well. Half of them I would not even try and spell. They surround paintings, models, music or film, even advertising. However its not quite the type of thing you want coming through your front door if you have children.

Thread: gimmick Stamps
11/07/2016 15:05:18

One has to keep interest and if you print to one subject matter you would have a pretty boring subject stamp set and also keep designers out of business. However if it kept stamp costs down I would be all for it. To be honest if it were not for stamp collectors I am sure stamps would become a thing of the past as most things are pre printed bar code rubbish from computers. I think I know what I would prefer, even this design which makes me boggled eyed 62 cents Osterreich

Thread: Caernarfon Castle 1.50 Misprint
11/07/2016 14:33:06

your welcome

Thread: Stamp Insider for March-April 2016 Online
11/07/2016 13:55:06

Hi as your an American based stamp source can you tell me how many countries (stamp issues) were used on the Princess Diana memoriam 1997 Fleetwood collection. The PCS collection was 103 and I do not think Fleetwoods is any near that many?

I can give you the countries I know about if that helps?

regards julian

Thread: Stamps no longer valid for SIGNED FOR POST
10/07/2016 16:28:25

I do not see how they can stop you using legitimate valid postal stamps, signed for or anything else.

You use the signed for label with postage stamps and the counter staff just scan and enter postage 0.00 because pre paid with stamps.

Thread: Removal of Gum From Stamps.
10/07/2016 16:12:07

Hi Gillian,

U-Tube has many ideas for this purpose using anything from lighter fuel to WD 40.

There are also very clever ways to mount them.

Funnily enough I only saw this a few weeks back.


Thread: Princess Diana
10/07/2016 11:52:15

Update again, the 10p post card portion is the give away that this was unofficial as in 1982 it was indeed the second class value 12.5p and not 10p as printed. The 10p tender was the value at 1980 RM.

I also see Waddingtons was sold to Hasbro (USA) so I wont bother emailing them and the Post Office web site is a nightmare to seek contact. The only other option is to try emailing Exeter Council and knowing what I now about Councils I will not bother with that line of enquiry..

So these sheets seem to be a novelty piece but whoever did it must have had a reason and to perforate the labels as well is beyond me. I got these on Ebay for a small sum which I am not worried about but I was hoping someone might know more about them?

Thread: Caernarfon Castle 1.50 Misprint
10/07/2016 11:35:39

I can tell you already 1992 SG 1612 (1044) is mint £6 used £ 1.20 also the 3 others in the set are

SG 1611 £1 Green Mint £5.50 Used £1

SG 1613 £2 Blue Mint £ 8.00 Used 1.20

SG 1613a £3 Violet Mint £ 19.00 Used 3.00

SG 1614 £5 Brown Mint £18.00 Used 3.00

So what you have for insurance value 20 x £6 minimum. The fact you have part sheets and the left hand sheet at the bottom if that is a serial number will add value amazingly, along with error could bring you a tidy sum.

The ethics of Ebay is a mystery and should only be used as a guide, as we all now their are unscrupulous people out there which inflate prices.

However I have done a quick search on Ebay and there is a stamp of your design with "dramatic design shift" item number 161815824618 listed for £150.00?

This then gives you a clear indication that your sheet was the beginning of the shifting print production.

This is what I love about stamps. To me, knowing I have something very few collectors would have is a buzz, however there are many pages on Ebay with various prices for normal stamps of this type.

And you will also see many other variants which proves what I say.

Happy searching

Thread: Princess Diana
09/07/2016 19:22:55

Another update on this item, I have looked online and the 22nd September 1982 day of action was the TUC general strike day of action, so this explains the Label?

I cannot see even local counties paying postage on these labels when you have a perfectly good stamp in service via Royal Mail??

I know that Coincraft also did a similar thing with postage stamps of their own in 1996 with postal strikes and the Government suspended for 30 days the monopoly of the Royal Mail starting August 6th.

So I can only think this was a local reaction to the general strike and they used this label but it cannot have been legal. The postage of Royal Mail was indeed 15.5p 1st class at that time, 12.5p 2nd class.

Thread: Caernarfon Castle 1.50 Misprint
09/07/2016 12:16:34

Hi mis prints always makes the value of a stamp worth more, the same as a coin.

What you need to know is whether it is a popular mis print, with a coin you can go by mintage figures issued in many books, I do not believe royal mail issue such information about how many sheets have such errors, The fact you also have part sheets makes it worth more as well.

This is the thing about stamps over coins, there is so much to look for in stamps.

It all depends on what the collector is looking for that will make a price. Ebay is a very good source to see what something is selling as a guide. You could always list 1 stamp and see what it sells for on any of the bid sites around.

It makes me laugh that people see a stamp in the Stanley Gibbons cat's and automatically think they will get that price, when in reality you wont even sell it at a knock down price.

Regards Julian

Thread: Princess Diana
08/07/2016 19:05:15

Ok I found out how to do that at least see the above and all is explained wonderfully

08/07/2016 19:04:39


08/07/2016 19:03:21

Hi John I posted pics in my album and yes its the top label which I have researched and can only find price buy others shops which varies £2.25 and up. But I also have of the top label a 3 perforated postage paid label if you cannot see my album which being new I just don't know how things work here?

The left hand side of the label over Diana is OP - TUC DAY OF ACTION Exeter Postal Service Emergency Letter 15.5p, the middle portion is Exeter letter Fee 80p paid and the portion of Charles is Postcard delivery postage paid 10p all dated 22 Sept 1982, so this particular label is something to do with Sept 82, I know William was born in June 82 so I am wondering if this was due to strike action because this I believe was the year of discontent and Mrs Thatcher's actions against Coal Miners. I do not remember if the TUC called a blanket out right National strike at this time, I know I was on the railways and of course ASLEF were heavily supporting the miners only to see themselves broken in the end by people returning to work.

As you can tell this adds quite a bit of interest on this item and I should imagine worth.

I did think Of trying to email John Waddingtons who produced these and with the TUC being perforated I would imagine must have been done at the time of printing rather OP, if you see what I mean.

When we consider these labels were used mainly for First Day Covers as you have shown, it is interesting that I have acquired an amount of 50 of each.

So I am also wondering if the postage paid actually have postage value as a normal stamp would have? making each sheet worth £1.05.5p each alone?

Anyway thank you for your effort with posting a reply. Much appreciated.

Thread: Fleetwood FDC collection
07/07/2016 12:47:47

Hi I have a second question which I have already emailed the U.S owners about but which they had no information about this collection.

Produced for the memoriam of Princess Diana's death in 1997 the Danbury Mint, Postal Commemorative Society and Fleetwoods issued collections on this subject. I find it amazing that when you email these producers of such collections that they cannot answer specific questions about their products!

However with Fleetwoods they were sold to another company, mystic stamp company. This is a U.S.A collection I might add.

So here goes in asking the community here a question, can anyone tell me the list of countries, which stamps were used, for this collection?

Thread: Princess Diana
07/07/2016 12:31:05

Hi I am new here and I collect Princess Diana sheets from around the world.

I would like to learn more about purchasing stamps from around the world and also things about my stamp collection.

For example I have just purchased Royal Wedding 1981 Exeter stamp labels produced by J. Waddingtons and can find no real information about them on the net. I can find though shops on line, prices or worth about one of the labels but absolutely nothing about the other.

These labels were issued on FDC's at the time and not like stamps however the second sheet I have, has been printed with postage value?

I have lots of questions to ask but thought I would try this as a start.

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