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Thread: GB Illustrated Special Event Covers & Handstamp Postmarks
03/03/2021 22:02:07

Thanks Geoff

Thread: Advice on selling
03/03/2021 22:00:11

Hi Stewart,

Good luck with your sale, 6.5K so you have to be looking at more. I cannot help you but that is a lot of value to trust someone with, makes my eyes water anyway!

They look good as well.

Take care and just one thing, is it a good time to sell?

Thread: Hinges
28/02/2021 13:03:17

I did say as a kid I used hinges too.

However if you see what damage they can do to the Stamp it makes you stop and wonder?

If your Stamps are deemed to you as not to worry about then this is fine, if you pay 99p or take them off paper also fine.

However, If I buy a set of mint Stamps there is NO way I would use Hinges is all I am saying and until I do my testing I would never change my mind, I would NEVER use them on mint sheets either.

Unless Hinges can be removed without doing harm to the Stamp there is your answer and to be blind to that fact is also fine?

Hinges do have a place where they are no problem and I have seen Stamp sets that I had in my Childhood collection going for more than I ever knew they were worth, The Chinese fella I sold them to also was not concerned. I do not buy Stamps for there worth but I am coming across them recently, would I buy my Childhood collection back your damn right but I would have to say to myself "How scarce are they"? OR if the Hinges can be taken off, no problem? It is amazing in defense of Hinges how long they last as stuck, I sold mine in the inception of Ebay and they were still stuck, none were loose. The other problem is, if you regularly thumb through the pages of a said album, you need also to be careful that you do not catch other Stamps and indeed fold them whilst turning the pages.

Thread: GB Illustrated Special Event Covers & Handstamp Postmarks
28/02/2021 12:16:18

Seeing as no one answers peoples questions in here anymore, I'll ask you, dose a First Day Of Issue cancel count as "used" in the context of Catalogues?

Thread: Stamps Magazine Published New York 1970s
28/02/2021 12:09:37

Best thing to do, is go into WH Smith with pen and paper and write down the email contact from the REAL Stamp magazine!!!!

28/02/2021 11:58:14

I just clicked on the link and it was not the site I was on!!!

28/02/2021 11:52:37

Lol sorry I never realized, I was just doing quick searches for Ted, Yeah the Stamp site only did back copies to either 87 or 77 but there was a contact button. I am not sure about APRL, They have moved to a new building but this was a few years ago now, so maybe could be an avenue, I would still chase the magazine first. Done the Ebay search with nothing. There was something on something like Pineinterest but it had little info and was sold anyway and it blocked me anyway with a huge "Sign In" dialog box.

Thread: Cancel Marks
28/02/2021 11:34:56

Have I got Leprosy?

Thread: Year printed upside down.
28/02/2021 11:32:41

Hi Kevin,

I do remember Paul saying this before and its in here somewhere about about these cancels are made by individual slugs where by this type error can occur so with forgetting that I doubted this could happen. It in that sense is something I would add to a collection as an oddity. Knowing however that a human could do this on purpose as someone in the Stamp world did with, International Format Printers did, it sort of taints it slightly? A genuine misprint and machine failure is more interesting.

That would be a tedious job translating them but if you could somehow scan them and then save them into word document, cut and paste and use online translators could be a way. If your a person of Facebook and the like, maybe making a friend on there who could do that. There are enough Polish friends here who would probably assist.

I just met one on Ebay, my friends daughter is married to one, seek and thou shall find?


Thread: Stamps Magazine Published New York 1970s
26/02/2021 15:45:53

Just done search the magazine is still running in publication there is nothing about back issues but there is a contact tab? **LINK**

Hope that helps


26/02/2021 15:33:42

I would ask or write mail to the publisher? Funny because I just been buying some of the postal strike stamps not sure if that was one of them, I just looked it was Exeter I am afraid. If your looking to buy, Ebay would be the place to look. Or type it into your browser, there maybe other auction sites that have them. I can tell you they are asking silly prices and there are very few at low prices but a few, if your being specific, maybe not.

Again have you searched the internet on the article because it maybe out there as it is old now?

If You have done all that I can only think of joining a USA Stamp Forum?

I will see what I can search upon it or maybe someone has. they are a good bunch in here too.


Thread: Guyana 1993
25/02/2021 15:37:55

just checked and it was a 5 stamp pack "Aircraft" 1997

25/02/2021 15:29:26

When I saw this I just had to get it, a nice large sheet for the anniversary of the Dambusters. The Stamps depict various Aircraft, unfortunately which had nothing to do with it and are American all except 2 which are the Lancaster and Mosquito, why on Earth they chose a selection of American planes geez knows although I still have a few of them I like. Feel really sorry the Americans flying daylight raids over Germany, sitting ducks for the flack gunners.


And now all they have to do is unleash a virus upon the World and brings it to near collapse! Was it worth the loss of all those lives? It surely makes you wonder the way the World is today.

I also like the British set of Stamps which I have I think its 6 stamp pack?

Thread: Year printed upside down.
25/02/2021 14:29:32

I did not know they could do that, so on a machine they set up each part of the cancel for print, I was thinking of a hand cancel where you dial it in with cog wheels?

One way of making an oddity I suppose and in that case makes its value less than previously thought. but as you say Paul, a nice collectable. Maybe thats why there is such a decline with mail being cancelled lol, leave it beaver to Cancel with what ever comes to hand!

Nice examples Geoff. thanks

Thread: Posties
24/02/2021 23:36:18

Now what would you rather have, the above or this?pen stroke.jpg

And in fact both these are removable, the marker pen is removable but a considerable risk to destroying the Stamp because of the process. However a meaningful RM would be better in writing in the blank part of the Stamp and if they thought about about it, they could easily lift one of the Security tabs out to stop fraudulent reuse! This does not detract though from a hand stamp use at any point of the Stamps journey.

24/02/2021 23:04:16

I wish I had taken pictures of this I really do, I received I piece of post today scratching my head. A letter which was wrapped up in a plastic pocket, well that had me thinking what an ingenious way of keeping your mail dry.

Then it dawned upon me this must have caused the Postie to not be able to not use his pen (in fact one of my mail the Stamp was obliterated with black marker pen) some frustration. Laughing at this obviously the Stamp was untouched but the really funny thing was, the plastic page had indeed been cancelled. I am still chuckling now, I wrote to the seller and told them and indeed maybe we should write to RM and start a campaign!!! Cancel the Stamps properly or this will be the answer, OK you may not get your Stamps cancelled but I would rather that than what I got in other mail which was this.scribble.jpg

I don't blame them really as this is a lot of money had it come un cancelled for someone to reuse but really, that is just destruction. On the other side of the coin, the girl on the counter at PO today must be getting used to me, she hand Stamped the Stamps I just smiled, she's cute really, I do not even have to ask now Yippeeeee

Thread: Cancel Marks
23/02/2021 20:57:12

I recently saw a comment when searching online old stamps. And in doing so I saw something which made me stop and think about catalogues when they say used or mint.

So the question is, does a First Day of Issue cancel mark include as used in the correct sense? Or better still what constitutes as a cancel nark in the sense used to Catalogues?

I have never realised just how many questions can be made upon such a single thing on a cover! In a discussion we had in here some time back about "cancels" "do they make a cover more valuable", there would now be a question whether this is true or not? I think this is when you consider Stanley Gibbons specialized catalogue, they do give a picture of cancels on covers and a price from recollection but I cannot remember if the cancel was given as a single component outside of the cover intended to have the cancel, I believe SG only do the value for a cancel in a set of one issue meant for that cover. I'm struggling to explain my question but I have misplaced my catalogue to give a for instance.

Thread: Hinges
23/02/2021 20:25:31

I have recently been buying cheap old Stamps and commented on how thin the Stamps were. I also purchased a "Inherited collection" which had both old and modern Stamps.

I know we all most probably used these, I know I did when I was a kid and you can see why they were invented.

However that said I am now wondering what I thought was thin Stamps is not true but until I get things sorted or someone replies to my comments this will only be proven by myself.

If anyone asks the question about inherited lots the first thing I would ask is how are they mounted and trust me if hinged, I would not give any money for them, they totally destroy the Stamp even if left on. I have got enough material now, all I want is to get some rubbish post cards with Stamps on before I shall do my testing.

I am glad I have a bunch of cotton buds (smiles) to use but these Hinges make the Stamp to go hard, easy to tear the Stamp and also stain which when you add that up, if the Stamp was worth anything, the damage these do makes them worthless in my opinion, to the extent, I am throwing away, I would not even waste a Charities time, in giving them.

There are pros and cons to other types of mounts and more so the conditions they are stored in. The knowledge this brings to a collector is a must and not many think about such things, because I still have loads to learn!

Edited By Julian on 23/02/2021 20:30:01

Thread: Year printed upside down.
23/02/2021 19:59:14

Very good deduction Fred but it still does not answer the upside down date the geography part I will not dispute but there could be reasons for that?

However to get an upside down year, is another matter and well worth keeping as an oddity until it can be proved as not to be fake with the info you have given Fred. If this was computer printed I would throw in the bin. However I would want to see this object in reality before I believed anything these days.

If you think about it there is no way that could be possible? However I do not know what makes the process these cancels are made with, which is why I would want to see it first.

If real, this surely must be worth something, considerably!

Thread: USA
22/02/2021 22:12:01

I recently purchased a set of 10 covers from a Ebay seller usaforusa and got them today and wow what a surprise!!! When I opened up the letter, yup there was 10 covers, then I found 10 used Stamps of the same, then I found a bunch of promotion material about the Stamps.

bb 1.jpg





I wonder what were the viewing figures back then for these cute Cartoon figures. Mim Mib Road Runner, Top Cat, Sylvester and Tweety Pie and not forgetting ACME I think it was, for materials to do darstadley deeds which always back fired in some way!

The Stamps "on piece" were a real bonus as the covers were not cancelled. I was going to take them off paper but the cancels really make the Stamps though so after a lot of thought I shall just store them with the covers to support them.

bb b&p.jpg

Then there were these a set of bend n peel set of Stamps FANTASTIC, so you had all 3 aspects of Stamp collecting here. There was also a bunch of promotional material pending the release of these and will also go with the covers I think. I already own these bend n peel Stamps

looney tunes.jpg

A really good lot of bend m peel Stamps, which makes me chuckle......

Edited By Julian on 22/02/2021 23:09:50

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