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Thread: Forests
31/08/2019 06:43:29

I have seen this and maybe for once actually buy a set. I remember Alex talking about a forest when in Germany as a boy,

COMMEMORATIVE WORTH : I think this verdict is very wrong indeed, however I maybe biased as I love countryside, trees or portraits of landscapes. I am also a believer of the Commission as well. I just laugh at the reasoning for this score, I feel 5/5 is more fitting, lots of people love forest and there 100's of gardens which incorporate trees or large areas of land, which usually fall under the National Trust. I also think if we had forest like in the States we would all be interested in forests, also Canada as well. Actually, if I think about colourful wow, that would be my first statement America or Canada simply because you see so many colours in one place,

QUALITY OF DESIGN : 5/5 There is nothing wrong with design and I wonder if this guy knows anything about photography. I have not been to any of these places and these stamps make me feel I want to go, he may have a point on focus but when doing large forests or landscape it is indeed very hard to get that good picture! There is one stamp which I would not associate to Forest meaning trees and that is Waterfalls that is an entirely different Category, however he could have instead taking a landscape picture do a vertical picture which may show more trees. But I reckon he has gone for the wow feature of the waterfall to reach a purpose and he has done it well, for it has won its spot.

WOW FACTOR : 5/5 Again I disagree, the forest or gardens come to that only have a limited time in the year, in which they look great and again the waterfall pic is a dead cert for looking good as generally they look good all year round? Take all the others stamps the pictures are worth putting on a stamp for sure. That is the difference and forest need to be landscape to take in the glory of area. Where Gardens you can focus on individual plants or colour for the wow factor but even then, a better picture could be of lots of colours in a bigger view.

I can give a for instances, The Amazon rain forest on the ground you probably need many factors to getting a good pic but take a picture from the air and you may have that wow factor.

Thread: 75th D-DAY anniversary
13/08/2019 03:18:15

HI Carmen nice to hear from you, yes I agree it is hard to approach the subject and even using the stamps in the first place as the general public are not aware you have to ask for these specifically to buy and use and only for the month. The girls used to say although they were kept in the back of the folders to sell but basically it was up to their discretion to use them. The only time they asked the public was for the Christmas issues.

Thread: Today's cancelled envelope
13/08/2019 01:36:04

Hi Alex,

One of my favourite subjects, there is no way you could re use those for sure but I have re used biro cancels depending on how hard the person scribbled over them, as it can be lifted off the stamp. I do not do much these days, as you say its very rare to get stamps through the post.

I now use a online company to deliver birthday and x'mas cards to friends in Canada and USA as it works out the same price and my American friends report the same things like mail going to neighbours etc etc. This also has been here since we lost the regular postman, probably late 1990's. To date it can be anybody and at any time of the day. I used to like having a chat with the posty and now the P.O has moved into WH Smiths I don't get to chat the ladies up in there like I used to. I did write to the PO that if they moved to WH Smiths it would be a bad move and have been proved right as their internet connection fails regularly. Very handy when your half way through a transaction and you have to wait to finish what you was doing!!

Happy days though, they are just forcing people away from them and to other companies like Hermes and the internet yourself.

As for receiving it in condition, had a letter from the Hospital arrive in a plastic bag saying sorry that my letter was actually in two halves. I am also getting my currency changed up online as well these days, much better rates. with either pick up point or I have it sent to friends accounts abroad.

I think the Conservatives will get their way with the RM and probably the NHS all being Private in the end in the near future. I find it highly funny that businesses creamed off big contracts to deliver mail then passed it onto the RM to deliver anyway????

Thread: Who enters the competitions?
13/08/2019 00:48:00

I do and have won quite a few about 5 to date and I always made a post of mine but not been in here as much as I would like, so my loss.

Thread: 75th D-DAY anniversary
14/07/2019 23:45:06

I got to say I find any stamps provoking us to remember is a good thing. With things in the way of the World today and what these poor blighters went through to stop tyranny and for what?



QUALITY OF DESIGN 5 / 5 I think they cover the scene pretty well.

WOW FACTOR 3 / 5 Not sure there is a wow factor without shock and awe.

Thread: Curious Customs
14/07/2019 23:27:25

Well because I am so young I do not know any of these and was not Halloween an American tradition which crept over here? I am assuming it must be with regard Ireland why it is considered British?

I think these are hilarious though, as well as informative with the description here but I wonder what anyone would know about these events by the stamp it self. I do not even think they teach WW2 in Schools these days let alone medieval times.

COMMEMORATIVE WORTH 1 / 5 I disagree, "they epitomise British eccentricity" I think not.

QUALITY OF DESIGN 4 / 5 I found them very amusing and eye catching but how the heck can someone make them playful? I also have to say with the world today when I first saw them I thought they were to do with LGBT movement!

WOW FACTOR 4 / 5 I think anyone getting ANY stamp though the door will think "A stamp, what is one of those" Awe yes this could be British eccentricity!!!

Thread: GB Illustrated Special Event Covers & Handstamp Postmarks
14/07/2019 22:34:37

Hi Geoff, I got some catching up to do, glad to see your task is still expanding!

Thread: Wilding m/c stamps
14/07/2019 22:31:05

Geez, I missed WW3,

sad Ut oh , Fred do you proof read your comments? It's not a competition about who knows what or the most in here and whilst I agree someone like me who knows little, maybe irritating to you when making comments, as you seem to be more like Paul in knowledge and his vast library of information, you maybe better in taking a lead just to be a bit more kinder in your estimations of others comments. I am sure no one wants you to leave and I cannot see anyone from when I was here, being vindictive or harassing but as I say I have not been in here for some years so time will tell.

Thread: Penny red help please
14/07/2019 22:05:21

Hi All,

My oh my, someone getting upset with my ramblings, there's a first and I have not been here for a while and the first thing I open is this. I have always taken an interest with helping anyone even as I stated I had no real knowledge about the stamps. I'm not worried about your remarks Fred but the point is Trev may not have got the answer he wanted but at least I took the time to answer him and pay attention. Making a post and getting no answer is worse if you ask me but I expect Trev had a good chuckle as I had fun with most in here back then .

Nice to see Alex back and Carmen and Paul still here.


Thread: World wide 40g
23/03/2018 16:24:57

Hi Ian, so if the PO just sell them with no knowledge to what they see in front of them, how is one to prove the RM's stance without proof?! By the way the reason this is a separate post because some people only follow the list of latest posts comments rather than an old thread to which you have to search for, "its a cunning plan Baldrick" one I find works.

I do thank you for your link though very interesting.

23/03/2018 16:11:18

Hi Ian, not being funny but I would want that information from RM themselves, not on a blog. As stated NO one could give a proper answer and if your sending something abroad with a 40g label and using it for 100g I would need to prove to counter staff at the post office their correct validity, to which I could not get.

Thread: How to number stamps from a Miniature Sheet?
23/03/2018 15:30:21

Yes they should but you may have to look in different SG cats to find them! If I remember rightly some miniature sheets accompany the post office sheet for sale, i.e the MS sheet may contain the 4 stamps but the PO sold them in sheets of 50 say, so you would not have purchased them from the PO as in a miniature sheet format if you see what I mean and vice versa. So the MS has its own number along with the 4 individual stamps, again I'm vague on this but if the sheet is a commemorative only SG don't list the numbers of the stamps.

I think I have that right if not, all answers to Billy on a PC with a valid stamp attached

Thread: What Price a letter?
23/03/2018 13:47:53

Hi Geoff,

Good luck with RM and your question!!

The fact it falls on a weekend gives you grace as not all post boxes are emptied on those days. there is a technical answer and a debatable one.

All mail is scanned from when the postmen pick up the mail from the boxes with time and date, I would expect the answer will be "Under Paid" but what the Postmen actually do is anyone's guess. As with my issue and the 40g world wide labels which I have to say they did reach their intended destinations at Christmas. So I would guess it will all depend upon the person sorting the bags and their knowledge of rules.

To put things into context and a slightly different matter I have twice now tried to change to the Post Office home phone deal and have come up against the same incompetence as with the label????

I hope you get an answer from RM though.


Thread: Star wars
16/01/2018 17:19:12

How can you make that statement on commemorative worth which is the whole point of all RM's stamp packs??!

Commemorative Worth : Star wars was huge and still is with space fans and I know that the P.O sold out of this set just as quick as David Bowie set last year. I believe this should at least have 4/5

Quality of Design : Hard for anyone to say, I recognise them all and they seem ok but yes 3/5

Wow factor: It is a select subject matter and thus has to be a middle of road verdict 3/5 Lets be very honest Anything stamp wise is a wow factor these days just getting a real stamp is "WOW", especially if been cancelled correctly.

Thread: Christmas issue
16/01/2018 17:06:56

Er this is cheating seeing as I cant see all the stamps how can one make comment?!

Geez had to go on RM web site to do this.

Commemorative worth: I do not agree both designs are legitimate to the subject. 5/5

Quality of design: The Religious depictions are not very good I feel and baby Jesus with bright yellow hair is beyond thought? I am sure past depictions are far better than these. I would rather the childrens stamp come through the door depicting snowmen.

Wow Factor: exactly right I am sure they would 2 / 5

Thread: stamp pack releases
16/01/2018 16:53:39

now the verdict on this is the complete opposite and I am sure people who know the king of thrones will not be inspired by these stamps?!!

Commemorative worth: You have to agree with the score I think 5/5

Quality of design: I disagree the monochrome image is what you would expect of that era, they are factual pictures 5/5 if you like Royalty

Wow Factor: I am sure people alive of that era would have fond memories from looking at these and thus while to me not good and as mentioned in the commemorative comment, "it is the staple of British stamps" considering the queens head are on all stamps!!! 4/5

Thread: game of thrones
16/01/2018 16:44:29

There was me thinking they stopped the "verdict" article, this clearly goes to show how unwell I am lol.

I do agree with the verdict on this, even with criticism of commemorative meaning the show is on cable and in cinema but people who like this type of thing may argue their validity.

Commemorative worth:I agree 1/5

Quality of design: I do not agree with, even without knowing the show or film these look good and I am sure if you got one through the post you may start a conversation, I know I would. 4/5

Wow factor: I think thats an unfair score they good looking stamps while right someone who does not know the show would say that, it is unfair to say it. 4/5

Thread: Regiment stamps
16/01/2018 16:17:19

Hi John & Alex,

Are these not information labels which go along with coins. I seem to remember a collection of coins with regiments and you would get a paper insert with the emblems. Its hard to see but are the Perf would be a good sign to tell and as you say Alex are they gummed. I would still think it has a market value with the reverse print even if it is a information sheet. And while I am typing this, did the RM not bring out a set of regiment stamps, I could be wrong, a bit like minxy and her king and queens set that I remember??? It sort of reminds me of the old tea cards you could get or even older the silks but it does just look like a pictorial information sheet. .

16/01/2018 16:05:38

I just wanted to say as I promised, I eventually did use these labels on Christmas cards to USA and they all found there way to their destination. It does go to prove that the RM do not know what they are doing as you all know I never did get the reply to their validity, except of course their legitimate 40g use even though this does not exist now.

This is the type of thing that does bug me when you have something in your collection and you cannot find the correct purpose from RM to their value or use! We all know that a 1st and 2nd class stamp carries the up to date value with yearly increases but this was certainly a tricky one except from the obvious 40g value EVEN THOUGH IT DOES NOT EXIST!

I did tell my friends to make sure they keep the stamps but I don't think they will but a good Ebay item anyway should they keep them, especially if cancelled?

I have a whole bunch of these and I think this Christmas 2018 I will ask them to send back the envelopes because I would love to see what on Ebay a collector would pay for one?

Thread: R M Label
16/01/2018 15:53:44

Hi Michael,

Yes I try and keep up with the P.O on these labels if I can and its interesting chatting with the staff about there pros and cons of use, like with the now used white label which has caused many problems with their printers when adding price and so forth. Again to get one blank I think is a collectors dream, something again goes back to the childhood feeling you have something not many will have in their collections.

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