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Thread: Stamp collecting blues
12/12/2016 21:30:00

Hi Alex.

Your post kind of reminds me of what happened when I was in High School in the early sixties.

Stamp collectors were looked upon even then as being kind of weird.

Even so I joined the schools' stamp club in Grade 9 and we exhibited some of our favourite

stamps in the auditorium which actually as I recall had quite a good turn out.

I remember that I showed some of my late forties Austrian engraved stamps.

The guy who ran the club was the Modern studies teacher and I still vividly remember his comment on seeing my stamp collection: the album is worth more than the stamps!!

Any teacher here who would make such a stupid comment nowadays would be in big trouble.

It's all about self esteem now. LOL

Thread: Which stamp designer / stamp design do you most admire?
15/01/2016 03:23:09

What happened here?

Why were all the posts from cNA

who started this thread , removed?/deleted?

It's the same on the engravers thread where all

cNA's posts are gone.

Thread: Which engravers / engraved stamps do you most admire?
15/01/2016 03:06:14

Where are the posts from cNA (canadian North American) ?

Seems they have all be deleted.


26/11/2015 20:02:29
I envy your scans; I have tried all sorts of settings on the scanner and the result is far from being satisfactory.


Is you scanner part of an All In One ?

If so no amount of fiddling with settings will get you the results

of a stand alone scanner IMO.

I have a 6 year old Epson Perfection 4490 Photo scanner which was already

an outdated model even then.

I just set it at professional mode, resolution usually at 1200dpi and that's it.

No farting around with settings etc etc, except sometimes I use the Picasa straightening tool

if the stamp is really crooked in the frame.

26/11/2015 19:46:30

Did you get the explanatory leaflet that came with the stamps from FNMTplease?


Which explanatory leaflet ?

26/11/2015 03:18:16



One more thing I forgot to ask. Would you be able to find out from your

Spanish connections as to which recess printing presses were/ are employed.

All Spanish multicolour engraved stamps  feature colour bleeding ( improper colour/ink separation)

which is of course an indication of Giori type of printing process but not necessarily a Giori press.

Help: I find it impossible to space sentences and paragraphs properly on this forum.

It looks good before I post it and then.......

What am I doing wrong ?


Edited By lithograving lithograving on 26/11/2015 03:27:07

26/11/2015 02:48:54


You are amazing in finding all this information.

I recall from the SCF forum Engravers thread that there was hardly

anything when it came to Spanish engravers.

I subscribed to the Spanish Philatelic Bureau in the early sixties for

a few years mainly because of the engraved stamps.

Most were bi-coloured but appeared almost multicolour which appealed

to me since most engraved stamps then were still monocolour.

The Fabrica Nacional de Moneda y Timbre appears to have had a large group

of engravers 50 years ago going by the fact that 6 different engravers worked on

the Rosary set.

BTW do you have the engravers of the four airmail Rosaries, Scott C171 - C174, Michel 1366 - 1368

spain mi 1366.jpgspain mi 1367.jpgspain mi 1368.jpgspain mi 1369.jpg

Thread: Which stamp designer / stamp design do you most admire?
18/09/2015 20:04:43

In the September 2015 Canada Post DETAILS magazine there is mention

of images by Rolf Harder being used for the 2016 Christmas stamps.

Nice to see that he hasn't been forgotten.

cp 2016 stamp program.jpg

18/09/2015 19:37:01


Thanks for posting David Gentleman's article.

It is fascinating reading what goes into the designing of stamps.

Also the problems designers had in the sixties regarding what

to do with the Queen's head on stamps.

I remember reading about it then but had forgotten.

04/09/2015 20:35:33

Here is a link to Canada Post Archives for a short bio of Emanuel Otto Hahn , 1881-1957


04/09/2015 20:18:00

Another well known Canadian designer was Emanuel Otto Hahn who not only designed postage stamps

but also Canadian coinage.

His 10c Bluenose and the 25c Caribou design from the the 1930's are still

on the 2015 coins. He is also responsible for the $1 voyageur design.

During the 1950's to early sixties Canada Post allowed the designer's initial

to be included somewhere in the design.

At least they were given some recognition which was not granted to the engravers of the stamps.

I always wondered why the Anglo countries such as UK, USA, Canada, Australia & New Zealand

did not give credit on the stamp for the designer and engraver.

Here are a couple which were designed by Otto Hahn.

More if you're interested on another forum


canada uni 323.jpgcanada uni 324.jpg

01/09/2015 04:03:32

A side note if I may.

Frederick Hagan passed away in Newmarket, Ontario which is the town

I have lived in for the past 20 years.

Also when I look at the Missions In The Wilderness stamp my mind wanders to the

Sainte-Marie among the Hurons village , The Martyrs’ Shrine and

Jesuit Jean de Brébeuf who with four others was tortured and killed

by the Iroquois in 1649.

The location is near the town of Midland which is about

an hours drive from where I live and I have visited numerous times

including twice this summer with relatives from the USA and from Europe.

01/09/2015 03:17:35

Another Canadian stamp designer that stands out is Frederick Hagan .


His 16 stamp four part Exploration Of Canada series issued between

1986 - 1989 is way above the average boring Canadian stamp design IMO.

Here is the second block issued in 1987 called Investigators.

canada uni 1126 - 1129 ll imprint  block.jpg

30/08/2015 04:57:26

cNA, Thanks for that fascinating story behind the printing of the Suzor-Côté stamp.
I always wondered why CBNC stopped printing via photogravure after these three.

It was a brutally bad printing job no doubt about it.

canada uni 492.jpg

I have to question though when you state:

Secondly - March 1969; the Suzor-Côté commemorative 50 cent (only 6,300,000 very small run
considering the > 250,000,000 runs for commemorative's)

I don't think that 6.3 million was a small printing when you consider the 50c stamp was a high
value at that time paying the basic ($50 indemnity) registration fee.
Look at the 25c Hermit Thrush commemorative stamp also issued in 1969 of which
only 6.7 were printed

As for the 250,000,000 runs of commemoratives , I think you have one too many zeros.

During the late sixties to mid seventies quantities issued of Canadian commemorative stamps
(excluding Christmas stamps) was in the 25 to 35 million range for the basic rate.

When the 5c and 6c Inuit Soapstone Carving Xmas stamps were issued
in 1968 I thought then that they weren't bad for a first try at photogravure
printing by CBNC.

canada uni 488.jpg

canada uni 489.jpg

Better actually than the 1968 George Brown stamp printed British American Bank Note Co
via combination engraved & photogravure.

canada uni 484.jpg

Neither printer would ever be a Harrison or a Courvoisier when it came to photogravure.

28/08/2015 19:06:17


Will you be presenting anything about David Gentleman?

Back in the early sixties I first read about him in one of those glossy

English stamp magazines which were sold in some bookstores.

(Probably one of them was STAMP MAGAZINE )

Can't remember which bookstore but it wasn't Coles.

I was so taken with his designs and British stamps in general

that I could hardly wait for new issues to come out .

Stamps such as the 1963 Nature Week and Gentleman's

Int Life Boat Conference and the 1964 Shakespeare Anniversary

were way ahead of other countries' issues.

Partly also due to the superb printing by Harrison & Sons

who were the very best when it came to multicolour

photogravure printing.

Another designer I first heard about in the early sixties a was Michael Goaman.


28/08/2015 05:49:27

Tell me cNA how many engravers and designers have you contacted over the years?

How long have you been at it?

I think what you're doing is very important in preserving valuable information

for future generations of stamp collectors which otherwise would be forever lost.

I just wish more collectors now would be interested in designers, engravers, printers and

all the various stages of stamp production.

28/08/2015 05:32:42


Posted by canadian NorthAmerican on 28/08/2015 03:48:26:


Toth perhaps used a photo to make the design with the shield and denomination painted in, for the village dance.

In **LINK** Toth can be seen in the studio.


I think you're mixing up Pilch with Toth here.smiley

Actually  the engraver for the Bruegel stamp was Werner Pfeiler.

Yes Pilch based the design on this detail from the painting.

detail from  the village dance  by pieter bruegel.jpg

Same with the Beethoven stamp which is obvious.


beethoven painting by waldm?ller.jpg

Edited By lithograving lithograving on 28/08/2015 05:57:03

28/08/2015 01:23:21

One designer of Canadian stamps is Rolf P. Harder who designed the series of

Forts across Canada and various Parliament Building definitives.

Here is a link to his bio on the Postal Archive site


I like these simple linear drawings which look like old lithographs.

They were issued in booklets of 10

canada uni 983 -993_1.jpg

A couple of individual stamps from the booklet.

canada uni 986.jpg

canada uni 989.jpg

28/08/2015 00:59:35

Getting back to the topic here about ones favourite stamp designer I really have not
thought about it that much before.

I was always fixed more on engravers than designers.

Since my main collecting interest is in Canadian and Austrian stamps I suppose
I should pick a stamp designer from those countries.

Obviously Adalbert Pilch (*16 February 1917 in Vienna, Austria – + 10 December 2004 in Tulln)should be considered but many of his stamp designs were just portraits with some sort of frame or a bit of background based on photos or paintings.

Other Pilch designs were of landscapes or paintings , not much actual designing

This stamp designed by Pilch was based on the 1823 painting by Ferdinand Waldmüller.
Not much designing needed here.. Nicely engraved by Rodolf Toth though.


austria ank 1382.jpg


This one below is a detail taken from
Pieter Bruegel the Elder,1566 painting , "The Village Dance."
Pilch didn't have to do much "designing" for this stamp either.
Superbly engraved by Werner Pfeiler.

austria ank 1390.jpg

Here is one of his landscape stamps.

austria ank1999 sc 1354.jpg


It's a nice stamp but the design is very ordinary.


Yet he is considered by many as one of the premier stamp designers.

Edited By lithograving lithograving on 28/08/2015 01:02:59

28/08/2015 00:35:33
Posted by canadian NorthAmerican on 26/08/2015 02:39:07:

There is an interesting twist to the Suzor-Côté about which later.

Looking forward to seeing that info.

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