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Thread: 1908 Centenary 1c
23/08/2017 01:09:33

After re reading up on these stamps and the "Re Entry" issue I have found on one of the 1c stamps I posted on another subject I have WHAT?

The stamps below on the top left and in that stamp on the top right 1 numeral we can clearly see a white blob?

1908 thumb cancels 1c.jpg

below is a close up

1908 1c blob.jpg

Thread: Canada 1908 centenary
22/08/2017 13:16:40

I have now purchased three of the half cent stamps simply in curiousness as to different colours of the stamp.

I read in an article about these stamps that different papers were used in the printing of these and if I remember rightly that different shades exist as well. Below are the three and so as to make sure a better answer maybe given I also show the rear of them because I think the bottom one is due to the effect of being on paper it has been lifted from or gum?

canada 1908 .5.jpg

canada 1908 .5 a.jpg

I actually feel these are all the same colour but just because of their use in which ever way they have been used, is the reason for various shades rather than printing.

I have also read with regard these stamps and no doubt other different ones that there is a term used "Re Entry" and when I looked this up I find it really hard to believe this happened or happens. That a sheet is printed and has a flaw and then the printer re tries to print over the flaw. These flaws come from the plates and through wear, who in their right mind would go to the problem of doing this, surely the printer either issues a new plate or just accepts the flaw?

The difference it actually makes to the stamp is from what I have seen fine white lines, usually around the words in print, on the black back ground. I assume this must be fact as there is the terminology used to explain this I just find it hard to grasp, even when I consider that in those days printing was probably an expense you'd not wish to waste!

Thread: George VI 1 1/2d flaw?
22/08/2017 12:40:47

This is what I love about stamps and as has been said before on other posts that these little errors or flaws can make the difference of a value of a stamp, I find it amazing that when such fine print of a stamp is casually missed simply because of its fineness means so much, thanks for sharing though, always keen to see and hear these things.

Thread: Unusual Ceylon Bistre Ed VII 5c.
19/08/2017 12:21:19

Your right Alex if you Google your heading it all becomes clear? "Ceylon Postal stationary"

Seems like if you have the whole card these fetch good money as well, no idea what a cut out will fetch?

Cant find a match for this particular stamp though sadly.

Thread: Minxy Carmen Country Canada
19/08/2017 11:56:04

HI Alex, yes these have a hidden date mark as well, I cant even see them with a magnifying glass??!! On the left hand side of the Airport building, within the print is a date. Which there is also one on the 5c blue stamp far left!!

Proving that these Canadians are indeed a minxy bunch? Always knew Carmen and her dainty fiscals were up to no good ha ha ha.

18/08/2017 22:17:40

Hi Alex just read another article which also hints that in the early years of US postal history that indeed postmasters used ingenious ways of cancelling stamps and these come under the heading "Fancy Cancels" so the four 1c above are more likely to be these and not blotch marks.

The actual football cancels are these, or cork cancels

1908 1c fb.jpg

The two on the left also carry CDS cancels as well.

I could really get into collecting these if I lived in the States, I think they are superb to collect with all this other stuff going on as well. Amazing to think we never had more influence in the States on this subject but there you go, live and learn. Makes me laugh because their postmasters also cancelled stamp with pen strokes, the equivalent of our scribble fist .

I also just notice on my selection of Canada posted stamps the three Aircraft stamps are different in values, 7c a re valued one to 8c with two bar cancel value and indeed a 8c..

Edited By Julian on 18/08/2017 22:26:54

18/08/2017 20:53:11

Nice one on the cancels Alex, good job yep your right checked them out and they seem to come under the heading of "killer Cancels"(USA).

The funny thing is I have read up on this before and forgotten it as usual. There are loads of these cancels and the two I refer to are a round one and an oval one with lines through. However after looking at these various cancels they well could be others, hard to distinguish! But cork cancels they are!!!!! Nice to see your still floating around Alex.

18/08/2017 12:48:19


This is my first stamp of this set which for some reason I have really taken to. Typical of stamps though, a pristine set of 8 stamps will set you back a fair bit from what I've seen on Ebay. Finding these without being hinged seems to be a problem probably because hinges in these days was the only way to mount them.

What I also like about these stamps is, there are varieties because of stamp print shift, as well as errors and papers used. I read on one site that the half sent on its own USED on envelope, would be a very valuable thing indeed and it is possible.

The other thing about these is the miss alignment of perfing. see below.

1908 mis perf .5.jpg

As I have discussed on my own stamps post, this made me very skeptical about them being honest stamps but this shows that at least in the old world of stamps these things happened as you can see where the stamps join the perf does not meet.  I have seen this on other countries stamps as well, Sao Tome & Principe being another and they again are modern.  These Canadian ones you can understand with machines not being perfect.

A block of 7c below shows same thing.

1908 7c mis pef.jpg

The stamp shifts on these are also very dramatic which makes for these to be collectible. Below is a few 1c stamps which show the various shifts.1908 thumb cancels 1c.jpg

I also note on Ebay some sellers saying the blotch cancels on these are called "Thumb Cancels", I don't know if this is a proper term or what but I personally believe these are a football cancel which has just blotched into big smudge.

I call them football cancels because they are round or oval like a rugby ball and have a set of lines going through them and I just think they have smudged badly, Anyone knows different love to hear it? I did Google this and found nothing proper to the term however I did find one article about post masters doing this.

The bottom left stamp you can see the lines in the cancel but the bulk of the cancel is just a blotch of ink. Who knows maybe they just got wet in transit and ran through?

Out of the 8 stamps I am drawn to the .5, 1, 7 & 20 c stamps I just like them for whatever it is that is drawing me to them and although I know there are 100's of this type design in stamps around, these have just hit me!!!

And something else which covers a number of posts in here is the item to which they were shipped below.

canada stamps.jpg

The middle row, far right 5 stamps are the only ones cancelled. The rest are fine and this is what I love to also receive from sellers abroad. A very nice array of stamps used and this is what I used to get as a child with my fathers little business, a box arriving with a whole bunch of stamps on them!! I do hate to admit it but these little things take me back to when I was a kid not so long agosmiley

Edited By Julian on 18/08/2017 12:56:30

Thread: World wide 40g
11/08/2017 23:48:42

After much writing in emails about the subject of these labels I have in the end been pushed from Dept to Dept within RM and finally pushed back to the Post Office who have now replied its RM's BUSINESS!!!

I am giving up with this and boy am I glad I did not phone them!!!!

You want to know why stamp collecting is dying, there is your answer and I won't swear either!!!!



I will use these this Christmas for my American friends and will let you know that way what happens?

I shall use them for their said purpose, up to 40g of which they must be valid and honoured.

But it is far to risky pushing my luck over the 40g or as a price unit.

I cannot believe that I have just gone full circle in enquiry!!

I am considering now writing to them properly and complaining, at least that way I will or should get something back in writing?

Thread: Bermuda GeorgeVI High values
10/08/2017 20:22:58

Hi Keith,

I think maybe as a collection you would see close to that. Some of those auction sites suggest figures in that area,

I did wonder what figure you had in mind and I was right.

I am in no way that serious about stamps I'm afraid £10 makes me wince.

They do look good though and I never would have thought Bermuda stamps would fetch that sort of money.

Best thing is send a few emails to your local Philatetic Auction house or as advertised in here as Paul has mentioned and see what interest they come back with?

Go from there, or maybe someone in here is flush and will make you an offer now you declared an interest to sell.

Good Luck indeed.

10/08/2017 15:26:41

As an added note to my post if you do search Ebay and even the BIN's you will see they quote cat prices and then their asking price which is half or less. Its not the best guide but it sort of tells you something about Cat Values at least!

I think its the fact you seem to have sets that will appeal and push up the price!

I am sure someone maybe better informed than me though.

Take care

10/08/2017 15:19:49

The link below is an auction site with guide prices and sold prices. American I know but it still helps.


I have struggled to find any prices for these stamps to be honest.

Ebay is usually my first port of call and all the stamps on there are all BIN's which is not a help you may as well look at your Catalogue prices.

Catalogue values mean little from my experience with regard market values. Supply and demand will be your answer of course.

They look pretty clean and so forth and I quickly see there are many varieties of these so I would assume collectible.

I do not have that Catalogue so cannot even begin to help.

OK I spent a bit of time on this and ALL I would say is search the net for this type stamp and look for auction houses rather than EBay or the like. You need to find out what the sold prices were but I have not got the time to write down the collection and search, I'm sorry to say. Even the Auction houses seem to all be American but its still a guide.

Personally I would think your maybe in the right way of thinking on this set. Its weighing up the cost of an Auction house & charges, even Ebay is not cheap any more.

Thread: Any Postcrossing members?
10/08/2017 14:14:58

smiley Well you never know eh!

Thread: Found my collection after 45 years
09/08/2017 19:52:58

To be honest Gillian, eve when I sold it I was clueless, it had just been packed away and never saw the light of day.

I joined Ebay and just pt things on there to sell, in those days I collected Denby Pottery, still got loads of it up in the loft, it was for when I was going to move in to a bigger house which never happened. Lol My loft is a collectors dream the stuff thats up there and the worst thing about that is with postage now being so high, its not worth selling it.

I have been getting rid of stuff slowly but surely to charity the money I spent on things which is just going back to nowhere land.

We are indeed funny creatures.

Thread: Any Postcrossing members?
09/08/2017 11:16:25

Ha ha ha Mia, so funny but the true way of humanity, see you could have sent me a postcard of by yourself (part of your allowance) and you would not need a web site to do it!! Stamp collecting actually brings everything your doing together, the art of communicating with each other (old style)!!!!

And each time you do this we get a little present of a stamp, a special cancel mark or scribble and your delightful words........................... awe such is life, you can use up your James stamps as well lol

Thread: To be or not to be?
08/08/2017 21:00:56

Lol yes you got the "C" category, I have loads of them un gummed and funnily enough, you know we talked about perfs not matching up horiz and vert, well on these 1908 Canada Quebec centenary stamps its the same with them as well so it does make it difficult to know if they are fake or not, in my searches I have seen many blocks and the perfs are all out of line or sync. Also with these they are all suffering with print shift, some more extreme than others and I shall be making a post about these later. But again is why I asked this question because there seems to be a lot of these without gum around?? I just wonder if they have come off envelopes and in that process the gum getting wet they just take it all off?

And in my heart I knew you was already going to say specialised cats will tell you if they were issued gummed or not.

Thats interesting to know, I suppose the process is easier to gum whole sheets before perfing other wise you would have glue dripping through the holes??? So is gum applied before the main print run, I.E rolls of gummed paper, then print run, then perf run.

I suppose re gumming would be using a PVA solution but even still getting quantity must be hard and even and again would this not effect the stamps front? Spraying glue is far easier then brushing but I would imagine pretty hard which ever way you try.

I was a bit miffed thats all, that I did not see or notice but it is something I just did not even think about and unfortunately on this occasion I never took reverse pics because it was mint had the back had problems as most old stamps do, I normally take pics. Another lesson learned the hard way!

08/08/2017 16:53:20

I know this conversation has cropped up before but I would like to seek clarity on the issue and I know this is going to be a specialised catalogue answer?

Stamps which are mint but without gum is this a true description?

I recently sold a stamp not knowing it had no gum and the buyer wanted a refund and when I got the stamp back sure enough it was not gummed. Something I now check I might add but are stamps issued not gummed or is this a collectors handy work?

I understand that some collectors wash gum off stamps because of the damage that gum can do but are stamps issued without gum.

I know most "C" category stamps can be gumless but that is probably because they are fake anyway? The other problem is, IF stamps are sold gumless how the heck can you tell if one has been washed or not?

Surely when taking gum off a stamp there must be signs this has been done?

I also take it that a ungummed stamp is worth less if it is supposed to be gummed because the gum is an integral part of the stamp!

07/08/2017 20:21:54

Well just had email back today from RM and guess what????

Thanks for contacting Royal Mail.
I’m sorry I’m unable to provide assistance with your enquiry as it relates to Post Office®. All enquiries and complaints relating to their services are handled by them. I have provided their contact details below so you can contact them directly:
Thread: Any Postcrossing members?
05/08/2017 23:51:15

Hi Mia, well the lot I have are all of the same person and I think there's 47 of them so they better like ladies whoever gets them!!

Thread: Childhood stirs memories
05/08/2017 23:47:25

I used to baby sit for a friend and his boy would watch it over and over on video, used drive me nuts. Trouble was for the temptation to fall asleep!!

More than likely as I am a big kid at heart, you like your engines butch then Ivor, or do you have a touch of Welsh in your blood?!!!

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